Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never dull with a boy

Monday morning I did the house cleaning, and then in the afternoon we went with Taylor to Hobby Lobby before going over to Mom and Dad's for dinner.

Yesterday morning we did the weekly shopping, then spent that afternoon at my grandmother's house since my aunt was in town.  For dinner I fixed praline waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream, fixed some scrambled eggs, sausage links, and bacon.  For lunch I had made chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.  I think my boys were in hog heaven with my food choices!  Before we left for the store though, I made Luke pick up all of toys he'd dragged out (between the time change and no Kayden in the mornings, Luke has been sleeping until 8:30 and then playing nicely by himself in the living room until 9 when I've been getting up.  What a rare treat!) and he just wasn't having it.  I told him we couldn't go in the car until the toys were picked up (something he begs to do all the time) and instead of hopping to, he hopped in.  In bed that is.

When I first walked in his room the covers were totally up over his head, but by the time I got back with my camera they had come down a bit.  He said he'd rather go night night than pick up his toys.  Well tough bud.  You have to pick up the toys regardless.

This morning was a bit earlier than the last two mornings.  I would just like to thank whatever neighbor decided to try out a symphony of chain saws right outside our house this morning at 7:45.  There's just no sleeping again after that.  No biggie though, I needed to get my sewing on....I'd actually gotten an Etsy order in this week.  Plus I'd found something to make at Target yesterday (picture to come later when it's completed).  While I sewed, Luke tried to lure me away with his cars, with his play doh, with his colors, with a clean diaper and wipes.  At one point I looked up from the sewing machine, and this is what I saw.

Dear lord.  Do you see all the things wrong with this photo?  Clean diaper on the floor.  Wet diaper on the floor.  Jammie top.....on the floor.  And then there's this:

(Same photo, just cropped)

The naked boy just grinning at me, so proud that he'd gotten everything off.  Yikes.  I just let him run around naked for a little while (asking every 5 minutes "do you need to pee pee in the potty?).  Then he brought me the clean diaper and said "I want on".  Okay, we put it on.  Then he took it off.  So I just put the stool in front of the potty and left the light in the bathroom, and sure enough, a few minutes later he went in to go.  Yay!  Afterward he wanted the diaper back on, and it stayed on.  What a little toot. 

After nap I was changing his diaper like always.  Spurred on by the events of this morning, I put real undies on him instead of a diaper.  He cried, screamed "no Mom!", and after I pulled them up we hugged and cuddled while he boo hooed into my neck for a few minutes.  I know.  Dramatic stuff.  But then in an effort to distract him, I asked him if he wanted a snack.  No.  I asked him if he wanted to put on shoes and socks.  He perked up a bit.  Chu's and stoxs?  he asked.  So I let him pick out some shoes (boooo chu's peas) and put them on him.  He went to the drawer and pulled out a tee shirt and some shorts.  I put them on him too.  Now he was ready to go outside.  And he did- for 2 hours.  Which meant he stayed dry- for 2 hours!  Of course I asked a million bajillon times if he wanted/needed to go potty.  No Mom.  Finally when it was time to change clothes for dinner I made him go potty (which he did) and then he asked to put a diaper back on.  Fine by me since we were headed out to Carino's!  Yeah right he was going out in undies in public.  We were meeting Shae and Joby for dinner since dinner at church was canceled for Spring Break.  We had a great time attempting conversation.  Our topics jumped around quite a bit, because there were two little boys that kept interrupting us and by the time we got back to talking we'd forgotten what it was about.  Dakota and Luke sure enjoyed each other though!   I don't think the other patrons were as thrilled as they were, but oh well.  They talked and shrieked and laughed and ate.  Luke spilled pink Italian soda all down his front.  Dakota ate pizza like he's never done before. Oh to be (almost) 3.

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Lucy Marie said...

I don't blame him. I'd rather go night night than clean up my toys, too!