Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weather change

The weather the past three or four days has been cold and dreary.  Misty clouds, drizzly rain, and temps no higher 50.  Today that turned around.  The sun was shining and it got up to 79.  Whoo hoo!  I tried to take advantage of that this afternoon and pull the dead flowers from the front flower bed, but then I remembered I didn't take my allergy medicine last night and decided it was probably not a good idea to do yard work.  Plus I'm 7 months pregnant and bending over is a pain.

What have we been doing these last few days?  A whole lotta nuthin.  Monday I did my house cleaning, Tuesday I wrapped it up, and by Tuesday evening my poor tired body was revolting against me so I decided to lay low the rest of the week.  We've watched quite a bit of tv.  I've napped.  Luke has surprised me with even more new words.  We can now officially add "blanket" "tunnel" and "Thomas" to his repitoire.  Outside/inside and juice are becoming more and more clear, as well as words in phrases.  They are becoming easier to understand as opposed to just a slur of sounds with him looking at you like "please respond to what I just told you." 

And now I need to get a stinky boy in the bath and into bed early.  I'm 95% sure he didn't sleep at nap time today, and boy can you tell from his demeanor.  Child is getting his feelings hurt/whining/fussing at every turn.

Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Weeks

Of the several that we take at one time, this one is probably the worst of me, being fuzzy and all, but I thought Luke peeking out was so funny.

How Far Along: 30 weeks- I almost feel like I'm in the home stretch!  I think 32 weeks will be the true home stretch for me, but I'm so close!  70 days left!

Size of baby: a cabbage.  Haven't we been here before?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still didn't weigh myself this week, but next Monday I have a doctor's appointment, so I'll have it then.  Yikes.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: All the time.  I think she's shifted too.  Hopefully what I'm feeling running up under my right rib is a little foot, which would mean that she's head down.  While she hasn't actually kicked my rib, she defininatly likes to tap dance against it.  And all day today she's had (what I'm guessing) and elbow out to the left of my belly button.  I tell you, there are body parts everywhere.

Sleep: Better.  Sleeping through the night and only getting up once, usually about 5 AM, to potty.

What I miss: Wearing whatever I want.

Cravings: ooh, still chocolate.  And cake.  And icing.

Symptoms: Oh, the aches and pains this week have gotten bad.  Part of that is due to not enough water, part of that is due to me trying to do to much.  I really need to slow down.  This is why I wanted to get the nursery done so early!  My patience hasn't been the best either.  When you are slow, awkward, and uncomfortable, everything makes you grumpy.  Fast.

Best Moment this week: Oh, I don't know.  Maybe Luke asking me if I had a penis today?  Seriously.  That happened.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mr. Personality

Oh, lord have mercy.  The more Luke's language develops, the more his little personality is shining through.  He loves to type on my laptop, but between my phone and the desktop being in the living room now, it's not out very often (mainly just when I'm blogging and uploading pictures from my camera!) so I found him making do with something else.

The waffle iron.  And how do you like that camera phone photo?  It's going to take some getting used to on holding it steady enough to get a clear picture.  My Canon is so much more forgiving! 

Then we hit a snag in our morning.  Luke had is typical morning dirty diaper, and I went to go change it as usual.  He was out of diapers in the drawer where I keep them, but no big deal, I thought there was a whole other pack in the closet from this giant box I bought a few weeks ago.  WRONG.  Dirty diaper+no more=bad news.  Luckily I still had my emergency spare in the car, so I stuck that on him, got us dressed, and headed to Sam's.  I still have Mom's Sam's card, so I was able to pick up another gigantic pack that will hopefully last us a month or so.  Plus a cherry coke.  I mean, a large fountain cherry coke for 87 cents?  Yes please. 

That afternoon I took Luke over to a birthday party for his friend Jadyn.  And true to his personal form, he refused to play the games like everyone else, he chose to run around the backyard pushing a toy lawnmower.  Eh.  Whatever.  Afterwards we met up with Mom and Ashley to do a little bit of shopping.  Old Navy was having a sale where all of their sweaters were 99 cents.  HELLO!  Obviously what I look like now is not what I will look like this winter, so I just grabbed three and bought them.  If they fit- fantastic!  If they don't- no biggie.  It was a buck.

Then we went over to Carter's where there was a huge 50% off the whole store sale.  We totally scored for both kids.  Wahoo!  If you notice in all of this, there was no time for a nap.  Not a fantastic situation.  He did decent, but was definitely a bit more touchy than normal.  He was in bed by 7:30 and didn't get up till 8 this morning. 

Today church was good.  Weather was awful.  Yesterday it was sunny and mid 80's.  Today it was cloudy and misty and only a high of 50.  Blec.  At breakfast he was very particular about which cup he wanted.  First the blue.  Then the green.  Then the red.  Finally he decided on this old fish one we haven't used in months.  Later we came home from lunch and napped, then I made a cobbler for life group tonight.  At life group that boy was very particular about his dinner.  I fixed him a plate of food and set him at the table with the other 8 kids.  (yes, there are a lot of kids)  I didn't put any chips on his plate, for good reason, and while I was about 15 feet away chatting with my friends I hear "Mom I wan chips!  Mom!  Chips!  I wan chips!"  Oh brother.  Later when we were all eating dessert (and I thought he was off playing) I felt a little tap and heard "Momma, I wanna cake!"  Lovely.  He got his chips, and he got his cake, and I still get tickled every time I hear him actually say words. 

(just keepin it real)

Something I also get tickled about is hearing him sing.  He's limited on his song selection at this point, but I still love it.  After his bath tonight I decided to bust out the camera and get some of it on video (which I'll attach at the end).

How cute is this kid?!

