Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 years old


My precious boy, you turned 4 years old today.  I can't believe this baby

 (very first night at home-3 days old)

Has grown into such a big boy.

 (photo by Apple Jack Photography)

When you crawled in bed with me at 6:30 this morning (a fact I am tucking away to use in a few years when I'm trying to drag your butt outta bed to get to school) the first thing I did was sing you Happy Birthday as we cuddled.  You patted my arm and told me "That was nice.  So how was your day?"  I laughed.  That is you to a tee.  Thoughtful and a little prone to asking out the blue questions that aren't quite appropriate for the situation.  I asked you if you felt any different today, now that you were the big number 4 instead of just 3 and you said "No. Not really." 

I think you had a great birthday.  It started with a 9:00 tee ball game.

You had a couple of good hits

A couple of rather slow walks from base to base

 (yes, you had your helmet on like that on purpose, goofy boy)
And a sweet time with your sister instead of playing outfield. 

 We cheered lots for you.

That game was hard work

 I volunteered to bring the snacks today so that you could pick a snack for your special day.  We brought doughnuts.  Right afterwards we hit the pool for your birthday party.  LUCKILY your best friends that you wanted to invite all happen to be on your team.  There was pizza and cake and 3 of your 4 good buddies (Zane was out of town).

(Also, you insisted on leaving your floaties on while you ate)
Sadly I only got one picture with you, you were a busy busy boy.

For dinner you picked pancakes with sausage, and instead of going to the park (it's way too hot, 100+ temps have been here to stay) we went for frozen yogurt instead.  Nana and Papa got you your first bike today, so while I gave Evan a bath they (and Aunt Ashley) tried to show you how to work it.  Turns out the bell on the handle bar is way more exciting. Maybe next time. 

You are such a smart boy, always taking in information and processing it in ways that surprises me daily.  You know all of your letters and their sounds, and are very interested in what words start with.  In the next few weeks I need to get serious about teaching you pre reading skills and I have no doubt you could be reading before kindergarten.  You are so mechanically minded, you are totally content to sit and watch how things work- from the rollers on the garage door to the motion of the trash can lid going up and down- and I'm waiting for the day when your little fingers take then next step and start breaking down items to put back together and figure out more how they work.

Son, I hope you know how much you are loved.  There are so many people cheering you on in this world, eager to help you find your way in this big wide world and guide you through all the tough patches that are ahead.  I pray you will search and find your Father and Redeemer, that you will learn sooner rather than later that He is the only way to a fulfilled life. I know that you are only 4 today, but these years have flown by so quickly that it scares me for what is coming. I love you more than you could ever imagine and I'm so thankful that I get to be your momma.  I get to be the one who witnesses up close and personal how your life unfolds.  Remember what I tell you every day- I love you no matter what.  No matter what you do, how much I fuss, or the choices that you make, it won't change. 

P.S. On a totally unrelated note- this girl? Wore a size 2T swim suit today.  Sheesh.


Friday, June 29, 2012

I love you but...

So last night was Luke's second tee ball practice.  I'm sorry to say, it didn't go better than the first. 

He sat down while practicing outfield because he didn't want to stand any more.  He didn't want to wear his glove.  He wore his glove like a hat.  He couldn't be made to hustle for anything.  I finally had to pass the baby over to Shae and get out there myself.  Only mom, still in my work clothes. (which, mind you, was a tank top and jeans, but still.  My red sandels had flowers on them.) The only way I could get him to cooperate was by promising a drink of Gatorade in between every single task to "power up". That, and by doing the rediculus preschool magic dance where you get horribly over enthused about EVERYTHING and cheer like a banshee. 

Anyone else know what I'm talking about? 

Anyway.  The poor dads out there have to get some credit. They tried their best to keep him involved, but I could tell they just didn't know what to do with him.  It seems he's gotten a certain paternal figure's personality quality where if he doesn't want to do something, there is nothing you can do to change his mind.  While I hope he uses this aspect of his persona towards something useful, like saying no to drugs, it sure would be nice if he let up a little bit when it comes to team sports. 

Or dealing with me.  Child can have some ATTITUDE when it comes to dealing with me.  When he doesn't like what I've said or done, he gets this face on him, points at me, and yells "I'm not gonna tell you again!!"  Except he usually hasn't told me anything in the first place and I'm still gonna make him do whatever it was to begin with.  There are times every day where I just don't know what to do with him.

But I love him so. 

