Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oklahoma trip

I've been a little out of pocket because we were on a trip!  Back in December or January Mom broached the subject of all of us going back to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to stay on the river again.  I was so excited!  We had a great time on our last trip two years ago.  Wednesday when I got home from work I set to cleaning the house and pack.  I got done by about 11 and I was off to bed so we could get going in the morning.

Thursday morning Dad came to pick the kids and I up, then we went over to Ashley's to meet Mom and all leave from there.  Ashley, the kids, and I were in one car while Mom and Dad made the trek in a second car.  With two car seats we don't all fit anymore into one car.  The drive up there was an adventure in itself.  Ashley and I laughed most of the way, seeing all kinds of random things on the road. Like 9 rusted dumpster arranged artfully and randomly on the side of  the road.  And a 90 year old man on a  Rascal scooter wearing an orange worker vest using a spear to pick up trash.  Ashley though he was just sleeping on the side of the road (think two lane highway in the middle of no where), and later she said she thought that was why we were laughing.  Goodness.  We also stopped in Paris and got a snack, fed the girl, and spent 20 minutes driving around trying to find this.

Totally worth it.  Finally we got there and it was early enough to throw on our suits and get in the water.  Well, they got in the water, I stayed with my baby.

Then I took my baby down to the river too.

(that's our house up on the bank)

After swimming we made a spaghetti dinner and relaxed.  There was a  garden tub with a jacuzzi in my room, so I headed off for some quiet time.  Mom had brought some bubble bath, and that's when it became apparent I was a novice to using bubble bath with jets.  Did you know the jets rapidly multiply the bubbles?  I found  out the hard way when the tub was only half way full of water but overflowing with bubbles.  Bubbles so dense I could leave hand prints.  Finally I played with my girl some more

and we were off to bed.

Wednesday morning Ashley, Dad, and I had reservations for a kayak trip.  We had the BEST time!  The people took us to a landing spot to park the car, then drove us three miles up the river where we put in.  There were rapids, waterfalls, and smooth spots all in those three miles.  Mom stayed back with the kids, and she had bought us one of those old school water proof cameras with no flash and a wheel that you wind.  Remember those we are going have to go get those developed to see how our kayak trip turned out.  Remember those days?  Anyway, we got back in time to make hot dogs for lunch and then it was nap time.  Later we took the kayaks that the river house had docked and I let Luke "paddle" with me.

He loved it!  After a hamburger dinner Papa and Luke started gathering sticks for a fire.

Why did we need to make a fire?  For s'mores of course!  We had to roast the marshmallows the right way.

Luke got to taste his very first s'more, and funny enough, he didn't finish it.

Then it was inside for baths (I took one with Evan, sans the bubbles, since she got so sweaty in the humidity) and after Luke went to bed the grown ups stayed up to play 5 Crown. 

Thursday we took some family pictures.

Then we went to the state park where Dad and I took Luke on the little train ride around the park.  Leave it to Papa to indulge Luke's still-strong obsession.  Lame train rides are getting to be a tradition in our family.  Ha! 

Eventually we got back to the house where Papa and Luke went fishing and I did a little more kayaking.  Okay, mostly I paddled to the other side of the river and floated there watching the fish swim.

Then I came in and took even more pictures of my girl

before we cooked a big steak dinner.  That dinner was the first one that we ate inside.  All of our other meals were outside on the deck.  Luke went to bed, more cards were played, and our vacation was almost over.

This morning we got up and lazily got ready to go.  We were back on the road by noon and made our way back to the home front.  I'm now totally unpacked, have one load of laundry down, and am so glad that I had cleaned the house before I left, it was nice to walk in the door that way (Cody had been out the whole week on his hitchhiking trip).  Tomorrow to work it is!  Thanks Mom and Dad  for such a great and fun vacation, it was much needed!