Friday, March 25, 2011


You know when you have plans, and you think the day leading up to those plans is going to go one way, but it seems like everything in the universe is trying to stop you from going?  That's how yesterday was.  I had plans to go to a worship night at my friend's house last night, and the whole day was so trying that I just wanted to give up and stay home.  But something told me that was the opposite of what I needed to do.  And sure enough, the Spirit was right.  I'm so glad I butched  up and went (even with my bad attitude at first).  It was such a breath of fresh air.  Totally calmed my spirit and soothed all my chapped bits.  I know personally I'm really bad about getting into this rut in my day to day life where God just hears the brunt of all I have to complain about, and then the object of my frustration when all those things that I complain about don't get fixed.  Having a place to go where I could just sit and be still with Him was something I've been lacking.  There is a gigantic difference between sitting in front of the tv mindlessly trying to "relax" and have a peaceful time, and sitting in front of the Lord just dwelling on him.  Seriously as relaxed as I would have by getting a massage, and not one finger was laid on me.  ;) 

Yesterday morning I took the boys to Target for Luke's Easter bunny surprises and a birthday present for a party we are going to on Saturday.  Usually Luke is running up and down the isles, so I didn't think it would be a problem to sneak a few things into the cart for his Easter basket.  Wouldn't you know that it was the day, of all day's, that he was stuck to me like glue.  I even tried to physically push him away, to go look at something else on the isle, and he wouldn't budge.  Stinker.  Besides my worship night, one other good thing did happen maternity pictures came in!  I was shocked that the turn around was so fast!  I ordered some for Evan's room:

(this frame was the first thing I ever bought for her.  I messed up and ordered a 5x7 for it instead of a 4x6, so I couldn't fit the top corner in the scroll-y thing to hold it in, just stuck a bit of tape in there.  Oh well, eventually it will get replaced with a picture of both together and be in my room!)

(not it's permanent frame.  I'll get a black one to match the room, I just wanted to make sure I liked the layout first, as opposed to framing each individually)

One for Luke's room:

And a family photo for the living room.  I didn't take a picture of that one though.

Today was just another home day.  Watched my some of my Thursday night shows.  Did a little laundry.  Chatted with Lindsay through instant messaging on my fancy new phone.  I am loving it!  Eventually I'll figure out how to upload the pictures I take on it to this here spot, and *lucky you* will just have another source of photos of my dear boy (and girl- when she gets here!).  Tonight Luke and I went over to my grandmother's for dinner.  That's it.  That was our day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a day!

My good day started off early.  No biggie.  We watched some tv, played with magnetic letters (grouping, sorting, identifying), and we ate some breakfast.  Then we went out back.  The weather was perfect!  Not sure of exact temps, but only a slight breeze, warm air that wasn't hot enough to make you sweat, and not a cloud in the sky.  I sat on the work out bench and tried to get some sun on my legs.  Hey, if I can have a decent little tan going by the time Evan gets here, I think I'll be in good shape for the summer.  :) 

Then it was time for lunch, where Luke and I had some delicious chicken salad.  Last night when Cody was talking to his dad on the phone, I heard him say "No, Lindsey already cooked dinner for us, and I hate chicken salad."  Well, my ears perked up because I LOVE chicken salad!  I hissed that even if he didn't want any, I did, so my mother in law sent a tub over with my FIL last night when he came to fix the car.  I'm so very glad I piped up!  Not only was it a welcome change to my usual sandwich, it was super yummy with grapes and apples and pecans and almond slivers and some kind of shredded cheese.  And hallelujiah there is still more for tomorrow! 

Tonight after Mom and Dad were off of work, they took me and Luke down to the phone store to see about getting me added to their family plan.  By adding a line for me to their plan ($10), I was able to get a data plan ($25) and pitch in on their unlimited texting ($5) and the total is still slightly under what I was paying for my plan of just cell minutes!  This meant I could finally join the world of smart phones without paying extra!  I feel so in tune with the world.  The only down side was I was forced to get a new number, due to the fact that my old number was under the West Texas district and my parent's account was under the Dallas district.  For federal and tax reasons the two can't overlap on one account.  *sniff sniff*  I blamed the tears I shed in the store over my old number on pregnancy.  And I only got Luke to bed an hour late tonight due to messing around with my new phone.  My new iphone. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chips anyone?

I've got the munchies.  Again.  I think I'm starting to see why I've packed on the pounds.  But what's a girl to do?   I'm sure I could be making better choices with what I eat when I get the munchies, like, oh, an apple instead of chips, but hey- the chips are baked Lays.  Not greasy things.

So it's a good thing I ended up going to the store yesterday morning.  I really didn't want to.  The weather, while temperature-wise is okay, has been cloudy and gloomy and HIGHLY windy.  Just not very inviting to get out and run around.  But then I realized that I had to get dressed anyway for Luke's speech therapist to come over, so I figured we might as well get out if we were going to the effort to put on clothes.  We went to Kohl's where I got brother and sister (not matching) each a pair of jammies for $7 total!  My receipt said I saved a total of $36.  Um, who spends $40 on two pairs of jammies?!  It's a good thing I found these on such a good sale.  I've had to switch out all of Luke's winter jammies because it's way to warm for them now, and he was down to about 3 things.  Yeah, I'm not doing laundry that often.  And every pair of jammies that Evan gets is one less pair of brother's that she'll have to wear!  Yes, I've unpacked all the jammies from Luke's tubs that are little bitty size and put them in her drawer.  She'll never know and my wallet will stay happy.  Win win!

