Thursday, June 30, 2011

Luke's 3rd birthday

My biggest little love turned three today.  It seems like just yesterday the doctor place this in my arms

and I got to call him mine.  These three years have gone by so quickly and I am beyond thankful for them.  I have laughed with him, cried over him, worried about him, and bragged on him.  Being a mom to a little boy has been quite an adventure, and he truly steals my heart everyday.  Those eyelashes just crush me!

When he first came into my room this morning, I immediately started singing him happy birthday.  In the middle of the song he turned towards the front door and said "Where is de cake?  It's comin' through da door!"  Now, I'm not sure when a cake has ever come through the front door, but he sure thought it was.  So I went and fixed him breakfast- a cupcake and grapes.

It felt a little odd to be letting him have such a breakfast, but you only have a birthday once a year, right?  He blew (okay, spit) out his candle and really only ate the top half off- licked the icing and then nibbled on the cake part.  Not to long after that Mom came and got us for swim time!  The water park is closed on Thursdays, so we went over to Ashley's apartment and swam in her pool.

I do believe that fun was had by all.  After we were done with the heat we headed back up to Ashley's apartment where Luke had a requested lunch of corn dog and ketchup.  Then it was home to nap.  Blessed nap time.  Thankfully he slept until 4:30, which allowed me to get the presents wrapped and the house mostly picked up.  Not to mention a shower and lunch for me and my girl. 

At 6:00 we met the family at Schlotzsky's for dinner. 

Why there?  Because he picked (as I knew he would) cheese pizza for dinner, and that way he could have his pizza but everyone else didn't have to eat pizza if they didn't want to.  Dinner was had and it was time to move the party home for presents.  Mom and Dad left before the rest of us so they could get over to the house and set up Luke's present.  I, being the Momma that I am, finally indulged Luke in his seemingly one passion- driving over train tracks.  We hit three different track location on our extended trip home.  This also conveniently bought Mom and Dad more time to get set up.  Why did they need time?  Because they found an amazing deal on a train table, and I okayed it knowing the great joy it would bring my boy.  More on that in a minute.  We got home and he made a bee line for the table where he had seen his presents from after nap time.

It is so funny what a difference a year makes.  Last year he would barely open a present, and then wouldn't be able to move on from the toy, getting very upset when we tried to get him to open the next one.  This year it was all about ripping the paper- opening one and barely looking at the contents before moving on to the next one.  I did find a book at the bookstore that we had previously checked out from the library and he had been obsessed with....that one caught his attention.

When all the paper had been torn, we unveiled the show stopper- his new train table!  We saved it till the end because we just knew that he wouldn't want anything else after that.

And we were right.  It took quite a bit of convincing to stop and have cake, but we got him back to the table.  After singing again, and blowing out the candle again, we tried to let him lick the icing off the bottom of the candle. 

He bit it instead. 

I'd say my sweet boy had a pretty good birthday.  Rules were relaxed, sugar was consumed, perfect toys were given.  I'm so looking forward to all the years to come, all the joy to come, all the love to come.  I love you precious boy, you are my smile!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mowing the yard and potty training business

Before I forget, last night after I wrapped up my post I laid Evan next to me so I could close the laptop and put it down.  When I looked over she was laying so sweetly!

Okay, it may be a picture that only a mother can love, but hey.  I am her mother.  And I love it.

So there.

Today Luke was spouting off the funniest things.  He had managed to stay completely dry all day Monday and all day Tuesday, so this morning after he came into my room dirty I put him in undies.  Yep.  I'm getting serious about potty training. 

He did good all day.  After naptime when he woke up dry I made him go potty.  Know what he told me as he was standing there?  "No Mom, pee pee's stuck.  It's stuck.  Oh wait.  Dair it is."   And then he went.  I had to bite my lip from laughing in his face.   He did great until this afternoon when he was outside running around while Papa mowed.  The accident was partly my fault, I hadn't asked him in a while, and he was way to distracted. 

He really wanted to push the spreader around to be just like Papa. 

Later this afternoon I was enjoying an iced tea, and the condensation dripped on my shorts.  When Luke saw it he said "Uh oh, Momma pee peed."  *ahem*  I might be pushing the 'we don't pee pee in our shorts' line a little hard. 

