Monday, May 14, 2012

Awards and sewing

First and foremost, I finally got Evan's 11 month pictures up on her monthly letter.  I got them last weekend, but it took me forever to remember to get them off the camera.  And excuse the pinkness of her eyebrows.  Her face was all splotchy because she was not. happy. at all. about getting her picture made.  She's been cutting a the top left front tooth and she's been a tad......temperamental. Hopefully that sucka pops through and my happy girl returns.  It also doesn't help that she developed a sweet little habit of FREAKING THE HECK OUT when I leave the room. Even for a second.  Sure precious girl.  I'll hold on to this stinky diaper, just so you don't wig out while I go throw it away. 

ANYWAY, last week was Luke's preschool graduation.  What a funny kid I've got.  I went in late to work so I could go watch the awards ceremony, and he was so thrilled that I was there.  He bounced up the isle yelling 'HI MOM!' and waving to me.  While standing on the stage waiting his turn he was doing something that looked suspiciously like the pee pee dance.  I was so nervous for him.  The dude has only had one accident ever and I would have just died for him if he'd had one up there in front of 100 parents (his wasn't the only class).  When his turn finally came, he go so shy.  As soon as he realized all the attention was on him he got so self conscious.  He had his hands over his face like the picture below the entire time.  (and also, for some reason, every picture I got had Mrs. Hamilton with closed eyes!) He got an award for excellent attendance, memory verses, and the best builder in the class.  Oh man I love that kid. 

*ALERT-BRAGGY MOM MOMENT*- Luke shocks me every day with how much he knows. Last night he started spelling (correctly) every kid in his class' name.  He's also added Kia Soul to the list of cars he can identify from a mile away.  He knows his phone number and full address and all of our full names and birthdays.  Heart?  Bursting.  *ALERT- BRAGGY MOM MOMENT OVER*

Also, I've been sewing in the evenings and weekends.  Finally.  I feel like a part of me has woken up after a very long sleep.  I love creating things.  I may not be able to paint or draw or anything like that, but I am pretty handy with a needle and thread.  I've made Evan's new diaper bag that's been bouncing around in my head for forever.  It turned out just like I'd hoped.

The little green bag holds toys, the blue one houses necessities, and I just made a strap to hold the diapers and wipes together.  Originally the green one was for diapers and the blue one would be for toys, but the blue didn't turn out as big as I thought so NEW GAME PLAN.  The front part is actually two big pockets.

A part of me feels like the bag needs a big flower on it or something to really finish it off, but I was afraid that it would be too much.  I told mom that at dinner one night and she laughed at my face and said with a big ruffly fluffy bag, I was afraid a flower would be too much?  She has a point.

And then yesterday I made my camera a new strap.  The old one was dirty with kool aide? I believe, and this one is just cuter anyway.

Mother's day weekend was good, I'll break that one up into another post. 

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Lucy Marie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I WISH you were my neighbour so I could cook and bake you yummy treats in an effort to bribe you to sew me awesome stuff. You are so talented!