So anyway, back to why it's good we got out.  This morning I was laying in bed waiting for Kayden to come, listening to Cody get in his truck to head off to work.  Then I listened to him try and start his car over. and over. and over.  With each try I would just pray that it would turn over, but alas.  It didn't.  Then I waited for him to come back inside, tell me he was taking my car, and head off again.  And he did.  He told me.  He was gone.  Awesome.  Not that I had anywhere to go today, but just frustrated that we just had his truck worked on and now it wasn't working again.   So I just kept myself busy today.  I could sit here and list the bajillion things I did  today, but then I'd just be bragging.  HA!  Let's just say by 2:30 this afternoon I was bored because I'd done all the chores that there were to do and was hunting for something to keep me occupied for the rest of the day.  Luke was up soon after that, so we played in his room for awhile, watched t.v. for awhile, and was glad when Daddy finally came home.  I made this ginger shrimp noodle recipe I found in Good Housekeeping and holy  moly it was delish.   Tasted just like stir fry you'd order somewhere.  And it wasn't hard to make at all!  Totally will be making that again. 

After dinner my father in law came over to look at the truck.  After a little bit of tinkering (and letting a little boy honk honk honk the horn!) they got it to start several times.  Whoo hoo!  Fingers crossed that it starts up again in the morning!  And now I think I need to go lay down on my left side.  There is a little girl who seems to be head butting me in a southern region, and I really need for her to move!

Monday, March 21, 2011

29 Weeks

(I actually just set the camera to auto this time instead of taking forever to figure out a good manual setting like I've done in the past.  It used the flash, and HELLO! can you tell a difference!  My belly skin is almost transparent and the dry erase marker seems to be glowing!)

How Far Along: 29 weeks

Size of baby: The weight of a butternut squash- about 2 1/2 pounds and a tad over 15 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I didn't go over to Mom's this week to check, so really I don't know.  Probably up another pound or so from last week, making me up a total of 22ish lbs?

Maternity Clothes: Generally yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: All the time.  And it amazes me how quick it is too, almost like a bunch of pop corn popping under my skin.  What in the world could she be doing that would make it look/feel like that?  I hope she's not having baby seizures in there or anything.

Sleep: Not good. My hips hurt throughout the night and I get up at least twice to go to the bathroom.  And now it's hot.  Last night I had to sleep with the ceiling fan on (and the a/c's been on for weeks).

What I miss: Trying not to focus on what I miss, but on how short this time is and trying to treasure it while I've got it.  Pretty certain this is my last baby, and I don't wanna wish it away!

Cravings: ooh, still chocolate. 

Symptoms: This week I got hot.  I didn't get hot with Luke, so that was new to me.  And hence the reason I now have to sleep with the ceiling fan on.

Best Moment this week: Being told by Luke's speech therapist that if he keeps progressing like he is, and they don't test him for the school district's program for a couple of more months, he might not qualify!  Praise Jesus!  One of his new words this week is "phone" but he has trouble with the /f/ sound, so it comes out like "pone".  As in, "Where Momma's pone?  Wuka talk a pone?"  He love love loves talking on the phone!  He's also counting to 10 a lot better than he was, although if the group he is counting has more than about 4 things in it he has trouble with his one to one correspondence.  That's what we are working on now.  But he finally will say three ("pea") and four ("pour") and five ("pive").  It's totally age appropriate for him to say /p/ instead of /f/, so I'm not really worried at all.  It's so much better than "dis"!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lazy=not so still

Yesterday in an effort to prevent any more bloodshed or near vehicle induced injuries to my baby boy, I switched on the cartoons and we spent the morning on the couch.  It worked up through lunch time and nap time.  After nap time though?  Boy was itching to move his feet.  Combine that with his obsession of riding in the car, and I was about to tear my ears off if I heard "Wuka get chu's and stocks?  Go in Momma's car?  Car-age does go up?"  one more time.  Translated that is "Luke get shoes and socks?  Go in Momma's car?  Garage door go up?"  Dude.  Wanted.  To.  Go. 

Well, it just so happened that it was still happy hour time at Sonic, it was a beautiful day, and I was fresh from the shower.  So I told him to go get some shorts and shoes (he still had on his jammies top and the socks he insisted on wearing to bed the night before), and we would go.  He literally cheered.  I threw on one of Cody's undershirts and a pair of athletic shorts, and once I put on what he brought me, Luke looked like this.

Oh I laughed.  What a pair we made.  I didn't have any make up on, my hair was still dripping, and he looked like a mismatched hobo.  But we weren't getting out of the car, so I just piled us in and off we were.  Did I already mention it was a beautiful day?   Just lovely.  Driving with my cherry limeade, window down, wet hair, music going, summer is coming.  And just for a minute I felt like I was back in high school.  Same car, same boyfriend, same town, same streets, same neighborhood.  Even some of the same music.  Ha!  The only difference?  It's a decade later, and my back seat is filled with harnesses for little people who call me Mom.

We got back home and I did let Luke play out back for the rest of the afternoon.  And sure enough, he fell twice and skinned his knees, drawing more blood.  He definitely has the knees of a boy now.

Today was just as lazy.  We got up at 8.  I made muffins and the rest of the sausage links from dinner the other night.  We played cars.  We read books.  Then Mom and Dad came over to grab the boy and took him up to play on  this train that is in front of a dentist's office here in town.  Then they went over to play in some fountains, had some lunch, and brought him back in time for a nap. 

I think he had fun.  What did I do while they were gone?  Took a nap for an hour, then a hot shower.  Yep.  That's it.  But to be fair, they were gone for just under a couple of hours.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An up and down kinda day

This morning started off well enough.  Earlier than I wanted, but well enough.  Actually, I take that back.  I was a bit of a grump at first, but my sweet sweet boy gave me a random unsolicited kiss on the cheeck (something that happens only once every couple of months, not nearly enough for this momma, especially since he can't/hasn't said "I love you" yet!) and how can you be a grump after that?  We had breakfast, watched last night's America's Next Top Model (don't judge), and then got ready to meet Shae and Dakota (and Mikah!) at the park. 

