Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mowing the yard and potty training business

Before I forget, last night after I wrapped up my post I laid Evan next to me so I could close the laptop and put it down.  When I looked over she was laying so sweetly!

Okay, it may be a picture that only a mother can love, but hey.  I am her mother.  And I love it.

So there.

Today Luke was spouting off the funniest things.  He had managed to stay completely dry all day Monday and all day Tuesday, so this morning after he came into my room dirty I put him in undies.  Yep.  I'm getting serious about potty training. 

He did good all day.  After naptime when he woke up dry I made him go potty.  Know what he told me as he was standing there?  "No Mom, pee pee's stuck.  It's stuck.  Oh wait.  Dair it is."   And then he went.  I had to bite my lip from laughing in his face.   He did great until this afternoon when he was outside running around while Papa mowed.  The accident was partly my fault, I hadn't asked him in a while, and he was way to distracted. 

He really wanted to push the spreader around to be just like Papa. 

Later this afternoon I was enjoying an iced tea, and the condensation dripped on my shorts.  When Luke saw it he said "Uh oh, Momma pee peed."  *ahem*  I might be pushing the 'we don't pee pee in our shorts' line a little hard. 

For church I put the kids in their matching shirts, and I may or may not have worn something coordinating too.

I just can't help myself.  I know Luke will kill me in 15 years, but how cute are they?!  Then after church he was running around, and I looked over and he was cowering in the corner.  I knew what that meant.  Luckily I'd put him in a pull up after his earlier accident, so it wasn't a big deal.  I went over to him and asked him if he wanted to go poop in the potty, and he hid his eyes like he was embarrassed.  When I didn't walk away he said "Hey Mom.  Where are you?" in a sing songy voice.  Then he popped his hands down and said boo!  When I asked him again and I STILL didn't walk away for him finish he got a distressed tone in his voice and said "Go talk to Nana!  Go!" while frantically pointing to her.  Oh my boy.  I'm actually glad he got embarrassed, hopefully it will start us on the path to being pull up free soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the new photo! Everyone looks awesome! I am so glad you are keeping track of all of Luke's cute sayings.....otherwise he would never believe you! :)
~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Melanie said...

I love the matching shirts! So what if he kills you will still have the picture to see how cute he is. :)

Happy Birthday to the BIG BOY 3 year old!