Monday, May 7, 2012

It was the weekend

That's not actually the title I would have liked to use, but the original lyrics didn't seem quite appropriate for a place where out of town family get their Luke and Evan fix.  Let's just say that Saturday night I was forced to listen to more R. Kelly than I'm used to and I've had his weekend song stuck in my head ever since then. 

Let's back up, shall we?

Thursday night Luke really wanted to go for a walk.  The weather is progressively getting hotter and hotter (thank you Texas) so I figured I should indulge him while I can.  We ate a quick dinner, barely wiped off their faces, and hit the side walk.  We live two streets down from an elementary school, so I led us up to the playground. 

(PUH-LEEEEZ excuse baby girl's wild appearance.  She's getting a little long for her 12 month onesies and there is no clip in her hair.  I ALMOST didn't post that picture, but how happy is she?!)

I believe Evan girl loved her first foray on plastic equipment.  And Luke was so funny about the slides.  He's never been a big fan of them, but that night he went down his tallest one so far.  "I'm so brave Mommy!" But when I nudged him towards the twisty slide? "I'm not brave enough for that one yet."

At least he knows his limits.

Friday night we changed it up a bit.  One family wasn't going to be able to make it to small groups on Sunday night (he's the youth minister, and it was senior's night know...they kinda had to be there) so we just switched it to Friday night.  Great evening of playing, laughter, and talking about The Word, until Evan hit a wall at 8 and I had to rush her home and get her to bed.  That's always a lovely time for a single parent.  One kid wailing, one kid tired but fighting it.  Trying to get the little in bed before the big one pulls everything out and makes a giant mess rightbefore going to bed himself.

Saturday morning we just hung out at home.  Played, sewed, napped.  Luke had been asking to spend the night at Nana and Papa's so I sent the kids over there when they woke up from a blessedly long nap time and I went shopping.  Then hung out with my friend.  That's where the R. Kelly happened.  It's also when this happened. 

Yes.  Those are two plastic deers at a gas station.  Thanks for keeping it classy Small Town Texas.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun that evening.

Sunday morning was church, then lunch, then the blessed nap time again.  After nap Luke wanted to play baseball, so we played in the back yard.  Did I mention I signed him up for tee ball?  He is so excited.  Mom and Dad have bought him a little glove and ball and bat, we've been working on our mad skills.  Except last night, I was so glad no one could see us in the back yard.  Because I looked like a FOOL trying to show him how to bat.  Not only is he left handed, but I can't hit worth a flying flip.  Except for this one time I almost busted my bedroom window.  And this other time I hit it over the fence.  He got a kick out of that.  But, teaching a boy how to play ball is definitely not a one person job.  Ideally someone would be standing with him, hand over hand, while someone else tossed the ball, but we ain't got that.  I'll just pick up a tee next time I'm at the store.  Problem solved 

Eventually he was done playing (okay.  I was done actin a fool.) and he moved on to soccer and his swing set.  I sat on the sheet with Evan, but she didn't want to play with me.

She wanted to play with Brother so. very. bad. One day, little girl, one day.

Later last night while I was washing Evan, I heard a rustling.  Turned around to....

"I'm a baker Mommy! I'm selling donuts!"

Which shouldn't surprise me.  He told me earlier that (as he was taking all my cash out of my wallet) "I'm evil Mom.  I'm getting all the money."

Also, just so you know, he's a Camaro.  A "bwack Camaro".  And when he eats he is "gassing up".  And when he wants to run he makes me make revving noises before he gets going.

Yeah. Okay then.

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Hi there...thanks for stopping by!!! I love *meeting* new people in the blog world!! Your kids are your little girls name!!