Here's where we hit our first down.  We were supposed to be there at 10, but at five after I was still getting us together.  I was putting some apple juice/water in Luke's cup to take with us, but he wanted orange juice.  Normally I would let him have the o.j. but I didn't think it would be very quenching when you're sweaty on the playground, so I over ruled him as the mom, knowing in 5 minutes he would forget and just down whatever was in the cup.  Except he ran crying from the kitchen to throw a fit, and he bashed his head into the corner of the counter on his way out.  Oh the screaming.  At first I didn't see anything on his head, but I was looking in the wrong place.  I finally saw the inch and a half long trail of blood in his hair, and I didn't know what to do.  It was our first (of many, don't tell me) bloody gash and I blanked on what to do.  So I called Shae to tell her we'd be a few minutes late, and she told me to get a wet rag to hold on it.  Duh.  Hello.  I'm sure she rolled her eyes when I said "What should I do, should I wash his hair to get the blood out?"  Oh geez.  The wet rag did the trick, and it turns out there was only an eraser sized cut on the top of his head.  The bleeding finally stopped, but then I felt a little woozy (I don't handle blood well), so I laid down on the couch for a minute. 

Finally we made it to the park.  The day was looking up!  Although a tad windy, the day was beautiful.  The boys had fun.  Dakota tried to convince me to go to McDonalds for lunch.  I comprimised on Chick Fil A.  Okay, I more actually just won, but whatever.  He's 3.  We headed over and had a great time in our little booth. 

Then another down happened.  Shae and I were cleaning up the table, and I looked around for Luke to wipe his hands off.  I didn't see him, so I took a lap around the place to see if he'd snuck into the playground.  That's when I saw him.  Across the parking lot, at the car.  My heart stopped.  The place had gotten a little crowded, but who lets a 2 year old out the door unattended?  I sprinted (yes, 7 months pregnant belly and all) out the door and out too him.  I was so shaken up I didn't even know what to say to him to get him to understand how dangerous what he'd done was.  All I could keep saying (that I remember) was "You never ever ever leave without Momma.  You never go through the door without Mom.  You always stay with Mom."  We went back in for my wallet and drink, then it was home to nap.   I almost needed it more than he did at that point.

This afternoon I got my sewing on some more.  I finished that blanket for Evan-

not bad for a $1.50 at Target, right?  Of course it didn't turn out as simple as I thought it would, the ribbon was hard to keep straight, and the letters didn't pop as much as I wanted so I had to go back over them with a different color thread which made the fabric ripple.  But whatever.  No one's really going to see it up close.  I also made my first little skirt/onesie set.

Obviously I still need to sew around the flower applique, but you get the idea.  This is some fabric I'm not as crazy about as others, so I thought it would be a good trial combination in case it bombed.  Not having and measurements or deminsions to go off of was a little tricky.  Now I know that I need more fabric around the waist to create a better gather, and it probably needs to be longer.  But I'm gonna wait until Taylor birth's us a Vera and then go over and try it on her to see how much longer for the next one.  Maybe I should ask Taylor about that.......

While I did that Luke was playing outside.  Of course he fell on the concrete and skinned his knee pretty bad.  Why wouldn't he today?  I also tried him in undies again this afternoon, and after two accidents I deemed us done for a little while.  Maybe we'll try again next month.  He still hated to put on the underwear, refused to go in the potty, having both accidents right after I had asked him if he needed to go.  I don't want it to become a battle, and if he's not ready then I'm not going to fight it.  To much work to fight it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never dull with a boy

Monday morning I did the house cleaning, and then in the afternoon we went with Taylor to Hobby Lobby before going over to Mom and Dad's for dinner.

Yesterday morning we did the weekly shopping, then spent that afternoon at my grandmother's house since my aunt was in town.  For dinner I fixed praline waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream, fixed some scrambled eggs, sausage links, and bacon.  For lunch I had made chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.  I think my boys were in hog heaven with my food choices!  Before we left for the store though, I made Luke pick up all of toys he'd dragged out (between the time change and no Kayden in the mornings, Luke has been sleeping until 8:30 and then playing nicely by himself in the living room until 9 when I've been getting up.  What a rare treat!) and he just wasn't having it.  I told him we couldn't go in the car until the toys were picked up (something he begs to do all the time) and instead of hopping to, he hopped in.  In bed that is.

When I first walked in his room the covers were totally up over his head, but by the time I got back with my camera they had come down a bit.  He said he'd rather go night night than pick up his toys.  Well tough bud.  You have to pick up the toys regardless.

This morning was a bit earlier than the last two mornings.  I would just like to thank whatever neighbor decided to try out a symphony of chain saws right outside our house this morning at 7:45.  There's just no sleeping again after that.  No biggie though, I needed to get my sewing on....I'd actually gotten an Etsy order in this week.  Plus I'd found something to make at Target yesterday (picture to come later when it's completed).  While I sewed, Luke tried to lure me away with his cars, with his play doh, with his colors, with a clean diaper and wipes.  At one point I looked up from the sewing machine, and this is what I saw.

