Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little of this and that

Hi.  I know.  It's been awhile.  But for a reason.  I've been doing a social media fast for a friend (since I can't do food due to nursing) for the last week, and I'm thinking that I may let it continue for a little while longer.  While I realize that blogging isn't social media per say, let's face it.

It's a gate way drug. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update real quick on my babies.  Mostly because Evan started giving me kisses last night on command and I cried this morning when I told Joby, the sweetness just overcame me.  Plus he made a big deal about how it is the best feeling and I was so glad that someone else got it. 

And Luke is my funny bunny as ever.  In conversation over the weekend he finally told me "get out of town!" when hearing some outrageous news.  And last night when I threatened to take Puppy and Blankets away for bedtime if he didn't mind me he said "YOU TAKE THEM AWAY.  I don't want them.  Go.  Put them in your room." and when I tried to warn him about the meaning of his words and to think about it, how sad he was going to be, he just insisted.  So when I followed through he broke down, and I had to spend the next hour of my night listening to him sob into his pillow about Puppy and Blankets.  Broke my heart.  But that's how they learn, right?  RIGHT?

We went to Dakota's birthday party on Saturday.  There were balloons.  Shae told me later that she didn't even realize what she had done until later and that I handled it well.  Sunday night when we went over for small groups the balloons were still there.  I tried to hold it together like an adult, but when I glanced over and Luke was belly down ROLLING on top of one I jumped up screaming "GOOD GOD SOMEONE CONTROL MY CHILD!!!" and ran out of the room. I didn't mean to.  It just happened.  Instinct.  A minute later the balloon popped and Luke thought the whole thing was hysterical.  So much so that he ran after me with another balloon.  Isn't he too young to terrorize me yet?! 

I've tried my hand at grilling a couple of times this week.  This is the very first time I've worked the grill.  Try #1- hamburgers.  Oi did I burn them.  But try #2- pork chops.  Much better

Girlfriend got to wear a new dress to church on Sunday.  Can you believe that is a size 12 months!  Good grief she is getting big.  I also bought her a new little hat to wear this summer to keep the sun off her face. 

I'm not so sure how well it will work out.

Sorry about the randomness.  I think the hardest part has not been tweeting.  Every couple of hours a random thought will pop in my head that would be a great tweet, but alas. It goes to waste.  Okay, not really.  That's when I say a prayer. 

But I really did say "Go watch some tv or you won't get your cake!" the other night and I'm pretty sure people would have enjoyed that one.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Single mom

Linking up with Kelly's Korner for Single Mom's day today.  There are so many strong and beautiful women out there doing the hard job of not only working during the day and coming home to the second (but far more important) job of being a mom, but then doing the THIRD job of being the dad too.  It's not easy.  But oh so worth it.  I'm *trying* to learn to wrestle with my boy and not always be so cuddly with him.  While he thankfully has several strong male role models in his life, it's still me that he gets day in and day out.  I'm practicing now on telling Sister Friend how beautiful and special and perfect she is so maybe she will take it to heart. 

Anyway, that's my bit on that. 

Now, since I'm here anyway, I'll fill you in on the last couple of days.......

Wednesday night Ashley and I went to the Maverick's game!  It was the same seats that I had gotten for this game, except this time I had my sister with me.

We had the best time.  We laughed and cheered and totally made fun of this girl.

Who in their right mind wears a large tee shirt as an entire outfit?

We got one last picture on our way out of the AAC before headed home.  Mom and Dad had take Luke and Evan to bible class and then back to my house for quick baths and bed while I was gone.  When I got home all I had to do was fix Luke's lunch for the next day and all my domestic responsibilities were done.  Lovely evening. 

On our way home I was looking at these pictures and we got to talking about how we look nothing alike.  NOTHING.  Different noses, chins, eyes, eyebrows, skin tones, hair, smile, personalities.  Even our fingernails are totally different shapes.  I mean, she was wearing a Mav's jersey shirt and I had to stop myself from wearing heels.  I have always laughed at people who insist they can see a family resemblance. They are so full of it.  If I didn't have the picture proof that my mother was pregnant with both of us, I might not even believe myself.

Just kidding Mom. 

I always  believe everything you tell me.

Last night I just stayed home with my two babes.  Fed them, bathed them, loved on them.  And watched the Stars play.  Thank goodness they pulled it out in overtime. 

This weekend is looking to be a low key one.  After being gone this entire past weekend, I'm looking forward to just being at home.

Who wants to take bets on whether or not it stays that way?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, I officially survived my first solo Valentines day in 13 years.  And you know what?  It wasn't half bad.  Luke had a funny party at school...

(photos courtesy of Shae. She sent me a few updates throughout and a video of him doing the blindfolded "pin the lips on the face" game.  LOVE having a bestie that can watch over my kid when I can't!)