For church I put the kids in their matching shirts, and I may or may not have worn something coordinating too.

I just can't help myself.  I know Luke will kill me in 15 years, but how cute are they?!  Then after church he was running around, and I looked over and he was cowering in the corner.  I knew what that meant.  Luckily I'd put him in a pull up after his earlier accident, so it wasn't a big deal.  I went over to him and asked him if he wanted to go poop in the potty, and he hid his eyes like he was embarrassed.  When I didn't walk away he said "Hey Mom.  Where are you?" in a sing songy voice.  Then he popped his hands down and said boo!  When I asked him again and I STILL didn't walk away for him finish he got a distressed tone in his voice and said "Go talk to Nana!  Go!" while frantically pointing to her.  Oh my boy.  I'm actually glad he got embarrassed, hopefully it will start us on the path to being pull up free soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pool and Pictures

This morning I got the troops up and out the door to head to the pool. 

When I say it in a cute little sentence it makes it sound like it was no trouble at all, and took no time. 

Oh, the contra ire.  Luke slept in until 8:15, and I was able to eek out 15 more minutes of pillow time before I was forced out of bed and into the kitchen to make him breakfast.  My goal had been to pick up Mom at 9:30 and get to the pool a little after it opened, but it took me the whole hour to get everything together and everyone dressed.  And I didn't even shower or put on make up (because who does that before they hit the pool) or eat breakfast.  I did swing by a particular Sonic that was slightly out of the way to get Mom though, because this Sonic has large drinks for 99 cents before 10 a.m.  I was in dire need of a cranberry tea with two lemon slices in my hand at the pool. 

Anyway, we got there at ten till 10, and it's a good thing we got there later than I intended because the pool didn't open until 10.  Lesson learned!  We were the first ones there and Luke was only 1 of 3 kids playing in the water at 10:15.  Needless to say we had our pick of chairs (which is what I was aiming for anyway).  We needed a big spread because there were lots of friends joining us!  Shae and Brandy were there with their 4 boys combined, April brought her Dakota, Tamara showed up with Jadyn and Jordyn, and then the Anne came with her two kids.  I was glad that Mom came with me- Evan was hungry as soon as  we got there and she was able to get in the pool with Luke- and all the other girls were glad for an extra set of hands with all those kids.  She also not only brought her point-n-shoot, but she used it as well!

I let the little lady dabble her feet in the water while in the shade of my body.  She didn't fuss about it, so I'm gonna say she loved it!

Mikah was very interested in the baby.  Shae and I might have to bring this  picture up at their wedding in 30 years!  Just kidding.  Maybe.

About half way through our play time the littles got hungry so we spread out some towels and grubbed down.  Someone else got cozy and took a nap.

We got home about 1, then it was a quick bath for Luke and he was out for a nap.  I fed the girl, ate some lunch myself, then we took a quick shower before Taylor came over.  She got here at 2:45 for a newborn session!  Oh my word they are going to be so cute!  Once again I have no idea how I will pick which ones to frame.  Then it was off to Grandmother's for dinner and home to bed on time foe Luke.  My little boy was actually rubbing his eyes he was so tired!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time difference

I have found that things are now taking me even longer to accomplish now than it did before Evan was born.  She still sleeps all the time, so how is that so?  Case in point- I STILL haven't written my thank you notes to the sweet friends that brought us presents while I was in the hospital. 

The house was trashed from the weekend.  Bad.  And with this new change in how my time is spent, it took me the entire day to tidy it back up.  Entire.  Day.  I was hoping to get the floors and bathrooms all cleaned too, but by the time I got Luke in bed the only thing cleaned was his bathroom. 

And what were the kids doing while I was attempting to tidy?

She's got a hard life.  Sleep now, my dear, for one day you will be helping me.  :)

"Take a pit-ture off de twains Mom!"  So I did.  And you my son?  Enjoy your toys, because one day you too will be helping me out.  No boy of mine is going to move out of my house without knowing how to clean his bathroom and do his laundry. 

After a little while Evan woke up, so I thought a little tummy time might do her some good.  She had other ideas.

And today was the last day for Luke's speech therapist to come out.  It was so sad!  I really liked her, and it's going to be weird not having a weekly appointment anymore.  She even brought Luke a birthday present- a Chuggington train puzzle, a dog puzzle, and a Cars stamp set.  Does she know my boy or what? 