Dear lord.  Do you see all the things wrong with this photo?  Clean diaper on the floor.  Wet diaper on the floor.  Jammie top.....on the floor.  And then there's this:

(Same photo, just cropped)

The naked boy just grinning at me, so proud that he'd gotten everything off.  Yikes.  I just let him run around naked for a little while (asking every 5 minutes "do you need to pee pee in the potty?).  Then he brought me the clean diaper and said "I want on".  Okay, we put it on.  Then he took it off.  So I just put the stool in front of the potty and left the light in the bathroom, and sure enough, a few minutes later he went in to go.  Yay!  Afterward he wanted the diaper back on, and it stayed on.  What a little toot. 

After nap I was changing his diaper like always.  Spurred on by the events of this morning, I put real undies on him instead of a diaper.  He cried, screamed "no Mom!", and after I pulled them up we hugged and cuddled while he boo hooed into my neck for a few minutes.  I know.  Dramatic stuff.  But then in an effort to distract him, I asked him if he wanted a snack.  No.  I asked him if he wanted to put on shoes and socks.  He perked up a bit.  Chu's and stoxs?  he asked.  So I let him pick out some shoes (boooo chu's peas) and put them on him.  He went to the drawer and pulled out a tee shirt and some shorts.  I put them on him too.  Now he was ready to go outside.  And he did- for 2 hours.  Which meant he stayed dry- for 2 hours!  Of course I asked a million bajillon times if he wanted/needed to go potty.  No Mom.  Finally when it was time to change clothes for dinner I made him go potty (which he did) and then he asked to put a diaper back on.  Fine by me since we were headed out to Carino's!  Yeah right he was going out in undies in public.  We were meeting Shae and Joby for dinner since dinner at church was canceled for Spring Break.  We had a great time attempting conversation.  Our topics jumped around quite a bit, because there were two little boys that kept interrupting us and by the time we got back to talking we'd forgotten what it was about.  Dakota and Luke sure enjoyed each other though!   I don't think the other patrons were as thrilled as they were, but oh well.  They talked and shrieked and laughed and ate.  Luke spilled pink Italian soda all down his front.  Dakota ate pizza like he's never done before. Oh to be (almost) 3.

Monday, March 14, 2011

28 Weeks

Is it just me or is my belly SAGGING this week?!  Maybe it's the way my pants are fitting.

How Far Along: 28 weeks- Hello third trimester!

Size of baby: The weight of a Chinese cabbage- about 2 1/4 pounds. And she's about 14.8 inches long.\

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Okay.  Here's the moment of truth, revealing what I was too embarrassed to say last week.  The doctor confirmed on Friday that I'm up 21 lbs total- that's 7 pounds in one month.  *sigh*  Shame.

Maternity Clothes: Generally yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: Still all the time.  Lots.  Constant.  And she's very pokey.  There's always a body part hanging out somewhere.

Sleep: Not good.  My hips hurt throughout the night and I get up at least twice to go to the bathroom.

What I miss: Several things.  I don't wanna talk about it.

Cravings: Obviously due to my excessive weight gain I'm still craving the sweets, but I"m trying to get better about giving in.  Except for tonight.  Tonight we had dinner at Mom and Dad's to meet Ashley's new boyfriend, and Mom made her chocolate pie for dessert.  I caved and had two pieces.

Symptoms: Same ole same ole- still lots of stretching across my belly, and I can really tell that I've got more weight out front which seems to put a strain on the skin and muscles underneath my tummy. It burns sometimes.  I'm also hitting an exhaustion wall, where I'm back to being tired all the time.  That probably has more to do with the quality of sleep I'm getting though, rather than an actual pregnancy symptom (although the reason my sleep quality is so poor is definitely a pregnancy symptom!)

Best Moment this week: Just been trying to enjoy watching my girl glide across my skin when I'm resting, and I've also been focusing on Luke, trying not to take for granted any of our one on one time, seeing as it's coming to a close soon!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brag on my boy

Have I ever told you how polite my boy is?  He is developing such a sweet little spirit, and I sure do hope that he is always the gentleman that he is right now.  When we are getting in the car from errands, I usually unlock the car on the passenger side so I can open his door right away.  He, on the other hand, likes to run around to the driver's door and open it for me before he comes around and climbs in his seat.  I know that there is a good chance he's just stalling on having to get in his car seat or looking for one last chance to run and be free, but I choose to see my little man opening the door for his momma.

He almost always says thank you.  Even when he's the one that's done something.

If my beverage is out of arm's reach, he loves to carefully put it in my hands.  He likes to make sure my coffee or water or DP is always close by without me ever asking.

He's almost got "Yes ma'am" down.  (It comes out like "Yes mai-yem".  Southern accent already.)

When we are in a store he is very good about behaving, not running too far off, and coming back when I say.  I get compliments on him all the time.

When he's gotten in trouble he always wants to rock with me, just for a minute.  Okay, that's not a polite thing, but it sure does make me melt the same way as when he is being polite.

If we are out and someone gives him a piece of food (whether he asked for it or not), he generally always confirms with me that it's okay to take/have it.

I know that all of this may be just a phase, that one day he'll get ornery and rebel, but I sure do love this little man child I've got.  I'm sopping up every ounce of sweetness that I can, especially enjoying our one on one times before Evan gets here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maternity Pictures

First and foremost.....Taylor got my pictures edited! There is a post on her blog with a few of them, and then about 100 more in our family viewing session. (If I could figure out how to post a couple of them on here I would, but I'm not that good.) Out of all those bajillion photos I've spent the day narrowing it down to 21 that I love love love and now I will attempt to narrow it further to just the ones I'm gonna order.  All I wanted was one decent family picture with the belly to frame for the living room, and now she's gone and done such a fantastic job that I'm going to have a hard time choosing.  Once again, I am so blessed to have such talented friends to share life with.