 My little date acquired (from his Nana and Papa) some flowers for me....

and I had a dinner date with some friends.  Albeit, we were at their house with children running galore, but there was love and laughter and sugar.  Totally my definition of a good date. 

(I didn't have a jar of food for her, so I caved and let her have some of our dinner- corn, black beans, and avocado.  She tore into the food by the fist fulls and eventually went all the way to thirds.  There's a reason the girl's a chubby bubby!)

It also helped that I was coming off a weekend where God was able to speak in to my heart.  This past weekend I packed up the kids, sent them off to Nana's for two days, and headed to the woods with my best girlies.  There was more love, laughter, and sugar, along with some quiet time here and there where my Redeemer whispered to me.  He reminded me that I am worth everything.  That despite the way my heart has been handled in the past that He is never failing and will always be enough.  Always.  I am His and He is mine.  And the best part is I know to my core (most days!) that it is true.  Those words are more than sweet nothings whispered in the moment.  They will be steadfast until the end of my days.

The back porch of the cabin.  This? Speaks peace into my soul.

Being away from my babies was hard though.  I missed them!  But they were in highly capable hands, and even got a few treats that are only Nana and Papa specials.  Like Chuck E. Cheese.  Blah.  I refuse to take my kids there, but that panged my momma's momma heart.  She asked if they could take them there, and I told her as long as she dealt with all future beggings to return and any sickness that might have transpired from the trip.  And Saturday night the pictures started rolling in.

Oh my.  The gut wrencher was when I got home and asked him about it.  Luke was so thrilled with the place that he literally jumped up and down while telling me how much fun it was.  Bless his heart.  That kind of honest reaction and I just might give in.


In a moment of weakness.

Don't judge me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treats galore

First off, I finally added the 8 month pictures to Evan's monthly update.

So last night I had to run to Sonic to get Luke's preschool teacher a gift card for her birthday party today.  I'd tried at lunch yesterday, but OF COURSE the network was down and I couldn't get any.  So last night between baths (girlie had gotten one, dude had not) we ran up to Sonic to try again.  I felt bad for just getting gift cards and not purchasing anything else so.....

we got a treat.  The anal type-A mom in me said "What are you doing woman?!  It is 8:45- not only have you broken the schedule, but are you crazy for letting your three year old have ice cream this late?"  But then another part of me realized that just because I'm the adult doesn't mean I have to be so rigid all the time.  I allowed us the freedom to get a random treat just because.  Because I've got a fabulous kid.  When I passed his ice cream back to him he said "Hey! It's not even Christmas!"  Okay.  Maybe I need to be a little more spontaneous sometimes.

This is also the kid who told me Sunday, as I was putting his clothes on to go to the Super Bowl party at the Sloan's, "I love you Mom.  You saved my life."

And then I died.
(I let him have M&M's one night last week- they do melt in your hands.  And on your mouth.)

But don't worry.  He's not all sunshine and roses though.  At the party he almost ran over his sister in a peddle car, so I banned him from driving it on the carpet and he got so mad at me he lost the privilege to play with it at all. Oi.  That did not go over well.

Also, later that night he was talking about best friends.  I asked him who his best friends were, he said Kota (Dakota). And Jadyn. And Zane.  He asked me who my best friend was, I told him that he was of course!  Then I asked again who his best friend was.  Alas.  Still not me.

Maybe I'll get lucky with this girl and she'll think I'm her best friend for a while.

(Can you see that little tear?  She was horrified that I set her down to make some dinner one night.  We made dinner together.)
Sunday after church we had lunch at Grandmother's house and I brought the sewing machine home with me. After I whipped up a little of this

I made a little this

for her to wear to the party.  I've got a couple of other projects floating around in my head, it's just a matter of making the mess to do it.

Ya'll know how I feel about mess. 

Speaking of mess, you should see my yard.  Lord. Have. Mercy.  Since it didn't get very cold in the least this year, the winter weeds have been abundant.  And here's the deal.  If I go out to check the mail at all, it's always after dark, so it's been WEEKS since I'd seen the front yard in day light.  I won't make that mistake again.  The weeds were calf high.  Thursday night I mowed and Friday night I cleaned out a portion of the flower bed.

That's right.  Those are only two bags of many more that will come.  I have never ever let my flower beds become over grown, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Two random pictures:
(Sunday during bible class. I finally let her wear the pearl bracelet she got for Christmas from my grandmother.  It didn't go well.  All she wanted to do was pull it off and eat it.)