Later this afternoon Evan just wanted to be held and I was trying to get Luke's laundry put away.  I busted out the sling and strapped her to my chest, turned on the radio in Luke's room, and danced around while he chased the dog laughing hysterically.  The song "This is the good life" came on, and it was one of those awesome moments where you realize that it is the good life.  Listening to my big baby laughing so hard, feeling my little baby right on my heart.  So good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Siblings

"I go night night wif Baby Ef-in"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Train Day

Today was a day like none other for my boy.  It was Mecca.  We.....rode a train.  A REAL train.

Last night Luke went home with Dad after he mowed the lawn.  It gave me a much needed break from my biggest little love, and we had big plans in the morning anyway.  Our original plan was to get up and ride the new A-train from Old Town to either Denton or Carrollton around 9:30/10 in the morning, shop there and eat lunch, then ride the train back home in time for a nap.  This morning I found out that the rails were being shut down from 10-2:30 so that some historic train could use the track. 

So the revised day went a little something like this:  I finally woke up for real at 9:45.  I fed my girl, tossed some clothes on us, and went to Starbucks for an hour.  Yes, for an hour I had Evan on my shoulder, coffee in my hand, and a magazine in my lap.  Sure, I hold my baby and drink coffee every morning, and I could obviously read Good Housekeeping if I wanted.  But there was something so luxurious about doing it there instead of here.  When we got home I laid her down for what I thought would be a nap and jumped in the shower. 

Turns out she didn't go to sleep and was yelling for me when I got out.  Oops!  I ate lunch, she ate lunch, and she finally passed out.  I loaded her up and we went over to Mom and Dad's to wait for Luke to wake up from his nap so we could go as soon as we did.

Finally he did, and we went down town to catch the 3:31 train.  He was over the moon. 

I wanted a cute picture of the three of us, but there was NOTHING we could do to get him to look at the camera.  Sure he was shouting 'CHEEEEEEESE!' at the top of his lungs, but his eyes were glued to the track. 

I thought he would be terrified of the train when it pulled up because it was so loud, but nope.  He loved  it. The ride was about 25 minutes long, and when we got to Denton there was about a 4 block hike to the town square.  It was hot (HOT) so the first place we hit was the ice cream shop.  Oh man, this place has the best ice cream.  Then we popped into a couple of stores (including a baby boutique where I bought a new head band for Evan that is actually from the same Etsy site where I've gotten three of her headband already.  Score that I didn't have to wait three weeks to get it in my hands!).   Finally it was time to move on back to the train and ride it home.  It was a super fun day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yesterday's play and today's lazy

Yesterday morning I took the kids over to Shae's so Luke could play with Dakota and I could visit with my friend.  We had a great time and stayed until nap time.  For dinner I took my babies to Fuzzy's Tacos to meet back up with the Raymonds and the Sloans.  If you know us personally, then you know that was a lot of little boys.  We had two adjoining booths, and we stuck John and Joby (the husbands) with the three big boys- Luke, Dakota, and Zane.  They were a true circus to watch.  D is fully potty trained and Zane is in the process, so at one point they were showing off their awesome undies.  Another time they were having a tickle fight.  Yet another time they were turned around in the booth (they were all on the same side) and were talking to the couple behind them.  I'm not sure if Luke actually ate his dinner, but I do know he had fun.  Brandy, Shae and I got our own booth with the babies- Evan was down on the floor in her car seat while Mikah and Jack had high chairs on either side of the table. It's always a good time with the children outnumber the adults.  Afterwards we all headed to church, and after church the kids and I went with Mom and Dad to Rita's for ice cream.  What a great day, huh?

Today was a stay at home day.  The morning was slow and lazy.  For lunch Niki brought Schlotzsky's to eat and we were finally able to catch up.  Tonight was Dad's night to mow the lawn and a couple of ladies from my mentor group at church brought over some dinner.  Of course once Papa started mowing Luke wanted to be outside too.  Since he was just in his pull up, he went to get some clothes on and- I don't know why he does this- which consisted of a clean pair of shorts from his shorts drawer and a dirty shirt from the dirty clothes basket in the closet.  Tonight it was a pair of camo cargo shorts with the brown polo from yesterday.  He only needed minimal help on getting the shorts on, and no help getting his shirt on.  Granted, the shirt was inside out and backwards, but he managed to get his head and arms in all the right holes.  I considered it a win and let him run around the yard like that.  He even got one flip flop on all by himself but for some reason just couldn't get the other one on.