So I think that's the end of my big news.  If you notice, most of the posts this week haven't really been about things we've done.  That's because I haven't done anything this week.  Tuesday morning Shae came over and visited for awhile.  Wednesday we (Luke and I) hung around the house.  Thursday morning I couldn't handle another day of couching it up, so I took him to the shops of Highland Village to run around the fountain, and we went in a couple of stores.  Friday was more of nothing.  Luke played outside.  He's really been into his tools lately, and after nap time he came out of his room wearing his hard hat and carrying his tool box.  Oh, it was the cutest thing ever, made me wish I had a camera around my neck at all time.  I did snatch it up quickly though, and managed to get a couple of pictures of him playing before he ran away.

 (the trash can was, among other things, one of the items he "fixed".  See the hammer wedged behind it?  Also, he insists on wearing that hat sideways.)
(obviously he was none to thrilled about being caught and forced to take  picture with me.  I also found out how hard it is to take a picture of yourself one handed with this big camera!)

Today Luke and I went shopping with Mom and Dad.  Dad let him play around (okay, more like half in) the fountain while Mom and I got his Easter outfit.  When we came out of the store, there they were sitting a bench around the fountain, surrounded by three bags of goodies from the Nestle cookie store.  My boy had a chocolate chip cookie in his hand (which I found out later was his second cookie, both eaten after part of a gigantic brownie), chocolate smeared on his face, and Dad was wrapping up whatever treat he'd gotten.  Mom and I just had to bust out laughing at the sight.  Then we went to the grocery store for dinner stuff, and back to their house for dinner.  Ashley ended up not working tonight, so she came over for dinner too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Special package arrived

I have been anxiously checking the mail over the last couple of days.  Why?  Because I finally got to order my necklace.  Last year right before Mother's Day I discovered the beautiful world of handstamped jewelry on Etsy.  The only problem was a mere week before Mother's Day, so it was too late to order something for the occasion.  Super bummer.  I told Cody to plan on one of those necklaces to be mine for Christmas, I'd let him know what it should say/look like.  Well, apparently there was a reason God didn't want me to have that necklace for last MD, and that reason was Evan.  When I found out I was pregnant, I'm not gonna lie....I was a little bummed that it would push back the time of when I could order something.  Obviously I was gonna have to wait until after the baby had been assigned a gender by the doctor and a name by us.  Which wasn't scheduled to happen until January.  Missed the gift giving time again.  Ahhhhh!  Ya'll know how I'm not very good at waiting when I know what I want. 

So what have I done about all of this in the last year?  Only what I do best- obsess.  I've obsessively looked at the hundreds and hundreds of Etsy sites trying to figure out exactly what I wanted.  Originally I was going to have just Luke's name, but then I decided on a necklace that would combine the phrase "for you I pray" with his name.  Then when Evan had a name, her name would be added to his.  AND THEN I fell in love with the song "you are my sunshine" in regards to my love for my children.  Which led to a necklace that would say "my sunshine" with their names.  So I spent hours and hours finding an Etsy seller that had fonts that I loved, something similar in stock that would be easy to modify (which would mean I'm more likely to get exactly what I want), and was priced just right.  And I finally found it! 

And it came today!  I was/am so friggen exited.  It is supposed to be my Mother's Day present this year, but I just couldn't wait any longer.  Couldn't.  Besides, Mother's Day is a mere 4 weeks before my due date, so I'm sure I'll have other things on my agenda at that point.  Right?!  ;)  I went ahead and got a green bead added to it just in case she's born in May.  If I hit June 1st and I'm still not in the hospital, I'll just pop that little sucker off with the tools I bought awhile ago when I made my own necklace, and the pearl will be for my two June bugs. 

In case you were wondering, I got my new lovely here.  And it's even become it's own listing!  How cool is that?!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I might be in trouble

Okay, I just realized something.  Everyone knows I hate cooking.  And everyone knows I'm having a girl.  But it just dawned on me that the two might not be a great combination.  Is this a bad  thing?  Am I going to perpetuate to the next generation a lifetime of blah cooking, brought on not because of an incapability, but because of just not having the desire?  More importantly, AM I GOING TO HAVE TO START ACTUALLY COOKING DINNER?

I've always jokingly thought to myself that Luke is gonna fall for his future wife one day because she will be a fabulous cook and he won't believe what he's been missing his whole life and in total awe of her mad kitchen skills.  But my girl?  I didn't even think about how my piss poor attempt at nightly dinners might not be the best.  Oh well, she'll have other awesome qualities that will make her the most fabulous girl all the guys are begging to go out with (when she's 30).  And maybe her lucky future husband will be a gourmet chef.

On a totally different note, Luke's new word for today was "book"  yesterday it was "plane"  and somewhere along the way he's picked up "cook", "shoes and socks", "turn on", "garage door", "pink", and "purple".

Monday, March 7, 2011

27 Weeks and a busy weekend

Whew lordy this weekend was busy.  Saturday Mom, Ashley, and I took off at 8 in the morning and went to Canton.  We shopped and shopped until our feet hurt.  Which was by 2:30.  But we managed to get some good damage done.  I bought Evan a couple of frames to match the nursery at the same shop that I bought stuff for Luke's nursery.  I was so excited to be able to get them both something from this place, and then as I was paying out I found the lady is going out of business.  Boo!  I also found some plain headbands that I'll be able to attach the flowers and things that I'm making on.  Ashley bought a piece of furniture and a shelf for her home, and Mom picked up a couple of things too, but I'm not sure if I can mention those.  After Canton we went over the the outlet shops in Allen, and got our shop on there.  Mom did some good shopping at the Carter's outlet, where her purchases included a big brother shirt for Luke and a matching little sister onesie for Evan.  Ha!  The picture will be so cute!  We went to a couple of other stores too, but the only thing I bought was from Gap Kids- leather flip flops for Luke (he's already worn them and they gave him a blister on both feet.  So sad!) and cherry blossom jammies for my girl.  I think this is the first pair of jammies I've bought for her!  We got home at 6ish, I picked up my boys, and we all had dinner at Mom and Dad's- gourmet hamburgers.  Mmmmmm mmmmmmm.  So good. 

