Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My baby is 2

Oh, can it be so?  It's just not possible that my sweet infant baby boy is a raging two year old.  No.  It's not happening. 

What did happen today, was a day full of parties.  Well, two parties to be exact.  The first one was this friends at the pool.  It rained yesterday, and it's going to rain tomorrow, but today was perfect weather.  Perfect.  There were decorations.....

And some cake.....

More juice boxes than I could keep track of....

A little song.....

And three hours worth of swimming.....

Yes, I said three hours.  Needless to say we came home and he crashed.  While he napped I got it things ready for the family bbq.  That's when we opened the presents.  Okay.  I opened the presents.  He didn't really want anything to do with them except for a couple of different cars that he kept in his hands.  Oh me oh my.  We have a plethora of cars now.  And he loves it.  We have several new movies.  And he loves it.  It was a very very successful birthday for my little man.  And I was so pleased with how the parties turned out.  I don't think I ever realized before how special they could be.  Yeah, as a kid you love them because there is cake and you get presents, but as a parent it just made ME feel so loved that so many people came together today simply to celebrate my precious baby.  Just warms me up. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being a boy

Being a boy can be very hard work.  There are lots of things to do throughout the day.  For example, after Momma takes out the trash, it is very important to make sure she got it all. 

Then inspection of the trash can lid must occur, to determine whether it's working and clean. 

One might even need to step inside to make sure it's big enough. 

Finally the lid's fate is decided, and which is indicated by it's next location.

Apparently it failed inspection.  It failed so miserably the porch wasn't even good enough for it, so farther out it must go. 

Then that Momma wonders why her windows always look like this.....

until she realized how much this happens. 

Sometimes there is a fierce lion-dog that must be tamed.  But she's not a big fan of the lion tamer at those times.  Mostly when he has food in his hands she loves him. 

Finally a boy might wrap up his day clean from a bath, and then run away from that Momma and watch Daddy mow the lawn in the dark. 

Oh what the neighbors must think.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today we only ate food

Today was much better.  I got some laundry done.  Watched some bad tv.  Watered the lawn.  Enjoyed a long summer rain.

I know it seems silly to water on the same day that it rains, but you have to understand.  Over the last few weeks I would wake up to overcast skies, get excited about rain, and then be disappointed when the sun was shining by 10 and it was already 105 outside.  So I water.  And water.  I figured today would be no different.  So what if there was a 40% chance of rain.  Seriously?  I don't count on it raining if it was a 70% chance.  Alas.  By 5 this afternoon is was so dark outside you needed a flashlight inside if the lights were off.  And when it started to rain, boy did it come down.  But it was a lovely summer rain.  Even if I didn't believe it was going to come due to all the previous fake outs. 

We had Rosa's for dinner.  I was in a stay at home kinds of day and didn't make it to the grocery store. 

Now I'm finishing off the day with Sam Adams and more bad tv.  I wish I was finishing the day with something from the great town of Shiner, TX, but I don't. 

I have to say, the best part of the day was the fact that Luke only ate food today.  That's always a good day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

No you may not eat that.

This morning started out like many Sunday  mornings.  Luke woke up too early.  I took a shower.  We got all fancied up.  I actually got us ready for bible class a little early because I wanted to take Luke to get donuts first.  I wore my little black dress, and right before we walked out the door I noticed a thread hanging from my dress so I pop into the computer room to snip it as we walked out the door.  Literally walking out the door.

And that's when I saw it. 

Apparently while I was in the shower Luke got into the computer room and somehow found Cody's pack of lead BB pellets.  Real lead.  Pellets.  And they were completely strewn across the desk and keyboard. 

At first I just thought, "Oh great, a mess to clean up when I get home.", as we walked out the door and got in the car.  Then when I was in Starbucks getting a very rare treat I got to thinking more.  What if he ate some?  What if they got lodged in his abdomen?  Could he get lead poisoning?  What would the health risks be? 

The longer time went on the more sick I began to feel about the whole thing.  What do I do? 

