Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maternity Pictures

First and foremost.....Taylor got my pictures edited! There is a post on her blog with a few of them, and then about 100 more in our family viewing session. (If I could figure out how to post a couple of them on here I would, but I'm not that good.) Out of all those bajillion photos I've spent the day narrowing it down to 21 that I love love love and now I will attempt to narrow it further to just the ones I'm gonna order.  All I wanted was one decent family picture with the belly to frame for the living room, and now she's gone and done such a fantastic job that I'm going to have a hard time choosing.  Once again, I am so blessed to have such talented friends to share life with.

So I think that's the end of my big news.  If you notice, most of the posts this week haven't really been about things we've done.  That's because I haven't done anything this week.  Tuesday morning Shae came over and visited for awhile.  Wednesday we (Luke and I) hung around the house.  Thursday morning I couldn't handle another day of couching it up, so I took him to the shops of Highland Village to run around the fountain, and we went in a couple of stores.  Friday was more of nothing.  Luke played outside.  He's really been into his tools lately, and after nap time he came out of his room wearing his hard hat and carrying his tool box.  Oh, it was the cutest thing ever, made me wish I had a camera around my neck at all time.  I did snatch it up quickly though, and managed to get a couple of pictures of him playing before he ran away.

 (the trash can was, among other things, one of the items he "fixed".  See the hammer wedged behind it?  Also, he insists on wearing that hat sideways.)
(obviously he was none to thrilled about being caught and forced to take  picture with me.  I also found out how hard it is to take a picture of yourself one handed with this big camera!)

Today Luke and I went shopping with Mom and Dad.  Dad let him play around (okay, more like half in) the fountain while Mom and I got his Easter outfit.  When we came out of the store, there they were sitting a bench around the fountain, surrounded by three bags of goodies from the Nestle cookie store.  My boy had a chocolate chip cookie in his hand (which I found out later was his second cookie, both eaten after part of a gigantic brownie), chocolate smeared on his face, and Dad was wrapping up whatever treat he'd gotten.  Mom and I just had to bust out laughing at the sight.  Then we went to the grocery store for dinner stuff, and back to their house for dinner.  Ashley ended up not working tonight, so she came over for dinner too.

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Lucy Marie said...

The pictures are GORGEOUS. You are so beautiful!