 (just to show that Mom did get in lots of pictures too, I just had to edit down the hundreds that we took to these!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working girl

Well, I think from the number of messages, texts, and emails I got yesterday, most of you knew it was my first day of work.  I can't tell you how comforting it was to know so many of you were thinking of me and praying for me.  And the day went pretty well!  About 20 minutes before I left, I sat Luke down on the floor and explained to him how Momma was  about to go to work like Daddy does, and that Nana was coming to stay with him like Mom used to. 

"Mom go in de back twuck wike Daddy?"  (Mom go in the black truck like Daddy?)

"No Baby, Mom's gonna take Mom's car."

"Oh.  I get in de car and go wif me Mom?"

That's when I lost it.  my eyes filled up and when he saw me upset then he got more upset.  And Sister Friend? She woke up in the best mood.  Every time I looked in her face she would get the biggest smile.  Let me tell you, it's a lot harder to leave a baby that is happy to see you rather than one who is screaming non stop. 

I did get out the door, and once I arrived at the office I was better.  I  filled out my paper work, got the lay of the land, met a bunch of people, and was able to go home.  Thankfully I had time yesterday afternoon to take the kids swimming.  Mom came with me over to the Kilgore's pool and she and Mr. Ed swam with Luke while I held Evan on the steps.  She tolerated the water for about 30 minutes!  It was funny- I could brace her head and to keep it above the water, and not touch the rest of her body, and she would totally float. 

For dinner we went over to Grandmother's for some Taco Cabana fajitas and then home to bed.  This morning Luke slept up until it was just about time for me to leave.  Mom got here while I was nursing Evan one last time, and when I was ready to leave Luke refused to hug me.  Then I would stand up to leave and he would say "I need a hug!" but then still wouldn't hug me.  This happened twice.  Both times I just hugged and kissed him anyway, and he asked again as I walked out the door but I had to just go.  It could have gone on all morning. 

Today was more of actual training.  I learned how to do the phones, transfer stuff, the fax machine, scanner, email system, travel documents, internal drive, ect.  Then I had lunch with a few of the guys.  After lunch I got a few more things done and was able to go home. 

After I got home is when things started to fall apart.  I'm only running on a few hours sleep, so I'm already tired and not at my most patient-filled.  Luke was Mom! Mom! Mom! for two hours straight, as well as pooping in his underwear three times in 45 minutes.  Not. Even. Kidding.  I was almost in tears.  I was taking him over to Mom and Dad's anyway so I could go to Shae's for a girl's night/Scentsey party so we just left a few minutes early.  I dropped him off and headed out for some much needed girl time.  I felt really guilty for leaving him again after being gone all day, but I knew I needed it. 

Now I'm home, one is in bed, one is about to shower with me and then get in bed too.  Hopefully getting in bed a tad earlier tonight will help in feeling better tomorrow!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Weekend

What a fantastic weekend we had!  Friday the kids and I spent most of the day with Shae and the boys.  We were planning to go over and play at some point that morning, and then she texted me about coming early to help them eat the cinnamon rolls for breakfast.   Ummm....yes please!  So we went over and had breakfast and played.  Right as I was about to gather my troops, her water turned off.  Silly city.  So they came over to our house for lunch and to play a little more, and finally we parted ways at 2 when everyone was dying for a nap. 

After nap (which I had to wake Luke up from at 5), we hung around the house, and I cooked dinner.  Then I got another text to meet up with the Raymond's and the Wyatt's for playing at the park, then ice cream.  By the time I got us dressed and out the door it was 7:45.  We played for awhile, then went to Braum's for a treat.  We didn't get home until almost 10!  It was a quick bath for everyone then to bed.

Needless to say we slept pretty late Saturday morning.  Around 10 Cody took Luke over to his parents and I tried to be productive around the house.  That didn't happen.  Somehow I got sucked into The Princess Diaries 2, and it was 12:30 before I got anything done.  I paid the bills, did some laundry, and about that time Luke came home for a nap.  Again he slept until 5, and when he got up we played around the house.  I made spaghetti for dinner and we watched Elf.  Nothing like a Christmas movie in July!  Between nap and dinner, I did let Luke have the ring pop he got from VBS. 