Sunday was just as bad.  There was church, lunch with the family, then home for a quick nap, then maternity pictures with the fabulous Taylor!  I'm super super super excited to see how they all turned out.  It was so fun getting to take pictures with my good friend, it was so relaxed and comfortable and chit chatty.  More like we were just hanging out with a camera up sometimes.  We laughed so much, but mostly at the fact that I'm a terrible model.  Those pictures with the "half smile" are so hard, my muscles just didn't want to do it.  And the laughing ones?  I'd do this fake laugh for the picture, but felt so ridiculous we'd end up giggling for real anyway.  Anyway, it was a really good time, and I can't wait to post the link when she has them up!  After that there was small groups (where Luke said his first name other than a family members- Zane.  He didn't want to go up the stairs to play with Zane, so he was hollering his name up to try and lure him down), and by the time I got home the weekend was over. 

Whew.  That wasn't too painful to recount. 

(okay, I forgot that I hadn't taken a picture until just now, so sorry I'm a little harried.  I just cleaned our bathroom.)
(this is my 27 week picture with Luke.  My belly wasn't nearly as big.  I thought by now they might have evened out to be about the same, but I'm shocked at how much bigger I am this time around!)

*edit*  Yikes!   Same pants in both pictures!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: The weight of a head of cauliflower- about 2 pounds.  And she's about 14 1/2 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I weighed myself Saturday night at Mom's after dinner.  I was so shocked and mortified by the number that I can't even say it.  I have to wait until my dr's appointment on Friday to see what it says. 

Maternity Clothes: I think my last post confirmed that.  I actually can't believe I left that up as the last post for so long.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: Still moving allllll the time.  When I'm sitting (like I am now) she rolls up against my hip bone and pelvic bone.  Very odd.  Plus I'm sure she's started getting the hiccups.  I thought maybe last week, but it was hard to tell sometimes. 

Sleep: Well, Friday I came down with a massive allergy attack, and it's reeked havoc on my sinuses ever since.  Friday I couldn't dry out, and now I'm so dry I can't get enough water.  Like, a 100 oz of water a day and I still feel dehydrated.  Needless to say it's messed with my sleep in a major way.

What I miss: Being able to self medicate.

Cravings: Still the sugar.  But according to the scale, it's TOTALLY caught up with me, so I'm trying to exercise a little more self control.  Which I fail at.  Daily.

Symptoms: More of the same- still lots of stretching across my belly, and I can really tell that I've got more weight out front which seems to put a strain on the skin and muscles underneath my tummy. It burns sometimes.

Best Moment this week: The funniest thing happened at Canton.  Mom and I were talking to a vendor, and I unbuttoned my jacket.  She stopped what she was saying, looked at my belly, looked at me, and with wide eyes said "Is it real?"  WHAT?!  Is it real?  What did that mean?  Who says that?  I just answered with "Well, it's a real baby in there."  We giggled about it the rest of the day.  Did she think I was walking around with a fake pregnancy belly or something?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Now come the allergies

Remember how just a couple of days ago I was lauding how spring had sprung?  Well, in Texas, it also means the release of the wild beast- allergies.  The past few nights I have NOT slept, due to a constant run (and one very mean leg charlie horse and one terrible nightmare).  Last night the attack didn't start until 5:30, which is much more appreciated than 2 AM, and has lasted all day.  Finally around 9 this morning I realized I better start pumping myself full of water to replenish the gallons and gallons that have run out of my nose, and only then does it start to get better.  I know I'm a snotty girl, but this has just been ridiculous.  (I just love a good word play.  Ha!) Isn't that weird that the more water I drink, the less severe my allergy attack is?  I've also turned on the a/c to help circulate and maybe filter the air a little bit.  With the door open for Luke to play outside the last few days has really done a number on air quality in here, me thinks.  Speaking of the little booger, he's not gotten away scott free either.  He's got a little drippy drip and developed quite the cough.  Hope none of this progresses any farther.

So today we've spent the day holed up, afraid of the great outdoors.  Okay, I've been afraid of them, Luke's been begging to go out.  But I'm a mean mom in fear of a sinus infection, so I've held to my no.  Which is why after my shower today I didn't bother trying to put on anything presentable.  I grabbed a pair of yoga pants and one of Cody's under shirts and called it a day.  Then when I was in the bathroom slapping on a little mascara (a girl's gotta do something to feel good about herself) I realized something.  Aren't husband's shirts supposed to be big and comfortable and COVERING?

(that's a face that says YIKES!)

Not my man's.  In fact, I think I've got some old college shirts in my closet that would do a better job.  Yikes.  I don't care who you are or what you weighed before pregnancy, putting on weight and having your body change this much is a bit depressing, no matter what the joyous outcome is.  Everyone knows that you are supposed to put on weight, everyone knows that your clothes have to get bigger, everyone knows that it's for the health of the baby.  And of course I'd do whatever it takes to make sure she has the best.  But looking in the mirror and seeing a boy's shirt not cover the hugeness that now protrudes out the front of my body is a bit of a downer.  Then you realized you still have three months left to grow.  And THEN you're left wondering, will it ever go back?  Will I be able to loose it?  More importantly, am I gonna have to WORK AT IT to lose it?  It's enough to wanna bury my sorrows in pretzel M&M's.  Which, coincidentally, are almost all gone.