Watching him grow up has just been so fun.  I can understand about 90% of what he says, and I finally get to hear all the crazy things that go on in that little head.  He constantly tells me that "Jesus says 'go share da good news'." and "Momma happy?" or "Momma sad?" if I sniffle.   I just hug him and tell him I'm happy I'm with him or that I'm not sad, I just have a sniffly nose (this incredible wind has blown in or blown up some lovely allergens).  He has a bad habit of saying he wants one thing, and then when you get it for him he suddenly doesn't want it and melts down.  Not irritating at all.  He is still loving on his puppy.  Puppy went to the grocery store with us the other night.  Puppy went to Fuzzy's.  Puppy is still called "puppy".   I tried to get Luke to give him a new name like Mortin or David, but he insisted the stuffie was just Puppy.  And while he still wants to take Evan to the hospital on a daily basis, he tells her more often that she's a "sweet gurw".  He will help me burp her and say "scuse you Baby Evan!" when she does.  Ha!

And my girl?  Getting bigger every day.  She's definitely hit that first growth spurt, wanting to nurse all the time.  She also likes to be held.  A lot.  While it makes it hard to be productive, I don't really mind.  Seeing as she's it on the baby train I just try and absorb every moment and not forget a thing.  I love that she calms down the instant she feels my hands.  It cracks me up that when she sleeps and gets disturbed in the slightest, she makes this noise like a goat baa-ing.  Actually she makes noises a lot.  Girlfriend has a lot to say already.  She's already found her thumb.  I try to get the paci in before she does, but several times I've discovered that little appendage being sucked on. 

Oh, how I love being their mom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool Day

Last night a major storm blew in.  Evan woke up at 2:30 to eat, and at that point it was just super high winds (which I found out later were 70 mph!), thunder, and lightening.  About half way through the feeding is when the rain started.  By the time I laid her down at 3 it was beginning to hail, and when I climbed into bed it was hailing like there was no body's business.  As I laid there wishing I could fall asleep in all that racket, I was sure that Luke would start calling out for me any minute.  Except he didn't.  I was SHOCKED that he could sleep through that ridiculously loud storm.  Next thing I knew it was 6 and Evan was barking to eat again.  And once again, when I climbed into bed at 6:30 I figured Luke would be up for the day any minute.  The next thing I knew there was a little face staring into mine.  But the clock said 8:30!!  For the second time that boy just shocked the socks off of me.  What a blessing to be able to sleep in that long. 

At 8:40 I rolled out of bed to fix him some breakfast, and that's when we finally hit a snag.  We were out of milk.  We were out of cereal bars.  We were out of fruit.  Basically we were out of everything.  Oops.  The plan for the day had been to pick Mom up at ten till 10 to get to the pool, but since we had nothing to eat I called and told her we would be there a little early so we could go get donuts for breakfast.  Problem solved right?

So I sat down at 9 to feed Evan before taking off.  Then the door bell rang a few minutes later.  It was his ECI developmental case worker here for her last visit before Luke is too old for the program on his birthday next week.  I TOTALLY forgot about her appointment.  My bad!  I text Mom and told her we'd be a little late, and I tried to rush through the appointment but she really wanted to hear all about Evan. 

FINALLY we were on our way.  Mom was in the passenger seat of the car, donuts in her lap, and we were pulling up to the pool.  Only 30 minutes after I had wanted to be there.  I was afraid that the water would be way to cold after all the rain and hail, and while it was pretty chilly for the adults, Luke didn't seem to mind.  He had a GREAT time!  So great in fact, I wasn't able to get a picture of him, he was too busy.  I did get a couple of my girl though. 

She spent the majority of the time just like this.  Sleeping her life away in her sweet little robe.  She did have her bathing suit on though! 

