Monday, May 21, 2012

Cool brave boy and a sick girl

This last week was kinda a rough one, mentally and emotionally.  It was one of those weeks where you just hate life.  I know that I've got blessings.  I've made a list of 26 of them in a notebook I have with me most days so I can go back and meditate on them when I get discouraged.  The problem was, I didn't wanna look at them.  I didn't wanna pray and release my funk.  I didn't want to read scripture, letting God's healing salve wash over the prickles in my soul.  I just wanted to pout.  Be angry because life is unfair.  Feel entitled to my unhappiness because nothing in life is like I wanted (or planned- which I know- God laughs at) and no body ever asked me if this path was okay with me. 

I know.  I was no better than my three year old.

When at church on Saturday night Matt's lesson reminded me of the truth. That when I sit under the grace of Jesus I have complete freedom and can let it all go.  He has it all.  ALL.  When I don't give everything to Him, the weight of it all will crush me.  It was a lesson I will need to go back and listen to from time to time. 

Oh, and that Mother's Day shirt the kids made me? (no segue.  sorry.)

I've totally already rocked it.  I'm so cool.  I would totally claim the whole corner of the cool market, but I think another little boy already beat me there.

Gah.  Does it get ANY better than that?!  That little boy is killing me lately.  He's getting so grown up, coming out of his shell, and doing things I would have said before he'd never do.  Like?  Climbing.

This is the boy who NEVER climbed as a baby.  Ever.  I never had to worry about him if I stepped out of a room for a minute.  I used ottomans as baby gates because he wouldn't climb over them into the next room, but the dog and I could get over them with ease.  And now he's on top of play houses  and in bounce houses.  Yes, I said bounce house.

That was at Claire and Ryan's birthday party Saturday morning.  Sara was so shocked that he was in there she even came over to comment on it.  So, now he is watching movies and jumping around.  How brave is he?! (I know, that sounds really odd, but come on.  Let's give him some credit. I mean, the last two years at this party he looked like this.  And this.)

And someone wants to keep pace with him.

(Dakota was taking her picture too)

Yep, I'm the mom that let her 11 month old into the bounce house.  But in my defense, there was only a couple of other (small) kids in there, and I made sure they didn't jump close to her.  She LOVED it!

The party and church were Saturday, so Sunday we just took it easy. "Slept" in (that's in quotes because the day really started at 5:30.  Luke woke up to potty and tried to get in bed with me, then Evan woke up to eat so I sent him back to his own room, by the time she finished nursing he was back up, and the rest was history), played, went for a walk, let Luke run in the sprinklers.

I don't know why that kid wouldn't take his clothes off, I kept asking him if he wanted to and it was always NOOO! but he made sure to pee on the back fence three times in 45 minutes.  Whatever, dude. 

It's a good thing we took it easy Sunday morning because by Sunday afternoon Evan girl came down with a mad fever.

Baby girl was wiped out.  It took every bit of energy she had to sit up before she just thunked back against me breathing hard.  By 6:30 I was a little desperate for food, not knowing how to fix/get/feed dinner to the big one while being trapped under the sleeping little one.  Thankfully Cody had seen that Luke had called him earlier, called me back and brought us hamburgers for dinner.  Afterwards he took Luke to the park while I bathed and nursed Evan and got her in bed.  I was glad for my big boy, he had a hard time with not getting any attention while I had to deal with the sick one.  Before the fever hit hard, I did manage to get a picture of her modeling the newest little dress I made.

It's the second one I've done, and I'm still not thrilled with the pattern.  It's says it's sized 6-12 months, but it was so gigantic I had to take it in several times, which means it's now lined up funny.  And we all know that girl ain't know petite thang. 

And because this isn't long enough or have enough pictures.......

(Have I mentioned how she's obsessed with the train table? And how her playing with it is the bane of Luke's existence?  Oi.  It's not pleasant.)

It's the Converse shoes that Ashley bought her when she was born.  LOVE!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day weekend

Friday night we did nothing.  Actually I had an accomplishment....I got Luke to watch a movie.

Yes, you read that right.

He sat and watched The Incredibles with me and didn't throw a fit at the beginning. 


Saturday we didn't do anything until after nap time.  Right when I closed the littles' doors for blessed nap time I went to take a shower.  When I got out later (hey, I like to take my time when I doesn't happen very often!) if found Evan in an odd position.

I looked at the floor by where her head was and sure enough, there was her paci.  Bless her heart.  She was still hiccuping in her sleep, she had cried so hard for it.  Kinda broke my heart. 

At little while later after she was up, I was trying to get myself ready to head over to the Lugar's for dinner and play time.  I look down to Evan making mischief. 

How do babies know to do that?!  She was so proud of herself too.

We headed out for a fun night of playing, food, and laughter.  The Wyatt's were there too, and Trane didn't fail on his play time delivery.  The Lugar's have a miniature bounce in the back yard, and the three boys had the BEST time in there.  I don't know who was more exhausted at the end of the night, Trane and Jordan (the big boys) or the little boys- Jadyn, Griffin, and Luke. I do know that Luke was asleep faster that night than he normally is. 