I called Ashley, the official RN.  She's gonna be so sorry she has that degree.  I asked her if I should go get his stomach x-rayed, and she agreed.  No bible class, no donuts, just an x-ray.  Sooooo.....I went down the street to an emergency clinic, walk in the door and ask them if they have an x-ray machine.  The lady says they can do x-rays, but they can't do casts.  What?  No lady.  I tell her why I'm there and she tells me to hold on.  She has to go back to ask the dr if it was okay or something, because this was something new.  No one had ever come into that clinic worried about a swallowed lead pellet.  It's always nice to be the first.

Long story short, Luke got the x-ray and there was no lead.  Praise Jesus!  He also got in severe trouble for horrific behavior in the waiting room.  We headed to church an hour and a half after we had originally planned to be there and fulfilled my nursery-duty obligations.  Well, what was left of it.  After church Luke put on another real show of banshee-like scream.  Don't ask me why.  And funny enough, when I offered a free two year old boy to a good home, no one took the bait.  They just laughed at me.

Luckily the day turned around from there.  Luke and I hit the lunch scene with Ashley, Dad, and three families of my close friends.  Then there was only time to do a mad dash home to put Luke down for a much needed nap before I left again for a baby shower.  After the baby shower I had an hour to get home and get ready for small groups tonight.  The Zooks hosted tonight.  Well, their pool was the main host.  We all had a great time swimming, eating, and fellowshipping.  Which was much needed after that crazy morning.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who needs to party at a birthday?

I'm beginning to think my son doesn't party very well. 

My cousin's little boy had his 6th birthday party today.  They had a lady come in with some animals and she told the kids all about them and let the kids pet them.  It was neat.  Except Luke didn't want any part of it.  He wanted to get out the front door. 

It seems that another friend might have had some troubles too. 

After the animal show (which we ended up missing because someone had to leave the room due to screaming.  We went back to color.) it was time for cake.  Mmmmm!  Someone didn't want to cooperate with that either.  What is it with him and doors?

Finally I coaxed him to sit with me by giving him a juice box.

And a cookie. 

Then he realized that all the big kids were eating their cake at the table.  So what does he want to do?  Eat at the table.  No need for Momma anymore.  Actually, this was the first time I've seen him really care about doing something that other kids were doing, ever.  I was really surprised!

But then all the big kids finished and moved into the living room to open presents. 

Except my little friend. 
He was still eating. 

On a different note, last night the three of us went out to dinner with Mom, Dad, and Ashley to celebrate the fact that Ashley past her state board tests and is officially an RN!  She found out yesterday morning and Mom got on top of planning a congratulatory dinner.  It was suuuuuuuuuuper yummy.  We had calamari for an appetizer, and before I could stop Luke he dove right in.  Can you believe a 2 year old eating that?  He did alright.  But by the time he got to the third piece he realized how chewy it was, so he spit it out in Cody's hand and was done with it.  It was a classy move at a classy place.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

VBS day last

I just told my son "No No  No!  We don't put our arm in the potty.  That's yucky!" 

Can any day be a fantastic day when it ends on that note? 

It started out well enough.  Tara and I took Luke to the pool, and then we had lunch and did some sewing.  She made a darling half apron and I made another crayon roll.  But by the time VBS rolled around I was tired.  TIRED.  Honestly, I didn't want to be there.  But Jesus said I had to go.

So I did. 

Afterwards Mom, Dad, Ashely, Luke, and I went to Tutti Frutti for yogurt.  I had pomegranate flavored and it was GOOD.  On the way home Ashely stuck her head out the window and shouted "It's a convertible!"  Pure awesomeness.

Yesterday I did nada (well, except for VBS of course.  The Lifesavers piggy bank we made took the entire time, praise Jesus.  I didn't have to vamp at all).  I sewed up a hooded towel for a baby shower on Sunday. 

That's it.  It shouldn't have taken me the ENTIRE day, but a little someone suddenly got needy every time I would sit down at the sewing machine and would get all fussy and blec.  Fun times.  Like when he decided that he needed all of his bedding (except his sheets) in the living room to go back to sleep at 8 in the morning.  Just stay in bed kid.  I won't complain.