And what was a certain little boy doing while I applied my mascara and took my picture? 

Why, taking advantage of an empty space in the cabinet where Momma's makeup basket goes.  He also started saying "It's mine" today.  Fantastic.  Normally I'm THRILLED when he comes out with a new word or phrase, but that's one I could do without for just a little bit longer. 

By the end of the day I was an emotional wreck.  Between the face that wouldn't quit, the toddler energy that wouldn't quit, the 96 oz of water I down today (and I still feel dehydrated from all this blowing and drainage), the bathroom trips that came with all the water, being pregnant and sneezing a whole bunch (*ahem* got me?), the hormones, the itchy eyes and nose, the hunger of needing dinner, the EVERYTHING, I was just in tears by 7.  Poor Cody had an actual bad day at work, but yet I was still the blubbering mess on the couch being consoled and petted.  After a good cry and a good dinner of waffles (thank you IHOP for once again indulging a craving AND for having take-out!) I felt much better.  Clarification- emotionally I felt much better.  Physically my face is in real danger of being clawed off.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is upon us

I know that just a few weeks ago we had snow and such.  But in Texas time, that was a long time ago.  It's spring now.  Today I managed to capture the beginnings of our Bradford pear blossoms.

It seems that they just appeared over night.  You know what else has appeared over night?  An eruption of purple weeds all over our yard.

Seriously.  That cropped up out of no where.  That is also why it's crucial to use a pre emergent every season on your yard around here, and why I was so irritated with Cody when he didn't at the start of winter.  I need to get to Lowe's and purchase some spring/summer pre emergent and get that out on the yard, or we are screwed for the rest of the year. 

While I was out taking those quick photos, I though Luke was contently eating his snack.  Nope.  He saw me outside and knew what he had to do to get to come outside too.  Since he just had on a diaper, he had to get a shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes.  Which is exactly what I walked back into when I entered the house.

My sweet boy had pulled all that out of his room himself, and was trying to put it on.  The shorts are 3T, so the tag was still on them, the shirt is what my parents brought back for him from Hawaii when they went last year, the shoes are his black leather dress loafers, and the socks are sized tiny.  But I was very proud that he managed to get every item of clothing that he needed.  And clearly by his face you can see he was not so happy when I told him I wasn't going back out.  I did however, use the fact that he was just in a diaper, already unhappy, and that Kayden was still napping to give him a hair cut.  He HATES to get his hair cut.  We got through it, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I think with every cut I get better and better.  Lucky for him, afterwards I got him dressed and finally let him go outside while I cleaned up.  I heard banging, and when I went to investigate, he had taken his tools and was "fixing" things.  More accurately, he was hammering on his car.  By the time I got back out there with my camera he had moved on to "sawing" the fence. 

Oh my boy.  I sure do love him.  I love sneaking around and watching him play when he's not paying attention.  I love having a boy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I hate titles.

I've said that before.  I hate coming up with the title for each post.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Also I've come to not like the word "maternity".  I don't know why.  Maternity clothes.  Maternity ward.  Bleh.  Not sure why it bothers me, but it kinda does.  We'll add  that to the list of other words I don't like.

Yesterday I couldn't do too much with my sickly child outside of the home, so I got most of my weekly housecleaning done.  I got my sewing wrapped up.  Here are the last things I'm gonna sew for a while:

(I just stuck her name on Luke's old boppy cover.  I already feel bad that so much of her stuff is hand-me-downs, I like being able to freshen it up a bit.  Although, it seems to need something on the right side, no?  I can't figure out what though.)

I just really need the sewing machine put up at this point so that we can actually eat dinner at the table, have the place looking less cluttered, not having the distraction all the time.  I'll get it back out in a few weeks to do more burp cloths after my shower, a few little bibs, and when I get a pattern to try my hand at a peasant top.  But I'm so pleased with my little onesies!  I wanted a couple of little outfits for her to wear in the hospital and those first few weeks.  I am reminding myself that all of this type of stuff doesn't have to be done BEFORE she gets here, that I'll have this girl for a very long time to dress and sew for!  I gotta space it all out!  You can't really tell from the photo, but the three pink flowers on her headband are in matching fabric to the hearts on the onesie, and the flower on the purple one is different from the pinks.  And each flower is made in a different way.  Eh, I still have some work to do on my techniques, but not bad! 

Today didn't go quite as I had planned.  Cody's truck has been in the shop, and while his parents did bring over an extra truck for him to use, no body actually exchanged keys.  So he had to take my car anyway.  Boo.  At first I was a little irritated because Kayden didn't come today, and I was looking forward to a day out with just my boy.  But I realized I really didn't need to go anywhere and spend money I don't have, so I guess it turned out okay.  Plus since I'd already done most of the things around here that needed to get done, we got to have a very lazy day.  We watched Super Why.  We read lots and lots of books.  We colored.  We did the alphabet puzzle and talked a lot about the letters and the sounds they make.  We folded laundry.  Okay, I folded laundry and he layed on the couch with Sesame Street.  Luke is currently out back running around enjoying the warm spring air.  Once again, this morning was chilly chilly, but it's warmed up to be a beautiful day.  My house is clean and quite, the blinds are all up, the setting is wonderfully serene.  I'd say the day turned out better than expected.

Okay, confession.  Those pictures up there are actually cropped.  What did I have to crop out?

That's right, my belly.  I've known I had a belly for awhile.  This is what I see when I look down.  My toes and things disappeared long ago.  When I sit or bend over, it's like hitting a brick wall.  But when you can't get up and over an item to photograph without photographing the girl it's being made for, that's a different matter.  I tried to suck it in, and nothing happen.  Thank goodness for the magic of cropping.