Sunday morning dawned bright and cheery.  We were on time for church (that never happens) and I actually got to go to bible class. The lesson wasn't about mothers or mother's day, but it was good all the same.  And this one?

He's the reason I first became a momma in the first place.  I can't imagine my life without him.  He just slays me every single day.  And Sunday was no exception.  We went to lunch with Mom, Dad, Ashley, and my grandmother.  As we were waiting for a table, he randomly jumps up on a rock and declares "DANCE PARTY!" and starts dancing to no music at all.

Wasn't he just the shy kid last week at the award ceremony?  Sheesh. 

The kids made me a sweet sweet tee shirt with their hand/foot prints, along with a book that I can record their voices in.  Thanks Mom for helping them with that! And Ashley did a little book with Luke where he answered questions about me.  I may or may not have teared up. But I would lean more towards the "may" on that. 

The rest of the afternoon was ours for the taking.  And I got busy.  Layed out, took a bubble bath, tidied the house, cleaned up an entire cup of water that Evan dumped every where (we're talking couch to entertainment center), organized closets, and finally hung those craft balls in Evan's room I made weeks ago.

I love them.  While we were in Evan's room, Luke decided to take our picture.  Eh, fine.  Excuse the blurriness, he has trouble holding the phone still while holding it.  And he was kinda close.  But, he's three. 

And excuse my my appearance, I'd been working hard on various tasks at that point. 

Dang.  That's a big baby. I need to get some close ups of her hands soon, before the pudgy baby hands disappear. I LOVE the creases at the base of her fingers and the knuckle dimples.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Awards and sewing

First and foremost, I finally got Evan's 11 month pictures up on her monthly letter.  I got them last weekend, but it took me forever to remember to get them off the camera.  And excuse the pinkness of her eyebrows.  Her face was all splotchy because she was not. happy. at all. about getting her picture made.  She's been cutting a the top left front tooth and she's been a tad......temperamental. Hopefully that sucka pops through and my happy girl returns.  It also doesn't help that she developed a sweet little habit of FREAKING THE HECK OUT when I leave the room. Even for a second.  Sure precious girl.  I'll hold on to this stinky diaper, just so you don't wig out while I go throw it away. 

ANYWAY, last week was Luke's preschool graduation.  What a funny kid I've got.  I went in late to work so I could go watch the awards ceremony, and he was so thrilled that I was there.  He bounced up the isle yelling 'HI MOM!' and waving to me.  While standing on the stage waiting his turn he was doing something that looked suspiciously like the pee pee dance.  I was so nervous for him.  The dude has only had one accident ever and I would have just died for him if he'd had one up there in front of 100 parents (his wasn't the only class).  When his turn finally came, he go so shy.  As soon as he realized all the attention was on him he got so self conscious.  He had his hands over his face like the picture below the entire time.  (and also, for some reason, every picture I got had Mrs. Hamilton with closed eyes!) He got an award for excellent attendance, memory verses, and the best builder in the class.  Oh man I love that kid. 

*ALERT-BRAGGY MOM MOMENT*- Luke shocks me every day with how much he knows. Last night he started spelling (correctly) every kid in his class' name.  He's also added Kia Soul to the list of cars he can identify from a mile away.  He knows his phone number and full address and all of our full names and birthdays.  Heart?  Bursting.  *ALERT- BRAGGY MOM MOMENT OVER*

Also, I've been sewing in the evenings and weekends.  Finally.  I feel like a part of me has woken up after a very long sleep.  I love creating things.  I may not be able to paint or draw or anything like that, but I am pretty handy with a needle and thread.  I've made Evan's new diaper bag that's been bouncing around in my head for forever.  It turned out just like I'd hoped.

The little green bag holds toys, the blue one houses necessities, and I just made a strap to hold the diapers and wipes together.  Originally the green one was for diapers and the blue one would be for toys, but the blue didn't turn out as big as I thought so NEW GAME PLAN.  The front part is actually two big pockets.

A part of me feels like the bag needs a big flower on it or something to really finish it off, but I was afraid that it would be too much.  I told mom that at dinner one night and she laughed at my face and said with a big ruffly fluffy bag, I was afraid a flower would be too much?  She has a point.

And then yesterday I made my camera a new strap.  The old one was dirty with kool aide? I believe, and this one is just cuter anyway.

Mother's day weekend was good, I'll break that one up into another post. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

It was the weekend

That's not actually the title I would have liked to use, but the original lyrics didn't seem quite appropriate for a place where out of town family get their Luke and Evan fix.  Let's just say that Saturday night I was forced to listen to more R. Kelly than I'm used to and I've had his weekend song stuck in my head ever since then. 

Let's back up, shall we?

Thursday night Luke really wanted to go for a walk.  The weather is progressively getting hotter and hotter (thank you Texas) so I figured I should indulge him while I can.  We ate a quick dinner, barely wiped off their faces, and hit the side walk.  We live two streets down from an elementary school, so I led us up to the playground. 

