Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Luke's room revealed

I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of Luke's new room. Yes, this was started at the beginning of the summer. Yes, I finally painted the furniture and got it situated 2 weeks ago. It takes me a bit longer to get things photographed than it used to. I love how it turned out though! The car tracks that are on his wall was a Christmas present that I kept putting off. I knew at some point the kids would be switching rooms (not because I was pregnant, that was before the surprise) and my bargaining chip for giving up the bigger room was being able to put the car tracks up.
Well, the move came and went and the bad momma I am still hadn't put it up. BUT, while he was gone I finally got around to it, and the look on his face was priceless. He loves it. Loves the posters I found to go above it (they don't fit with the cowboy theme, but Mustangs and Camaros are two of his favorite cars. I couldn't resist.) He loves the blue furniture. He's been asking for something to be painted blue ever since I painted my walls navy last year.  So it was out with the green dresser and bookshelf....
and in with the navy for my boy.



And because I was having fun taking panoramic pictures, I took one of the girls' room too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

32 weeks and the excitement level

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Size of a squash- length is about 16.5 inches and 3.5 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yesterday at my appointment I was 131- only 1 lb in the last two weeks! I think that's the slowest I've gained yet.
Maternity Clothes: I dare you to find regular clothes that will fit over that belly that AREN'T a size XL.
Gender: Elyse Ann is on her way! (see, it's questions like these last two that make me glad I'm only doing this every other week, as opposed to every week.)
Movement: Still busy as ever. Moving mountains busy. I feel like she's long and low because it's almost like I've got toes in my ribs and a batter-ram on the other end all at the same time. It's......pleasant. And there are still 8. weeks. left.
Sleep: Still not great. I've developed a pattern of being up for at least an hour about 4 hours after I go to bed.
What I miss: Feeling skinny.
Cravings: Not really any.

Symptoms: So itchy. My poor skin and ab muscles are taking a beating- tight and itchy and generally uncomfortable. And again, there are still 8. weeks. left. Also, some may say that my patience level is waning. But those people probably aren't saying it to my face.
Best Moment this week: Passing the 3 hour glucose test! I found out at my appointment two weeks ago that I barely missed the mark on the one hour test. That meant I had to come back for the 3 hour one. While there are much worse things in the world than sitting for that test, there were also about a thousand other things I would have rather done. Thankfully I passed it with flying colors, and after speaking with my dr yesterday, she said it was highly unlikely that anything would develop in the short time I've got left. Probably one of the few times 8 weeks will be considered a "short" amount of time. Just ask a teacher. Or a kid waiting for Christmas.
You know, people keep asking me if I'm getting excited. If I'm ready. Of course I'm excited! Of course I'm ready! I can't wait to meet this little girl. See if I finally get my dark haired baby. My green eyed girl. To love on her and hold her and breath her in. But.....I'm also glad I know she isn't coming tomorrow. It's not that I don't want to do the work of parenting three kids by myself, I just know what it's going to mean not only for me, but for the two I've already got. And I'm okay with waiting until the time is right to dive into that. I'm enjoying these last few weeks with the family dynamic we've got going. Cause believe me. "Dynamic" is certainly a word you could use to describe my current children. This one?

She decided on Saturday she wanted to wear panties. Well I don't have any panties for her yet. So I plopped her on the potty (where she did go) and put on a pair of Luke's tidy whities on her little bottom, making a big deal out of DO. NOT. PEE PEE.
She lasted 30 minutes.
And her brother. Lord have mercy. In the last week he's told me that he MIGHT learn to read this year, if he feels like it, that he wanted me to drive home fast after work so he could love on me, and in his prayers has prayed for God to touch our hearts so we could make good choices and be kind.
Did you die yet? <3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quiet on the home front

If you are curious to know why things have been quiet round these here parts (and I know you are on the edge of your seat), it's because things have been quiet at home the last week. Two weekends ago, the weekend I wrote my 30 week post, I had the kids and a quiet normal weekend. Evan decided she needed "a" sticker. Yikes. And don't you love her "cheeeeeeese" face?
Saturday morning I was greeted bright and early. Luke came in and said "I think it's morning because the sun is up so we can get out of bed now." I tried to tell him it didn't work that way, that just because the sun was up did not mean I was getting out of bed. Well they fixed that problem.

