Monday, September 15, 2014

Eleven months

Dear Tiny Human.

There is no way that in a month you will be a year old. Nope. I refuse to believe it. For now I will cherish my still-new baby and marvel at your precious babyness.

Elyse, you are wearing size 9 month and 12 month clothes, a size 3 diaper, and are still long and lean. You are my petite little thing. You literally just started crawling on Saturday (it's currently Monday) and  your capacity for getting places has grown. You twirl yourself around with feet and legs, push yourself around with your arms, "crawl" like a monkey, and have started pulling up a little.  While you still LOATH to be on your tummy, you've learned to go from your tummy to sitting (again. this was as of SATURDAY). We're inching forward on progress!

Yeah, you started vertical on the waterproof blanket and ended up like this.

Things that you love: blueberries, peas, pinching people (particularly on the back sides of the arm), and your middle finger. Yep, you read that right. Where normal babies use their pointer finger to do everything, YOU my dear, use your middle finger. You use it to pick things up off the floor, you use it to get food off your tray, you use it to point. And it's not that you just used your middle finger to point at things, you put all of the other fingers down while you do it. This results in you being in a constant state of flipping everybody off. You flip people off in bible class. You flip people off at the store. Heck. You even give me the finger when I'm trying to fix you dinner. We'll be working on getting that fixed reeeeeeeal soon.

I don't know what's up with your tongue either. You are constantly sticking it out. And it's always pointed.

Beebee girl, you are finally getting more teeth! You've only had the bottom middle two for the longest time, but you are currently cutting all four top teeth (there's a picture of them at the end). It's leading to a little problem of you biting me while nursing, so I'm not sure how much longer you'll have access to my boobs. I love ya, but your teeth are sharp. I let you try milk in your cup at meal time to see how you like it, and while you thought it was just okay, your diapers said it didn't agree with your little tummy. So I've switched you to almond milk (which is what Evan drinks), and I think it may be working out better for you.

I think maybe the biggest thing that happened this month is you got your ears pierced! Mom and I took everyone to get Evan's backpack for school, and on our way out of the mall, I decided that was the day. A little unceremonious? Yes. But I'm so glad I did it. It only took you two weeks to loose one, but hopefully that will be it!

So as you can see, you've had a great month. We've had our ups.

We've had our downs.

But your family loves you to bits. And I'm pretty sure you love us the same way. We are so thankful for you!

P.S.- Everyone is super jealous of your eyelashes.