(One of the 50 million reasons I love my friends: even their husbands are hands on with my kids.  Sorry it's blurry, I snuck this picture of Caleb with Evan.  She was perfectly content with him for forever!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So my Luke boy is getting highly creative in his thinking. And his reasoning. Once you get past the same questions over and over, as well as the questions confirming what you just said, he is SO FUN to talk to. Some of our resent conversations:

Luke: I want to wash me tonight. It's my job.
Me: Okay. That's fine. But make sure you lay down and get your hair wet......no....ALL the way down son. Get more than just the back of your head wet.
Luke: Don't worry mom, I'm just gonna wash my knees. That's all.

Me: What would you like to drink with your lunch?
L: Milk
Me: I'm sorry baby, they don't have milk at this restaurant.
L: I think I need some Sprite then.

L: Is my birthday coming up?
M: No. You still have a few months to wait. What kind of party do you think you will want for your birthday?
L: Pink
*all I could do was shake my head no. What kind of answer was that?!*
L: Then I think maybe blue.
Me: I can deal with that.

(Last Sunday morning I was procrastinating getting ready for church by read in bed on my iPad. Enter Luke.)
L: I have to do my work on the iBook now Mom.
Me: Your work?
L: yeah. It's okay. I just have to work on my train game.
(it's a rule that he doesn't play on my phone or iPad when we are at home. Dude is getting sneaky too!)

So those are just a few I can think of now. Some of his favorite phrases are "I think", "it's my job", and "maybe tomorrow". Didn't see the car he was talking about? Maybe you'll see it tomorrow. Not getting the treat you want because you don't eat all that you should? Maybe you'll get it tomorrow.

As we came home from church tonight, we were talking about Jesus. At one point he asked me if Jesus was going to come over. As in, to our house? I asked. Yes. When was Jesus going to come to our house. I didn't quite know how to answer that. How do you explain that He is always there without it sounding creepy? I did remind him that Jesus lives in our hearts. Then I asked him if he knew where his heart was. He said it was in his tummy. I said close enough.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eight Months

Evan, yesterday you were 8 months old.  My sweet, precious, perfect baby, where is the time going?

This past month has been a rough one, but you have shown your true colors- that you have a God-given sweet spirit and it takes a lot to get you down. Your health took a serious hit. For weeks you had raspy wheezy breathing, a nasty cough, and fever off and on.  You also got your first ear infection.  Through everything though, you maintained a good attitude.  What a blessing you are.
As if feeling bad from being sick (and consequently not sleeping!) wasn't bad enough, you finally got your first tooth!  It's the bottom front right one and over the last week I've watched it get bigger and bigger.  It's finally broken through enough that you can see it when you giggle.  While I'm thrilled that you've come to this big milestone, I'm sure going to miss the gummy smile that will dissapear all too soon.

Let's see...what else... I know from all the doctor appointments lately that you are right at 20 lbs, although I don't know your length.  I guess I could do that myself, but, eh.  You wear size 9 or 12 month clothes, and are still in size 3 diapers.  You still nurse/take a bottle about 5 times a day, but now we've totally incorporated a whole jar of food at night.  I know that you would LOVE to have more solids, but until this whole poop things stabilizes I really can't give you more.  That's not to say I don't sneak you bits of my food when I can.  I think if you could skip baby food and go straight to table food you would.  The thrill on your face when presented with cheerios or bits of bread or soft veggies is unmistakable.  Last weekend Nana made steamed green beans for dinner and I let you gnaw on a whole one.  It was pure love. 

You still love bath time (you've taken to crying when it's time to get out), love your brother (you giggle just looking at him), love to bang whatever is in your hands.  What you don't love?  Hugging or cuddling for too long (I'm afraid this is one of my less desirable qualities you've inherited).  All I want to do is hug and squeeze the stuffing out of you, but after about two seconds you are fussing at me to get off.  Ya just want to look around, see what's going on. You also have no desire to get moving.  I've tried to prop you up on hands and knees so you'll be in position to crawl, but it's always met with squalls of protest.

And this lookey lou behavior is also causing a problem when you nurse.  Trying to nurse while anything is going on has become quite an issue.  I'm afraid this might mean you wean earlier than I'm ready, I'm not ready to give it up yet.  Trying to keep you under a cover out in public has become a laugh too.  You will wave a little arm round out from underneath it, and eventually pull it off your face while still nursing.  Heaven forbid you miss anything that's going on. 

Oh baby girl, I love you so.  It tears me up that I can't be at home with you and your brother, I'm so afraid that missing this time in your life will be one of my biggest regrets.  But since your dad left, I've had no choice to cart you off every day.  Thankfully all of your babysitters love you *almost* as much as I do.  I'd have to say that Mr. Roger is probably your very favorite.  I've got it on good authority that anytime he walks by you and doesn't pick you up, you cry.  It tickles Ms. Cindy every time. 

Anyway, thank you baby girl for being my sweet Evan.  I hope that you will always know how precious you are to me, that you are worth everything in the world!