Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mr. Personality

Oh, lord have mercy.  The more Luke's language develops, the more his little personality is shining through.  He loves to type on my laptop, but between my phone and the desktop being in the living room now, it's not out very often (mainly just when I'm blogging and uploading pictures from my camera!) so I found him making do with something else.

The waffle iron.  And how do you like that camera phone photo?  It's going to take some getting used to on holding it steady enough to get a clear picture.  My Canon is so much more forgiving! 

Then we hit a snag in our morning.  Luke had is typical morning dirty diaper, and I went to go change it as usual.  He was out of diapers in the drawer where I keep them, but no big deal, I thought there was a whole other pack in the closet from this giant box I bought a few weeks ago.  WRONG.  Dirty diaper+no more=bad news.  Luckily I still had my emergency spare in the car, so I stuck that on him, got us dressed, and headed to Sam's.  I still have Mom's Sam's card, so I was able to pick up another gigantic pack that will hopefully last us a month or so.  Plus a cherry coke.  I mean, a large fountain cherry coke for 87 cents?  Yes please. 

That afternoon I took Luke over to a birthday party for his friend Jadyn.  And true to his personal form, he refused to play the games like everyone else, he chose to run around the backyard pushing a toy lawnmower.  Eh.  Whatever.  Afterwards we met up with Mom and Ashley to do a little bit of shopping.  Old Navy was having a sale where all of their sweaters were 99 cents.  HELLO!  Obviously what I look like now is not what I will look like this winter, so I just grabbed three and bought them.  If they fit- fantastic!  If they don't- no biggie.  It was a buck.

Then we went over to Carter's where there was a huge 50% off the whole store sale.  We totally scored for both kids.  Wahoo!  If you notice in all of this, there was no time for a nap.  Not a fantastic situation.  He did decent, but was definitely a bit more touchy than normal.  He was in bed by 7:30 and didn't get up till 8 this morning. 

Today church was good.  Weather was awful.  Yesterday it was sunny and mid 80's.  Today it was cloudy and misty and only a high of 50.  Blec.  At breakfast he was very particular about which cup he wanted.  First the blue.  Then the green.  Then the red.  Finally he decided on this old fish one we haven't used in months.  Later we came home from lunch and napped, then I made a cobbler for life group tonight.  At life group that boy was very particular about his dinner.  I fixed him a plate of food and set him at the table with the other 8 kids.  (yes, there are a lot of kids)  I didn't put any chips on his plate, for good reason, and while I was about 15 feet away chatting with my friends I hear "Mom I wan chips!  Mom!  Chips!  I wan chips!"  Oh brother.  Later when we were all eating dessert (and I thought he was off playing) I felt a little tap and heard "Momma, I wanna cake!"  Lovely.  He got his chips, and he got his cake, and I still get tickled every time I hear him actually say words. 

(just keepin it real)

Something I also get tickled about is hearing him sing.  He's limited on his song selection at this point, but I still love it.  After his bath tonight I decided to bust out the camera and get some of it on video (which I'll attach at the end).

How cute is this kid?!

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