Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chips anyone?

I've got the munchies.  Again.  I think I'm starting to see why I've packed on the pounds.  But what's a girl to do?   I'm sure I could be making better choices with what I eat when I get the munchies, like, oh, an apple instead of chips, but hey- the chips are baked Lays.  Not greasy things.

So it's a good thing I ended up going to the store yesterday morning.  I really didn't want to.  The weather, while temperature-wise is okay, has been cloudy and gloomy and HIGHLY windy.  Just not very inviting to get out and run around.  But then I realized that I had to get dressed anyway for Luke's speech therapist to come over, so I figured we might as well get out if we were going to the effort to put on clothes.  We went to Kohl's where I got brother and sister (not matching) each a pair of jammies for $7 total!  My receipt said I saved a total of $36.  Um, who spends $40 on two pairs of jammies?!  It's a good thing I found these on such a good sale.  I've had to switch out all of Luke's winter jammies because it's way to warm for them now, and he was down to about 3 things.  Yeah, I'm not doing laundry that often.  And every pair of jammies that Evan gets is one less pair of brother's that she'll have to wear!  Yes, I've unpacked all the jammies from Luke's tubs that are little bitty size and put them in her drawer.  She'll never know and my wallet will stay happy.  Win win!

So anyway, back to why it's good we got out.  This morning I was laying in bed waiting for Kayden to come, listening to Cody get in his truck to head off to work.  Then I listened to him try and start his car over. and over. and over.  With each try I would just pray that it would turn over, but alas.  It didn't.  Then I waited for him to come back inside, tell me he was taking my car, and head off again.  And he did.  He told me.  He was gone.  Awesome.  Not that I had anywhere to go today, but just frustrated that we just had his truck worked on and now it wasn't working again.   So I just kept myself busy today.  I could sit here and list the bajillion things I did  today, but then I'd just be bragging.  HA!  Let's just say by 2:30 this afternoon I was bored because I'd done all the chores that there were to do and was hunting for something to keep me occupied for the rest of the day.  Luke was up soon after that, so we played in his room for awhile, watched t.v. for awhile, and was glad when Daddy finally came home.  I made this ginger shrimp noodle recipe I found in Good Housekeeping and holy  moly it was delish.   Tasted just like stir fry you'd order somewhere.  And it wasn't hard to make at all!  Totally will be making that again. 

After dinner my father in law came over to look at the truck.  After a little bit of tinkering (and letting a little boy honk honk honk the horn!) they got it to start several times.  Whoo hoo!  Fingers crossed that it starts up again in the morning!  And now I think I need to go lay down on my left side.  There is a little girl who seems to be head butting me in a southern region, and I really need for her to move!

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Lucy Marie said...

Thanks a LOT. I didn't have to read the post .. the title alone made me text evan and tell him to pick up some chips for me tonight. Sheesh.