There was red alllll over his face!  Evan was laying on my bed while I picked up in there, and of course Luke wanted to join her.

I love my kids.  :)

Sunday came all to early.  We got ready for church, went to bible class and "big" church, then had lunch with Mom and Dad at a little family Italian place. 

(after the picture he went over to play for a minute...I caught him playing with Thomas up on top of the bridge saying "Oh no! Oh no!  Watch out, be careful!!  Ahhhhhhh! [as Thomas "fell" off])

After nap time Luke and I cleaned his room.  Boy did it need it!  I turned up the radio and we danced around while items got put away.  I finished up the laundry and really put myself out on a limb with sticks, tomato slices, and cheese.  At least two out of the three items were healthy, right?

 (this is where he chose to eat.  I don't know why.  And he had asked to put his jammie pants back on.  Again, I don't know why.)

After dinner (which included a little Harry Potter.  I love summer!) I watered the yard and Luke came out in his underwear to play in the water.  At first I felt a little silly letting my kid run around in the front yard like that, but he was so cute I didn't even care.  That little bottom is precious in his Cars undies!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing complete

I spent the first half of the day wrapping up all my sewing projects.  Last week I hemmed up this big piece of fabric for my  big girl.

She outgrew  those flannel receiving blankets her second week of life, so having this big blankets is exactly what she needs to be swaddled.  And if she's going to fall asleep on her own, she has to be swaddled.  I like the vine stitch that I used, and I have to say, I think it was the first project I've ever worked on where I didn't have to pull out the seam ripper and don't have any spots where I just shrug and say "Oh well.  People probably won't be looking that closely." 

This morning I ripped off the binding of this blanket and redid it.

The first time I didn't line it up right and the binding just looked horrible.  Much better now!  I wish it was a little thicker, more like this blanket, but I still love it.  I am so glad I thought to put her name on the back side!   You know me and my monogramming.  Speaking of, I finished the burp clothes.   When I was at Babies R Us a couple of weeks ago I picked up the boy and the girl colors of plain burp cloths. 

I think the "boy" pack turned out so cute and totally feminine!  That whitish looking one in the the "girl" pack is actually a very pale pink.  Both packs came with a white one, but I chose not to use them.  If I need more I can sew them up, but I didn't want to waste fabric on them if I don't need that many.

And I finished the onesie from yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture.  Maybe next time.  And with that, my sewing machine is shut down for a long time.  With me going back to work, I'm just not going to have time to do any sewing for a really long time.  I'm not putting anything back in my Etsy shop, and I've turned away the last two custom orders I've been messaged about.  I hate that my one creative outlet has to be back burnered, but spending time with my kids after work is going to come first.  I still haven't made the pillowcase dress with matching tee shirt for Luke like I wanted to, and I need to do it soon before he out grows the shirt, but I don't know when I will be able to.  The fabric is just taunting me!  Maybe one Saturday soon. 

I spent the entire afternoon tidying the house.  Not cleaning.  Just picking up.  It was that bad.  There was at least 30 yards of various fabrics strewn about, and I hadn't picked up dishes, cups, toys, or clothes in days. 


Tonight was the last night of VBS.  It was family night, with a hot dog supper and a clown show after that.  I'm not a huge fan of clowns and I don't think Luke has ever seen one.  He really enjoyed it!  I was shocked that he wanted to go up on stage as a volunteer!  Eventually though, he just couldn't sit any more and started running around.  We were in the auditorium of church, sitting on the last row in front of the big walk way that runs the length of the room.  Mom was sitting on the first pew in the section behind us.  Luke and his friends started just running up and down it.  Then the clown played this slow slow slow song, and Luke stopped running and started jamming out.  I mean the kid was movin'.  Fists to the chest, knees bent, grooving way fast than the song dictated.  It was hysterical.  THEN he said rather loudly "Come on Mom!  Dance wif me!"  Someone needs to tell that kid that Church of Christ people don't dance.  HA!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make a better choice