If Momma won't get out of bed, just join her in it. All three of my babies made themselves right at home.

Sunday before church:

 Evan decided she'd rather wear one of my necklaces and that the sunglasses were still a must. I couldn't get Luke to stop being silly.

Sunday afternoon I let Luke paint a wooden train all. by. himself.

The sticker placement makes my OCD veer way into the twitchy side, but he loves it, is so proud of it, and has displayed his train on his dresser. What did Sister do while Bubba painted?
Played Apple Baby.  I don't know.  I don't ask.
Monday morning is where the quiet hit. Luke has begged to go to Grandy's for months now, and we haven't been since Christmas. Mom started school yesterday, so last week was the last week they had the chance to go out there. Ashley didn't work Monday through Thursday, so they took both kids out west for a little cousin camp. I was bummed that I couldn't go, but I have to save all my PTO for maternity leave. Boo. They had a great time! My cousins brought their kids in too, so Grandy had a house full of great grand kids. They had the best week of playing and swimming. My aunt's friend has a pool with a diving board AND a water slide, and she was kind enough to let the family borrow it. I got some great videos over texts of my babies running and jumping off the diving board and flying down the slide.
Yes. Both of my babies.
I didn't have time to get too lonely though. I finally got around to painting Luke's furniture (pictures coming soon) and finishing up his room. That took two of the nights, I had a dr appointment one of the nights, and Dad (who also got left behind) took me to dinner one night. Thursday I flew home from work to see those sweet faces. Luke wanted to go for a bike ride, so I tossed his bike and the stroller in the back of my car and we zipped over to the park.
All was good in my world. I MISSED them!
Friday night was small groups at the Wyatt's house. Luke found a monster costume in one of the bins and managed to get the whole thing on by himself.

Y'all. I die.

 After he took it off, little Miss Copy Cat needed to try it on too. Then I died again.

The rest of the weekend was a quiet one again. Just glad to have my children home for a few days. The only thing we really did was go out to Jacob's mom and stepdad's house Saturday night for swimming and a cookout. Cindy is taking BOTH of her kids to college this week, so I've had to cobble together child care for the days she normally has them. Their grandmother took Tuesday, and to save herself the trip of coming to get them Monday and Tuesday, she had them spend the night last night. :( I was sad to see them go again, but I did get a hair cut and a pedicure and a grocery store run in, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

 Flowers Luke picked for me at the pool a couple of weekends ago.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: I've seen head of cabbage and cucumber- but regardless of the veggie, the length is about 16 inches and 3 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Two Thursdays ago I took my glucose test and weighed myself before I left- it was 128. I'm guessing my dr appointment on Tuesday will show 129.
Maternity Clothes: Yes. You've seen me, right?
Gender: Elyse Ann is on her way! (see, it's questions like these last two that make me glad I'm only doing this every other week, as opposed to every week.)
Movement: Girlfriend is so busy. Both kids have been able to feel her at this point. Luke now asks frequently when I'm around if she's moving or if she's sleeping. He's really enjoyed watching her little body glide under my skin and feeling her bump. And just two nights ago I was rocking Evan, with her pressed up against me belly to belly (can I just tell you how comfortable that was? Ug. I couldn't breath.) Elyse didn't appreciate Sissy pressed up against her like that and was pushing back. Evan sat up and giggling, patted her tummy and said "I feel it!". I died.
Sleep: Not great. My hips still hurt, the bathroom trips are frequent, and the sneezing got so bad I finally had to try allergy meds again. It helps some, but not a ton.
What I miss: Being comfortable in my own skin.
Cravings: Not really any.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks have stayed at one or two a day. The stretching under my belly comes and goes. And I'm tired. So tired. Some of it is related to the lack of good sleep, but I also keep reading that its very common to get tired again in the third trimester.
Best Moment this week Probably the stories I mentioned in the movement section on the kids feeling her. They are both so excited for their sister to get here!
And now here is a fun comparison... the weeks are 31,31, and 30. I feel like there was major differences in the beginning, but at this point I seem to have caught up and my belly looks similar!
Luke at 31 weeks (no link, I didn't blog then)
 Evan at 31 weeks

