Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I hate titles.

I've said that before.  I hate coming up with the title for each post.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Also I've come to not like the word "maternity".  I don't know why.  Maternity clothes.  Maternity ward.  Bleh.  Not sure why it bothers me, but it kinda does.  We'll add  that to the list of other words I don't like.

Yesterday I couldn't do too much with my sickly child outside of the home, so I got most of my weekly housecleaning done.  I got my sewing wrapped up.  Here are the last things I'm gonna sew for a while:

(I just stuck her name on Luke's old boppy cover.  I already feel bad that so much of her stuff is hand-me-downs, I like being able to freshen it up a bit.  Although, it seems to need something on the right side, no?  I can't figure out what though.)

I just really need the sewing machine put up at this point so that we can actually eat dinner at the table, have the place looking less cluttered, not having the distraction all the time.  I'll get it back out in a few weeks to do more burp cloths after my shower, a few little bibs, and when I get a pattern to try my hand at a peasant top.  But I'm so pleased with my little onesies!  I wanted a couple of little outfits for her to wear in the hospital and those first few weeks.  I am reminding myself that all of this type of stuff doesn't have to be done BEFORE she gets here, that I'll have this girl for a very long time to dress and sew for!  I gotta space it all out!  You can't really tell from the photo, but the three pink flowers on her headband are in matching fabric to the hearts on the onesie, and the flower on the purple one is different from the pinks.  And each flower is made in a different way.  Eh, I still have some work to do on my techniques, but not bad! 

Today didn't go quite as I had planned.  Cody's truck has been in the shop, and while his parents did bring over an extra truck for him to use, no body actually exchanged keys.  So he had to take my car anyway.  Boo.  At first I was a little irritated because Kayden didn't come today, and I was looking forward to a day out with just my boy.  But I realized I really didn't need to go anywhere and spend money I don't have, so I guess it turned out okay.  Plus since I'd already done most of the things around here that needed to get done, we got to have a very lazy day.  We watched Super Why.  We read lots and lots of books.  We colored.  We did the alphabet puzzle and talked a lot about the letters and the sounds they make.  We folded laundry.  Okay, I folded laundry and he layed on the couch with Sesame Street.  Luke is currently out back running around enjoying the warm spring air.  Once again, this morning was chilly chilly, but it's warmed up to be a beautiful day.  My house is clean and quite, the blinds are all up, the setting is wonderfully serene.  I'd say the day turned out better than expected.

Okay, confession.  Those pictures up there are actually cropped.  What did I have to crop out?

That's right, my belly.  I've known I had a belly for awhile.  This is what I see when I look down.  My toes and things disappeared long ago.  When I sit or bend over, it's like hitting a brick wall.  But when you can't get up and over an item to photograph without photographing the girl it's being made for, that's a different matter.  I tried to suck it in, and nothing happen.  Thank goodness for the magic of cropping.


Sara said...

I love this post. I love the adorable onesies and I love your belly shot!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can't believe what you can do with a simple little onesie! Evan will most definitely be the cutest baby in the hospital. She is lucky to have a talented mommy! Can't wait to see her in that hat and headband! :)I'm so glad Luke is feeling better!
~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Sarah Smith said...

Love the flowers on the onesies and the head band. I had been wanting to try to do some flowers but they are rather intimidating.