Yesterday morning they were both up at the shiny time of 6.  Nothing like getting your day started with four little hands trying to catch the water while you shower. Mom wasn't coming until 7:20 and Luke was starved from refusing to eat his dinner the night before.  So, I made buiscuits.  I believe this is the first time we've ever sat down as a family before I left for work to eat breakfast.

Although, it only last 3 minutes.  Luke took one bite of the buiscuit and was begging to get down.  "I'm full Mom!  Let's go pway!"  I made him sit there with me for a couple of minutes instead.  I know.  So mean.  But girlfriend ate a handfull of raspberries, a strawberry, a whole buiscuit, a tube of baby food, and drank her milk.  That little lady puts away more food than her brother on any given day.

And my Evan girl?  She took 6 steps the other night!  I can't believe she's about to be a walker.  Luke didn't walk till he was 15 months, so I thought I had plenty of time.  Nope.  All she wants to do is play with the big kids. 

She was helping me cook the other night.  She loves to help.  And she loves her Baby.  And she's started pointing at things saying "Dis? Dis?" So, I'm gonna have a talker and a walker before to long.


This helps.

Monday, June 25, 2012

First tee ball game

So quite a bit has happened in the last week.  Thursday night was Luke's first tee ball practice.  It went MUCH better than his first soccer game.  He only layed down once.  The fact that he's the youngest on his team only showed a couple times...the place we practiced was right next to a play ground and twice he had to be bribed with practicing just a little bit longer with breaks to go slide. 

Friday night I was able to go to a baseball game last minute with work to help make sure some clients using the suite were taken care of.  It was fun, but good gracious it was hot.  Thank goodness the suites have good air conditioners. It was a great kick off for my baseball weekend.  After Thursday's practice, Friday's game, it was finally time for Luke's game.  And while it also went MUCH better than soccer did, I still managed to laugh until I cried. 

Mostly at this.  It was his very first time to bat in the game.

The child is very enthusiastic to get his hands on the ball.  And by hands, I mean both hands.  He does not like to wear/use his glove.  When he was on third base ready to run home, he did the same thing.  First he was sitting on the base until Dad picked him up and made him stand (most of the dads were out there with their kid on each base, instructing them on what to do next.  Thankfully Dad stepped up and was out there with Luke).  When the kid at bat hit the ball Luke the ball at the pitchers mound.  Finally he realized what he was supposed to do and walked, refused to run, to home base as Dad was trying so hard to get him to hustle.  Oh my boy. 

We are on a team with all of Luke's best friends, and John (Zane's dad) ended up getting a few pictures of Luke, which was perfect because I was too busy cheering and trying to video to remember to get some stills.  Out in the outfield anxious to be the first to the ball....

only to get frustrated when he wasn't.

We talked about how it's okay to not be the one to always get the ball, to let your friends have a turn with it.  But he's three.  It's not going to sink in for awhile. 

This was his second time at bat.... Joby was so patient (and later he said when Luke walked up to the tee, he picked up the ball and stared down into the stand asking "So how does this work?"  Joby just had to tell him "Not now Engineer, it's time to hit the ball."  That kid.  How his mind works kills me.)

This picture makes me so happy.  I'm so blessed that there are men in Luke's life that are willing to step up and show him the ropes, take the time, and invest in his life.  Makes me teary just thinking about it.

But before he let him hit it again, Joby made sure that Luke remembered to run to the BASE, not after the ball.

He was so proud of himself, and had the best time.  Meanwhile, Sister Friend and I just tried to keep our cool in the blazing heat and humidity. 

After the game we went to breakfast with the family and then home for a quiet afternoon.  Saturday night we were scheduled to take some pictures with Jenn.

Those are only two of the five she's previewed on Facebook, I can't WAIT to see the rest of them! Love. Love. Love.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday weekend

So Thursday was my birthday.  I'm 29.  I've said it, lets move on.

Thursday night Mom and Dad took me and the kids and Ashley to dinner, then back to my house for cake and presents.  I'm now sitting on a gold mine of Vera Bradley gift cards and it's burning a hole in my pocket.  Do I get a weekender bag for the traveling I never do?  Wait and see if they come out with a new messenger in the fall?  Get a cross body bag in case I start carrying a purse again?  What fabric to I get?  One now or what if the new fall colors are better? 

Bah.  Too many choices.