(PUH-LEEEEZ excuse baby girl's wild appearance.  She's getting a little long for her 12 month onesies and there is no clip in her hair.  I ALMOST didn't post that picture, but how happy is she?!)

I believe Evan girl loved her first foray on plastic equipment.  And Luke was so funny about the slides.  He's never been a big fan of them, but that night he went down his tallest one so far.  "I'm so brave Mommy!" But when I nudged him towards the twisty slide? "I'm not brave enough for that one yet."

At least he knows his limits.

Friday night we changed it up a bit.  One family wasn't going to be able to make it to small groups on Sunday night (he's the youth minister, and it was senior's night know...they kinda had to be there) so we just switched it to Friday night.  Great evening of playing, laughter, and talking about The Word, until Evan hit a wall at 8 and I had to rush her home and get her to bed.  That's always a lovely time for a single parent.  One kid wailing, one kid tired but fighting it.  Trying to get the little in bed before the big one pulls everything out and makes a giant mess rightbefore going to bed himself.

Saturday morning we just hung out at home.  Played, sewed, napped.  Luke had been asking to spend the night at Nana and Papa's so I sent the kids over there when they woke up from a blessedly long nap time and I went shopping.  Then hung out with my friend.  That's where the R. Kelly happened.  It's also when this happened. 

Yes.  Those are two plastic deers at a gas station.  Thanks for keeping it classy Small Town Texas.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun that evening.

Sunday morning was church, then lunch, then the blessed nap time again.  After nap Luke wanted to play baseball, so we played in the back yard.  Did I mention I signed him up for tee ball?  He is so excited.  Mom and Dad have bought him a little glove and ball and bat, we've been working on our mad skills.  Except last night, I was so glad no one could see us in the back yard.  Because I looked like a FOOL trying to show him how to bat.  Not only is he left handed, but I can't hit worth a flying flip.  Except for this one time I almost busted my bedroom window.  And this other time I hit it over the fence.  He got a kick out of that.  But, teaching a boy how to play ball is definitely not a one person job.  Ideally someone would be standing with him, hand over hand, while someone else tossed the ball, but we ain't got that.  I'll just pick up a tee next time I'm at the store.  Problem solved 

Eventually he was done playing (okay.  I was done actin a fool.) and he moved on to soccer and his swing set.  I sat on the sheet with Evan, but she didn't want to play with me.

She wanted to play with Brother so. very. bad. One day, little girl, one day.

Later last night while I was washing Evan, I heard a rustling.  Turned around to....

"I'm a baker Mommy! I'm selling donuts!"

Which shouldn't surprise me.  He told me earlier that (as he was taking all my cash out of my wallet) "I'm evil Mom.  I'm getting all the money."

Also, just so you know, he's a Camaro.  A "bwack Camaro".  And when he eats he is "gassing up".  And when he wants to run he makes me make revving noises before he gets going.

Yeah. Okay then.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eleven months

(so bummed the camera focused on her hand and not on her face. Wish I'd realized it at the time.)

My beloved Evan.  You, little girl, are 11 months old today.  I can't believe it.  In one month you will be 1. Not a baby any more.  I'll confess, I'm a little heartbroken.  But you have been nothing but a joy.  And girlfriend, you have gotten SASSY!  When I tell you no or your brother does something you aren't thrilled with you will either shoot a dirty look or squinch up your face like you've just tasted a lemon.  It cracks. me. up.  Luckily Luke doesn't do things to annoy you too much, you simply adore him.  And he is thrilled with you.  He lives to make you laugh and you can't take your eyes off of him.  So much so that we've started to drop nursing sessions because you want to be down on the ground in the midst of the action.

And in the span of this one month you have become MOBILE.  Majorly mobile.  Rolling, crawling, cruising the furniture, everything but walking independently (although you love to push things around while walking). Your movement just exploded in a two week span.  And nothing is safe. 

I finally had to drop the crib this month.  I think 10 months was probably some kind of record! It was so nice though, you are kind of a big girl (25 lbs to be exact) and I'm not so tall.  It's hard for me to get you all the way down now, but I'd rather you be safe!

You still love to eat whatever you can get your hands on.  There are still only two little teefies in your mouth, but you manage to gum down a remarkable amount of food.  Usually more than Luke does.  This another thing that I am enjoying while it lasts, all too soon you will be a picky toddler that will refuse most things on principle. 

I've bumped you up to a size 4 diaper, and you wear size 12-18 month clothes. We nurse 3 times a day and you get 3 square meals along with it.  You sleep through the night just fine and still take 2 naps during the day.  You love bath, you love attention, you love all the people in your life.  I just can't believe that I need to start planning this little baby's first birthday party.

That morning when I finally had you back in my arms after the NICU ordeal was such a sweet time.  This year has flown by.  It's not been what I've expected but with you here it makes everything worth while.  I love you dear girl.  I love you.