Next time we go I'll let her get in the water, it was just too chilly this time.  Hopefully this girl will love the water as much as her brother does!  I did learn my lesson on pull-ups vs. swim diapers today though.  Before we left he had wanted a pull up on, and they looked like they would be just as non absorbent as a swim diaper.  WRONG.  They are way more absorbent.  In fact, finally all the gel stuff burst out the top of the back of the pull up.  It was a little gross.  I just pulled it off of him and let him go with just his swim suit on.  I even let him ride home with just his swim suit on.  How brave am I?  Especially since every time I ask him if he wants to go pee pee in the potty he just brushes me off  with a "No tanks Mom!" and goes on his merry way.  He's gonna have a rude awakening one of these days when I mean business with this potty training gig!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy weekend

This weekend was one of the laziest I've had in a very long time.  Friday night I just hung out at home with the kids.  Tried to get Luke to watch a movie with me and failed.  Saturday morning Evan decided at 6ish that she was done sleeping for awhile, and Luke got up at 7.  Awesome.  But Dad came and got Luke at 9 to go play disc golf at the park, so once they left I got back in bed with my girl.  I managed to doze until 11:15.  What?!  I can't remember the last time I was in bed that long, not only because of  the little boy in my life that needs supervision,  but also because it's usually physically painful for me to lay in bed that long.  It was amazing.  I finally got out of bed and into the shower with Evan.

When Luke got home it was straight down for nap time, and I sat on the couch the whole time.  When he got up we got dressed, and eventually went to Carino's for dinner.  Yep.  I ventured out and took both kids out to eat.  It actually went really well!  Evan slept through the whole thing and Luke behaved himself.  There was a table of older ladies next to us, and of course they just made over my sweet baby.  And Luke, true to form, jump right in and tried to tell them all about "de twain twacks" that he "cwossed two times".  Lord have mercy that child will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about train tracks.  He'll even tell people that won't listen.

Sunday morning I got the kids up and out the door to church.  We were only 15 minutes late! (although, I was sweating profusely)  How sweet was Evan in her little dress?

It's one that a friend brought her when we were in the hospital, and I love it.  She still hasn't fattened out, so while in the picture the dress looks a little small, but really it's a newborn size and it fits perfectly.  Most 0-3 month sized clothes are still a little big in the arm or leg holes.  We went to lunch with Mom, Dad, and Ashley for Father's Day, and he chose O'Heada's, a very authentic Mexican food place here in town.  Luke had his very first enchilada, and he loved it!  I mean, it helps that it was a cheese enchilada drowned in queso, but hey- it wasn't pizza.  We came home for nap time, and for dinner we took Cody to Red Lobster.  It took FOREVER, which resulted in my first ever nursing session in the car.  Evan sure looked cute in her first pair of jeans though!  Excuse the poor phone photo. 

When Luke saw me getting her dressed and picture taken, he once again insisted on getting his picture too.

He was keeping himself occupied while I dealt with her. 

Today I got my floors and one bathroom cleaned, and tonight I attended Ashley's Stella and Dot jewelry party.  There was a lot of cute things, but I only picked up a pair of earrings.  Can't wait to get them in!  Evan went with me and of course she got passed all around, but seeing as she slept through it all I don't think she minded.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the little dress she was wearing.  Next time I put it on I will!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shoot the Poop

Yesterday I had a first with Evan.  I didn't think I'd have too many firsts with her, seeing as I've run the gamut with Luke, but this had definitely a first.  See, the whole poop situation has been COMPLETELY different with my girl.  As a bottle fed infant, Luke didn't ever poop more than once every few days.  My girl?  The nursing queen?  Holy moly it's every other hour.  Literally.

So yesterday I was changing yet ANOTHER dirty diaper.  Normally I have a clean diaper laying underneath the dirty one ready and waiting so there will be minimal mess if she spouts off in the middle of a change.  This time I forgot.  I had her feet up, booty pointing out and was mid wipe when BAM! She got me.  Not only did she get my hand, my leg, the changing pad, but she also got 2  feet away on the carpet.  There was poop everywhere.  Then she starts peeing, and soaks everything, including the sweet night gown she was wearing.  Good gracious it was a mess. 

Fortunately for me, Luke was sitting right there, watching it all unfold.  He immediately started directing me in the clean up process.  "Wipe de poop of de weg!  Mom!  Get it off de hand!" 