Friday night Mom had offered to let the kids spend the night.  I got all dressed up and didn't end up doing very much.  Mostly hung around town with friends before turning in early after a busy week.  The good news?  I didn't get up until almost 9 (now I wasn't sleeping, more just laying in bed.  Thank you children for ruining my ability to actually sleep in.) and then met Mom and Dad with the kids at the pool.  Swam for awhile, which ended up wearing out Evan so much that she passed out in the 3 minute car ride home and didn't wake up when I transferred her from the car to her high chair (it was lunch time after all) and then into bed.  She slept till 2. 

And of course, Sunday was Father's day.  I'm not gonna lie.  It wasn't the best day.  I probably should have just stayed off all social media.  Father's day and Thanksgiving time are probably the hardest times not to let bitterness creep in.  Reading everyone's "My kids have the best daddy in the whole world" and "I"m so thankful for such a wonderful husband and father to my kids" posts are a little hard to swallow still.  The thoughts of why don't the kids and I deserve that too creep in and pull me down.  I have amazing kids.  Why can't they have what their friends have? 

Nope.  Not bitter at all.

Speaking of those amazing kids, it was just the three of us at lunch on Sunday so I took us to Fuzzy's.  They coordinated in pink and were adorable. 

Evan was letting me know she didn't want a picture made, just food please.  FOOD PLEASE.  Luke was trying to be a good big brother and make her feel better.

While we were at lunch chatting, I asked Luke what he learned about in bible class that morning.  He said Jacob and Esau.  I said oh yeah? tell me about those guys.  He said that Esau liked to cook and Jacob liked to hunt.  I told him that was true and asked him what Esau liked to cook.  "Well, maybe M&M's I think."

Later that afternoon was was cleaning up my jewelry box and found an old baby ring of mine. 

I could just eat those little pudgy fingers up.

That night we had small groups at the Raymond's.  The kids were just playing in the play room while the grown ups talked, and towards the end Luke decided he'd had enough play and was ready to come find me.  I whispered to him that he needed to go back for just a few more minutes, the grown ups were still talking a little bit.  Instead of heading back to the play room, he climbed up in one of the tall chairs and just started in with "So, today I was jumping off of Mommy's bed and it was fun.  What did ya'll do today?"  The way he just plunged right in and was "joining" in the conversation just slayed me.  I wanted to squeeze that baby to pieces and burst with pride at the big brave boy he's becoming.  For some reason it just really pricked at my momma heart. 

Don't be fooled by him though.  He was also caught rummaging through the Raymond's pantry and eating their popcorn.  He came running through saying "But my tummy looooooves to eat!" And then a few minutes later he ran into the wall.  When he didn't cry, he pranced around like a pony shouting about how brave he was.  It was the funniest thing, Tamara and I were DYING.  Probably not funny to read, but I don't ever want to forget that picture.

And Evan?

She took her first steps last night.  And I got them on video.  But it's sideways and I can't figure out how to rotate it and then get it on here, so you'll just have to take my word for it. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow, busy weekend

Yeah.  I just had a whole thought process on bending vs. breaking and what "God won't give you more than you can handle" means. 

But I deleted it.

 I wasn't sure how people would take it and I wussed out. 

So now you just get boring pictures of the kids from the weekend.

 A few days ago I managed to squeeze a few of Evan's hair into her very first pony tail.

(excuse the blurriness.  It's hard to get a good picture with her still these days.)

Sure, it's on top of her head.  And not even half of her hair is in there.  She wasn't too happy about it, so I plopped her in the high chair and bribed her with food to let me fix it.

Much better.  How freaking cute is she?!

Friday night we had a game night over at the Raymond's in place of small groups this week.  The adults played Cranium and the kids just plain played.  Except for when they watched cartoons.

That's the four BFF boys there in the middle of the room- Jadyn, Zane, Dakota, and Luke.  Even Evan got in on the tv action, sitting her self in that little sofa/bed all by herself.  Also, do you see why why hang out at the Raymond's so much?  That is one. killer. play room. 

Saturday morning started out how it typically does.

Everyone congregated on Mom's bed.  Luckily that Saturday morning it was closer to 8 as opposed to 7, so I was thankful for that.  A little while later Dad came over to get Luke and to take him to the hardware store for a new faucet cover for their bathroom.  It turns out that Luke had a great time at Lowes looking at everything, and then they went to the train track, so that left me with most of my morning to get the house cleaned in peace (lovie girl takes a good morning nap).  After she woke up I was ready to vacuum, and since she freaks when I leave her in a room by herself, I did the only thing I could to vacuum Luke's room without her on the floor. 