And when the hard floor wasn't comfortable anymore he moved to my bed. 

Just kidding!

Then later in the afternoon he started to play with some of my heels that were in the bottom of our closet.  "What, I'm not doing anything wrong!"

Ah, busted.

And finally the creme de la creme from yesterday, the banana incident.  He wanted a second banana and I told him no, one was enough, that another one would hurt his tummy and make him not poop.  Apparently he didn't believe me because a few minutes later I found this in his hands. 

He sure showed me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VBS day 2 and Sunday

Today I did more chores than is humanly possible.  Spurred on by the hurtful comment from someone yesterday, I made sure to have an immaculate house when Cody got home from work.  I watered the lawn, took out the trash, swept, swiffered, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms, and got all the laundry done, folded, put away, and ironed.  Plus I made dinner and got Luke and I ready, all before we had to be at VBS.  So  boo-ya hurtful comments.  Take that. 

I didn't get any pictures of Luke from VBS tonight because our craft was a little more involved tonight.  We stamped pillow cases with paint.......oi.  The group of three year olds actually went smoother because they were more willing to let us help them.  The five year olds?  Not so much.  So anyway, not much to show for it except clean pants!  Yay for no paint on them! 

So I thought I would show ya some things from Sunday morning.  We were running a little late for bible class, so I caved and let him have a nasty pop tart for breakfast, since I knew he would eat it quickly. 

He also ate it messily. 

After church we came home for a quick lunch and a long nap.  I mean long.  I finally woke him up at 4.  We've got places to go son!  On our way out the door he tried to sneak away and play with the mower.  What did I tell you about all in good time, little boy?! 

We went over to Mom and Dad's since they arrived back from Hawaii that very afternoon!  They brought me a couple of shiny new things.  :)

Okay, I had a picture up of the coffee mug that they brought me, but my mouth looks like I've smoked too many cigarettes over too many years due to the fact that Ashley got me mid "oooooOOOOOOoooo"  in the picture.  DELETE. 

And after we heard about the trip Dad went out to mow and Luke went out to meddle.  He loves exploring in the roll top desk.

And the drawer.

And he watched his Papa mow and edge. 

Finally we came home, got a quick bath, and hit the sheets.  He was a sweet little model for me as I once again played around with camera settings.  And thank you for putting up with yet another picture heavy post!

Monday, June 21, 2010

VBS has begun

I don't know if VBS is popular else where, but it's a summer staple where I come from.  That's Vacation Bible School, in case you were wondering.  Like last year, I am instructing a group of three year olds and a group of five year olds in their nightly craft.  But unlike last year, Shae is not helping me (she is still living far away...haven't been able to woo her and Joby back yet), but Mom is helping me. 

Cheese!  Can you tell what the craft for tonight was?  (it was the hat)

We were supposed to decorate the door to our classroom by Sunday, but since Mom was in Hawaii it got pushed back until today.  And when I say today, I mean 4:00 today when we are supposed to be back and have had dinner by 6:00 today.  This morning I took Luke to the aquatic center with some of our friends, so we were a bit preoccupied.  Here's our door:

Not bad for throwing it together in 45 minutes, right?   Well, before you give me too many pats on the back, here's what was directly across the hall.

Oh well.  The kids won't care. 

While I was getting my craft on, my baby was getting his crafty VBS on too.  My dear Sara took him into the auditorium with all the big kids and sang the songs with him.

Then she took him back to a room to make his very own hat.

He wasn't too sure about it.

What he really wanted to do was this.

But then later he made a new BFF.  Brandie walked in with her phone and he saddled up next to her faster than bees on a melting ice cream cone, flashed her his pearly whites, and settled in for a nice round of iphone games galore. 

Then, about the time I was ready to get him in bed, I look over and what is he doing?  Running a marathon of circles around the couch.  Not kidding.  He had his own high speed track going.  I'm just hoping that he wore himself out enough to sleep past 6:45.  It's a little problem we've been having lately.  I also clothes pinned a blanket to his curtains in hopes of tricking him into sleeping longer.  Fingers crossed.