So she got a new outfit.  How could you be upset with that sweet face?

Today we got out and did a few errands.   We ran into James Avery to pick up my charm bracelet.   Mom and  Dad got me the little girl shoes to put Evan's name and birthday on just like they got me the little boy shoes for Luke when he was born.  I love it!  I'm glad to have my bracelet back...I've been missing it.  It's one of those things I wear every day.  After James Avery, we popped into Children's Place to get Luke a new pair of play ground shoes.  Yes, he has a pair of tennies solely for the play ground.  That way his cute shoes don't get all icky.  This pair was on sale for $6.  Score!  Then we ran into Charming Charlie's for a pair of sun glasses.   I've been missing mine for a couple of weeks now, so I caved and bought a new pair.  I'm expecting the old pair to show up any minute now. 

The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house.  Luke woke up super early this morning, so he was beyond ready for an early nap.  While he and Sister slept I took a shower, then I meant to do a little house cleaning but I got a little distracted by the games on my phone and only got the sheets changed on my bed.   By then Luke was up, Evan was up, and everybody wanted a snack.  Then we just hung out on the couch until Sara brought dinner over (take out from La Madeline's!  And Taylor brought this yummy dish over last night, which I ate not only for dinner, but for lunch today too.  My friends take such good care of me!)

Tonight I tried to get Luke to watch a movie with me, but he refused. Oh well.  I guess playing with his toys is a better activity anyway.

This picture is just because she's so darn cute.  All the pictures on today's post are from my phone.  It's so much easier since it's always by my side than going to get the big camera.  Not to mention the moment would be over by then and trying to take a picture of myself with the kids?  Nearly impossible with that thing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My birthday and 2 week well check

How interesting that my birthday post just happens to fall on my 500th post!  Wow.  For 500 days over the last couple of years I have spouted off something.  And the craziest part is a few people actually read it!  I'll save the mushy stuff for my blog-aversiary, which now that I think about it, I missed.  Oops. 

Yesterday was my birthday!  I am now closer to 30 than I am 25, and that's just weird.  It was such a nice day!  I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which I shared with my boy.  Then we went to the library with Shae and the boys, where Luke proceeded to show me that he did not need so much sugar for breakfast.  Child was running amok in the library, and tried to get Dakota to get into mischief with him.  Finally we just had to leave due to my inability to control him.  We went home to some lunch and nap time.  Evan's cord finally fell off a couple of days ago so I was finally able to take a shower with her.  She seemed to love it!  And by love it, I mean she didn't cry or fuss when the water was running on her.  Then I fed her, put her down, and turned nap time over to Mom, who came over to baby sit while I ducked out for a pedicure. 

Momma's got some new toes!  For dinner the family took me out to where ever I wanted, and can you believe I picked Blue Goose?!  I know, it's Mexican food.  But all I could think about was those seafood enchilada's that I had the last time I was there.  So off we went.  After dinner we all went back to Mom and Dad's to open presents and have cake.  I picked an ice cream cake this year, and it was wonderful.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the fam all evening.  It was kind of a miss mash of family members.  Obviously Mom, Dad, and Ashley were there, but this year's festivities also include my cousin Cade (who has been in town for the last week and a half taking a class to get his certification in teaching) and Grandy (who came down on Monday).  It goes without saying that there has been a plethora of arms waiting for my kids! 

Today was Evan's 2 week well check.  On the one hand I can't believe it's already been two weeks, but on the other it feels like she has always been a part of our family.  We aren't complete without her.  Baby girl passed her check up with flying colors!  All she had to be was back up to her birth weight of 8 lbs 9 ozs, and she came in at 8 lbs 15 ozs- that's in the 75th percentile!  She's grown a fourth of an inch in the last two weeks, clocking her length in the 90th percentile.  Luke has NEVER been above the 50th in any of his percentiles.  I knew I had a big girl on my hands!

I do have to relay this little story from today.  While I was getting myself ready, Luke found a nail head in the closet that was already totally banged in, so he got out his tools and hammered on it some more.  It made quite a racket, but when I watched him I could tell he wasn't doing anything any harm. 