He would flip if he knew she was not only on his bed, but looking at his beloved train books.  So shhh.  Don't tell him.  But she was happy as a clam up there, and I managed to get all of the rooms vacuumed without her even noticing I was gone.

Sunday morning Grandmother fainted at her church, so Mom and Dad had to leave at the beginning of service to go take care of her.  My friend Natalie was sitting right across the isle from us, so Luke went and sat with her and played on the iPad, leaving me with this girl.

We had the whole row to ourselves, so I totally let her roam for awhile.  Then I tried to take her out to get in a little nap, and she screamed bloody murder so loudly that Cindy came out to see what was going on.  I was so frustrated I cried, and of course as soon as I handed her over, Evan looked up at her like "Oh!  Ms. Cindy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and was out.  *sigh* Thank you child.  I love you too.   

All weekend Luke had been begging me to go to the park.  Since we didn't have small groups Sunday night, I finally consented.  Threw some pb&j's in the diaper bag and headed out out to Kid's Kastle.  There is a train track that runs right next to it, so Luke was in hog heaven.

Sweet sweet family times.

Evan's 12 month well check was on Monday night!  24 lbs 9 oz (90%) and 30 inches long (75%).  She's still healthy as ever.  Did well with her shots, although with the finger prick she woulnd't stop bleeding.  Bled through the bandaid while she got the two leg shots.  They had to tape up two fingers so she wouldn't pull off the bandaid and she was PISSED.  Started sweating she was so mad.  And Luke didn't like that she was crying either.  "Hey! Just weave my sistur awone.  She doesn't like that."  His big brother protective side came out.  :)  Makes a momma happy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo dump and tweets

First of all, I need to give a shout out to my Momma.  She's on summer break now, but she's decided to use two of her precious days a week to watch the kids.  Which means that I don't have to do a thing for them Thursday mornings or Friday mornings (I know I'm used to this on Monday morning when Cody's mom comes to get them, but two more days? Heaven).  Or make their lunches the previous nights (once I got them in bed last night I laid down to watch the Stanley Cup finals and didn't go back in the kitchen once!).  She even lets me leave little things for her to do durning the day.  WHAT?!  I don't know what I'm going to do when she has to go back to school.  This was the reason I could have a birthday party Friday night 45 minutes after I got home from work- she had used her very first day of summer to come stay with the kids and finish up anything I hadn't gotten done. 

And now, since you already know how I've spent the last week planning and implementing a party and I've done nothing worth noting so far this week, I'll leave you with a random photo dump and some of my tweets.  Actually, some of the photos might coorspond with the tweets, some may not.  Good luck figuring out which is which.

-Kid checking me out just held up my ginger root and asked me if I knew what it was. No kid. I'm buying a random item from the surprise tub.

-Luke's higher counting consists of alternating between 29 & 26 a whole bunch before ending with "twenty ten". Ex- 26 29 26 29 26 29 26 20 10

-A boy on a motorcycle on my way to work this morning had his tupperware of leftovers straped down. No bag, no nothing. He's having corn.

-Hello three flights of stairs. Oh wait. I parked on two.

This week Cindy to my kids and her big kids (HS and college age) to the zoo on Tueday and to the train station and botanical gardens on Wednesday. Best. Baby sitter. Ever.

-I frequently feel like I've lived my entire day between the hours of 6 and 8 AM.

-OMG A BIRD JUST FLEW IN THROUGH MY SUNROOF. Not really. That'd be a cool story though.

-Just realizing it's been YEARS since I've worn a halter top. Do people still wear those?

-Hi. My name is Lindsey and I'm a paper towel addict.

-I currently have three bags of BBQ Baked Lays open, in my possession. I love them.

-So I video the train crossing when I get stopped at the crossing. Back off with the looks, man next to me. I'm just being a good mom.

First time to church...
first time as a one year old to church.  Excuse her black eye.  She and Luke's dresser didn't get along that morning.

-I would like to pretend that it wasn't Ladies Day at the car wash and the dude gave me $5 off just because he thought I was cute, mkay?

-Just remembered in college I picked yip a little girl from school, took her home, then cleaned the log cabin her family lived in.

-How did I get that job? How long did I do it for? What were they doing in a freaking log cabin? What was I thinking? #oddcollegejob

-This morning Luke was watching Babar for 20 minutes before I realized it was in Spanish. #mybad #nocablesucks

Watching Stanley Cup finals while drinking "tea" from Evan's new tea set. (present from Aunt Ashley)

-According to Luke, if you don't have bones your arm will squish down. If you do have bones, you arm won't squish down. He's glad for bones.