Elyse at 30 weeks

Monday, August 5, 2013


This weekend was another good one. Friday night the kids and I just hung out at home- I cleaned, they played. I'd had a rough day emotionally, and I was thankful for some down time with my little people. Saturday I let Luke choose the activities. We could either go to the regular pool in the morning and be home the rest of the afternoon, or be home in the morning and go to the water park after nap (it doesn't open till 1). He chose the water park (actually he wanted to do both, but I told him that wasn't an option!), so we hung out at the house and.....get this.....STAYED COOL.

Y'all.  I got my ac/heater replaced last Monday, and it's the first time we haven't sweated out the heat of the day. The ac/heater was original to the house (yeah, like 40 years old) and just couldn't keep up with our Texas summers of 100+ temps. It would run all day, never get below 83, and be pretty humid. But this Saturday? It was the first Saturday in the 6 years I've lived there that clothing might actually be an option. We didn't take the option, but it was nice to know it was there.

So what did I do on my first cool indoor Saturday?

Worked in the garage.

I know. Pitiful. But I had to start digging out Evan's baby clothes to take inventory. I THINK with some leggings and cardi's, I can make a good 3/4 of my summer baby clothes work for my new winter baby. Maybe? I'll let you know how that goes in 6 months. I washed two full loads of 0-3 months clothes, so surely something's gonna work. Just nod yes.

After our water park excursion, the kids and I went to the grocery store, then called in Fuzzy's to go because low and behold, the grocery store was out of rotisserie chicken. (come one people. It was 6 on Saturday. You didn't think I'd actually be cooking at this point, did you?).

Sunday as I was putting my makeup on, I turned around to a little someone playing dress up in my clothes. It has begun!

Sunday morning was church as usual, then home for lunch (Mom was sick) and nap time. After nap time I took the kids to the pool where we spent the remainder of the afternoon. Dinner time came and I still didn't feel like cooking, so we had the BEST. NIGHT. EVER. in the words of my children: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, real (!) chips, baby carrots, and homemade chocolate cupcakes all in a tent while we watched Emperors New Groove. The pool was a hit. The food was a hit. The movie was a hit. Basically I won Best Mom In the World award last night.

One thing I do wish I was better at was recording some of the funny things the kids are saying these days. Yesterday morning before church Luke was playing with a Lego airplane he'd built. I'm getting dressed and he tells me "Mom, I crashed my plane." So of course I play along. "Oh no! Were there any survivors?" He just looks at my like I'm crazy and says "Um, no. It's just a model plane." Oh. Well. My bad, son. And then after nap we were all lounging on my bed (I'd taken one too), when I heard a toot. Silly me assumed it was Luke and called him out on it. That's when my precious, darling, sweet daughter pipes up with "No Mommy! It was me! I toot! 'Scuse me!" Oi.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but I forgot to write about it. Evan did really good in her bed when she first got it, but after about a month I'd have to go in there two or three times to put her back to bed. She'd turn on her little bed lamp and read books, play with her babies, change her jammies, basically do whatever she wanted. She'd always end up back in bed asleep, but I never knew what toys would be out when I went to check on her. See the proof? I always put my kids to bed with picked up floors- not baby items and stuffed animals everywhere. We've gone over the list of things not to do so many time now that as she climbs into bed she chants "No babies. No books. No wight. No ca-set. (closet) No cwothes off." It seems to help- I don't find toys mysteriously out anymore, but I do find her asleep at the end of her bed instead of on her pillow. My silly girl.