(excuse the mess, I was also sorting/doing laundry)

So I left the room and went to get the girl dressed.  I was seriously gone for 5 minutes or so.  When I came back in I was greeted with a not so pleasant sight.  He had found my largest sized knitting needle on the floor of the closet and had some how created a giant hole in the wall, jammed it in, and bent the needle at a 90 degree angle (ruining it).  I'm talking a good 2 inch by 1 inch hole in my closet.  I was a little speechless when I saw it, and he ran off to his room.  I went in to tell him that he wasn't in trouble, it was my fault for not watching him, but that we don't poke holes in the wall.  At least it's the closet and not somewhere more visible, right?

Monday, June 13, 2011

The air is back!

Today my house was kind of a revolving door.  At 11 a lady from church brought Luke and I sandwich fixings and snack foods, along with a little bucket with a train, airplane, and paint set.  How sweet was that?  Thank you so much Lana for your thoughtfulness!  I let Luke do the painting after his nap.

If you are basing his skill on keeping it on the paper and not making a mess, then the kid did awesome!  Then an hour later his speech therapist came for our weekly appointment.  At 2:30 the air conditioner repair man came.  Wahoo!  While it was unfortunate that he rang the door bell and came in with a very boisterous voice and woke up Luke, I'll take a day of a cranky kid in exchange for a summer of cooler air.  My friend from high school was supposed to come over after she got off work, but she got stuck on the job and didn't get to come over.  Boo!  But my friend Jenn brought Luke and I a lovely meal of chicken Cesar salad.  Perfect for a house that has been 85 all week!  I did squeeze in a quick trip to Lowe's for an air filter (the a/c guy pulled ours out while he was working and asked me if we had a new one to replace it- it was EMBARRASSINGLY nasty) and the grocery store for some milk.  Of course I didn't walk out of the store with just milk, I picked up a few other little things for myself, but more on that tomorrow.  Hopefully tonight we'll all get some good sleep without being sticky!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First church

Yesterday was a slow easy  day.  Cody  took Luke over to his parent's house around 11 and didn't come back till 6, so Luke was able to get some good one on one time with them.  That left me and my girl at home for a quiet afternoon.  I was finally able to clean the bathrooms (something that's been back burnered for a couple of weeks now) and change the sheets on all three beds.  Evan slept and I watched tv.  It was nice, but I missed my boy!  By the time they got back I couldn't handle the heat of the house anymore, so when Cody left I gathered the kids up and headed over to Mom and Dad's for dinner.  Luke got some major grandparents time in all day! 

Today was Evan's first Sunday church.  I took her to bible class with me, and then we got through about the first 20 minutes of service before she got hungry and we had to excuse ourselves to the nursery.  She was so poky about eating that service was just about over by the time we got back in there!  Okay, it wasn't all her fault.  Most of my friends had gathered in the nursery by that point with their kids, so there's a good chance I was just visiting for part of it.  Shame on me.  And I tried to get a good picture of us before church.

But true to himself, Luke didn't want to cooperate.  My girl sure looked cute in her purple ruffly dress and big brown flower though!

After church we went to Schlotzsky's for lunch (I had a coupon for a free sandwich in honor of my birthday) and then it was home for a nap.  Except I'm pretty sure Evan was the only one who actually did.  Luke mostly just laid in bed and hollered at me.  I tried to lay down with her, but I was so distracted by the boy that I couldn't nap either.  Evan is such a sweet sleeper!

When Luke saw me taking a picture of just her, of COURSE he wanted his picture taken too.  Because I really wanted another picture of him in just a diaper as opposed to this morning when he was all cute in his church duds. 

This evening we went over to Joby and Shae's to watch the Mavs win the finals.  True to form, the very end of the game was the only part worth watching, and I was shocked we pulled it through!  Evan was obviously very excited for them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last few days backwards

Whew.  Until we really settle into routine, or my girl starts sleeping more at night, I think blogging is going to take a serious hit.  I want to record what happens in our every day, but the problem is I used to write right after Luke went to bed.  Now?  Now I feed the babe then hit the sheets myself to eek out every minute of sleep time that I can.  During the day I just don't think about pulling out the computer.  Anyway, that's the story.  Now for the last few days.