-Omg, the big one was just lapping spilled juice off the table like he was a puppy dog. O.o

-"I'm being careful Mom!" called from another room is very rarely a good thing.

-Just realized I had spaghetti for lunch and my white tee shirt is stain free. #winning

-SOMEBODY dressed himself today. And to think I used to judge mothers of children like that. Whoops.

-Heard an odd noise coming from somewhere in the house. I hate living alone. Who wants to take karate with me?...

-Then I thought someone had changed my phone settings to make my phone flash when getting an alert. After being confused from no message....

-I realized that the noise was thunder and the flash was lightening. Oi. Vey.

  Posted on her birthday- two days old vs. a week from being one

-You know what's really awkward? Standing smack in the middle of the elevator and not budging when someone else gets on.

-Talking in a British falsetto voice. Totally got the 3 year old to do it too.

-Just found antibiotic ointment in my medicine chest that expired in 2003. #mybad


Luke got a little aggressive when upset with Evan and hit her.  :( Had to take the train table away for awhile.

-Just face timed with my vacationing sister. More accurately, @AshelyELittle just witnessed the circus that is my evenings. Kids. Be. Crazy.

-Older lady just asked me how to pick a good avocado. Feel like a legitimate adult.

-On her maiden voyage and she's waving and blowing kisses like she's the queen of the parade. #loveher

-I made his hair stand on end. When he saw it he said "Now that is why we comb our hair!" Then he made me fix it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Evan's first party

I know it's taken me a million years to post today's and yesterday's updates, but I had a pretty good reason.  I finally decided the previous weekend what I wanted to do for Evan's birthday on Friday. Nothing like coming down to the wire. 

I know, for Luke's first birthday I had a big party with lots of friends, hand made 20+ invitations, and was ready to go weeks in advance. But I was also a stay at home mom with my first kid and a husband, so he had a little bit of an advantage. 

It took me forever to figure out what kind of party I even wanted for her to have.  Not having a ton of money to spend on it, I ended up using the theme of her bedroom as the theme for the party- that way I already had some decorations and any new decorations would coordinate. I also wanted to do it Friday after work (I realize I was crazy, I did work a full day that day too) because Friday was her actual birthday, so I spent the entire week leading up to the party getting ready for it.

It was just an easy, fun get together with hot dogs and cake.  The wooden window frame is one that I got from my grandfather's work shed last summer, and I finally decided what to do with it after I saw this pinterest inspiration.  Eventually when she gets the twin bed that Luke is sleeping on it will serve as the "headboard".

I made the topper for the cake out of scraps of coordinating fabric, it's currently draped across the upper left corner of the frame where the "e" is.

This frame (and the other one under the coffee table was pulled from her room.  It's one that my friend John took of us candidly when they came to visit us in the hospital the day she was born.  I love it so much, it makes me want to squeeze her and never let go.

The letters from over her crib.
M&M's with her name printed on them! (plus "happy birthday" and "first birthday")
"Hey look, it's me!" The mat I had all the guests sign.
(oh, and I did make her an outfit to match the decor. because I'm me.)

Me and my big birthday girl.
The kids that attended.  Besides family, I invited the kids from her bible class, which is Mikah (next to Luke in the green), Jordyn (the only other girl), Jack (only kid not in the picture), and Ryan (but Sara got sick the day before so they couldn't come).  It JUST so happens that the big brothers of Mikah, Jordyn, and Jack are Dakota, Jadyn, and Zane (respectively).  You know, Luke's very best friends.  And the parents of all these children are some of MY very best friends.  The ones who have supported me this past year.  Funny how that works out.
Cake time!  The brothers know what's about to go down.

For as much as this girl eats, I was a little shocked that she didn't tear right into it.

The cake was purple! Luke has always said he wants a blue cake for his birthday, so I thought I'd practice.  The layers didn't come out very even, and the color didn't graduate quite like I wanted, but it still tasted good.

And finally it was present time.  Girlfriend got the hookup too.  Great Grandmother got her first pearl jewelry- a necklace and a pair of studs (it's our birthstone, after all!) and Nana got her a James Avery heart necklace, cuff bracelet, and the ear piercing was from them too.  Not quite as practical as the car seat she needs, but I'm so glad my girl is off to a good start.  She IS my daughter after all.  She can't be digging in my jewelry box forever, Sister Friend needs her own!