Today was Evan's weight check at the doctor, after having lost some between being released on Saturday and her appointment on Monday.  She should have started gaining by that point, seeing as my milk had come in and we had been reunited.  Good news!  She went from 8 lbs 5 oz on Monday to 8 lbs 11 oz today!  My girl has become quite the eater, and I'm strangely proud of her weight gain.  Her color also looked better, what little jaundice she had is mostly gone.  Yay Evan!  After her appointment we headed up to the hospital for her second and final newborn screen.  Then home for lunch and nap time.  Instead of napping along with my children today (which I've done every other day this week!) I stole some moments for myself and headed to Target while Mom came and sat in the quiet.  Luke got up not long after I got home, so I fed Evan and we all headed out to the mall.  Mom got me some awesome new nursing tops and I bought myself a dress!  Okay, so technically it's a maternity dress, but I promise you can't tell.  I love it!  I haven't bought something new like that for myself in FOREVER.  When we got home it was almost time for our second meal from my small group (thank you Brandy, the chicken parm was delish!) and then the day took a turn for the worse.  I looked over and just knew something was off with Luke.  I got Cody to take his temperature, and sure enough it was 101.6.  I tried to get some Tylenol down him, but he got so worked up about it he broke into a giant sweat and I quickly put him in a cool bath.  Two hours later he's asleep and it's only down to 99.8.  I sure hope it's just a fever and doesn't develop into anything else.  I'm not ready to deal with an infant and a sick preschooler!

Yesterday wasn't any slower.  We woke up a bit later than usual, and I decided to take the kids to story time in the park.  Our children's minister has decided to have this once a month, where we have a picnic at one of the parks, let the kids play, then she reads them a bible story. 

Our only family picture, besides the one we took right after Evan was born in the delivery room.  We are a sweaty and sticky, but we are together!

I was shocked that Luke actually sat on the blanket and listened instead of running off to the playground to do his own thing.  My baby is growing up!  Then we came home to take a nap.  It turned out to be a nice long nap.  Afterwards I got up and did some laundry, and our first meal from my small group came.  It took some convincing from my friends to let them bring me dinners, but now I'm glad they did.  I hate cooking, so to me it feels like such a burden to have people bring me meals.  And now is the part where I have to admit that it's been a real blessing to not have to worry about that at the end of the day.  I've been to the store twice this week and I STILL have things I've forgotten.  Trying to get everything together for a meal just wouldn't work right now. 

Wednesday was a much slower day, we didn't even get out of the house until dinner.  I met Ashley at Schlotzski's for dinner, and by the time she got there I had already gotten our food ordered, drinks in hand, and we were sitting at the table eating.  Yay me!  Ha!  Then I took the kids to church.  Evan's first church service!  Except we ended up sitting in the nursery the whole time.  She decided that she needed to eat an hour earlier than I thought she would need.  Oh well.  At least my boy got to go to bible class!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, I didn't think I would have anything to say today.  We mostly stayed at home.  But then came the evening.  Once again it was 84 degrees in our house due  to temps outside of 100+.  While Luke and I were eating dinner he started to takehis diaper off and  asked for it to be changed.  That NEVER happens.  So we  went back to his room and took it off  of him.  I asked him if he wanted to put on Micky Mouse (a diaper) or Lightening McQueen (a pull up).  He ALWAYS picks Micky Mouse.  Today?   When I asked him he said "Nuffing.  I be necked just wike dis."  And I let him be.  He never askes to be naked, and bath time was coming up.  In fact, he even asked to get in the bath and I let him, although it was super early.  When I had finished bathing him and brushing his teeth (luckily sister had already eaten and was napping in her bed at this point) I realized that it was still almost an hour until bed time.  An hour.  So what did we do?  I loaded the kids up in the car and we hit up Braum's drive through for some ice cream. 

He has on boxers.  We came home, ate our ice cream, brushed his teeth again, then read a story, said our prayers and memory verses, and it was lights out for him.  Evan woke up right before stories so she got to listen in too. 

Also, the other day I got Dad to scan in a picture of me wearing the blue dress from the hospital. 

And here's Evan again:

And just so Luke won't feel left out, here he is too on the day he came home from the hospital (but not wearing the dress.):

Yep.  These children belong to me.  Ha!  Here's my girl today, and then my boy on his first night at home. 

Are they siblings or what?