This morning was a nice lazy morning.  So glad to have it.  Luke got up earlier than he has been lately (which was strange because it was at least 11 before he fell asleep last night.  Unlike I predicted, he was so wound up that he had a very hard time calming down to drop off.), but it was okay.  I got him breakfast and tried to lay down again, but it wasn't going to happen.  We watched cartoons in bed for a few minutes before he ran off to play and I got hungry.  After a breakfast of Cheerios and coffee, I got to sewing.  I only have 4 burp cloths for Evan, I haven't really used them while I'm nursing her (she doesn't spit up either).  But I'm thinking that once she is getting the milk in a bottle at day care she's going to need more.  I got 4 of the 6 done today.  It took me the whooooooole day.  Between a baby that likes to be held, giving Luke some attention, keeping everyone fed with various meals, potty breaks (for Luke), and more, it was a slow process.

Why so many potty breaks?  As I've said before, Luke pretty much as the pee part down, it's the poo we are working on.  Every few minutes I would ask him if he had to go.  It was always no.  Three times he spontaneously said "I have to poop!" and we would run to the bathroom, but as soon as his cheeks hit the seat he would tell me "Noooooo, I no poop."  Not frustrating at all.

Finally, FINALLY, after all those false alarms, he got it right.  We were so excited!  As in, he didn't talk about much else the rest of the day.  I did  get a picture of the quick onesie I whipped up for Evan to wear tonight.  It had a little elephant printed on it, but I just sewed the applique right over it.  Tomorrow I'll give the bird legs and add something to the back.

How cute is that skirt?  If you can believe, it's a size 3-6 months (she's 7 weeks old today) and it has the cutest little ruffles on the back of it!  Maybe I'll put it back on her when I photograph the back of the onesie tomorrow so I'll be able to remember that sweet little gem.

After a rather lengthy nap it was finally time for dinner.  Schlotzsky's was having their small original sandwiches on for $1.99 today, so we were totally there.  I took the kids up to meet Mom and Dad before VBS and we had a nice meal.  At long last, it was time to go to "Cation Bible Skoow".  Luke was ready.

We got there and I took him down to the pew where his group was designated to sit, and he didn't want to sit there.  He wanted to go up on the stage and play.  Then he got very upset with me when I wouldn't let him and he said he wanted to go home.  Nothing new, he usually pouts and wants to go home when he gets his way and then always changes his tune once we are half way to the door.  Always.

Except for tonight.  As he was pouting I told him he had two choices- go home and go to bed (said in a slow sad voice) or stay here and see his friends, sing songs, and have a good snack (said in a high, upbeat voice).  He chose to go home.  I asked him again.

He chose to go home.

We got half way to the door and I asked again.  Home.

We got to the door.  Still home.

We go to the car, and I was SURE this time he would choose to go back inside.  Nope.  Still home.

So home we went.  And you better believe he went to bed at 6:30.  I was serious when I said he was going to bed if we went home.  He knows what that means.  And he needs to know I will stick to my word.  If I'm going to be doing this parenting gig alone, then the sooner he learns I mean what I say, the sooner it will be better for the both of us.  Sorry if it sounds harsh.  When learning to become a teacher, one thing they tell you is it's easier to be strict at first and ease up later than it is to be lax with the rules and then tighten up.  The same thing applies to parenting (in my opinion).  He is a smart boy!

So that was my  day.  Tomorrow is shaping up to look much of the same.  Finish  the other two burp rags, fix  a blanket I rushed on and screwed up, and finished the onesie from today (pictures of the rags and blankets tomorrow).  Hopefully we'll make it to the family night for VBS!  ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cardiologist and Shopping

First of all, I want to say thank you for the great out pouring of support from yesterday's post.  I can honestly say that every single message, email, and post brought tears to my eyes.   Thank you for caring about me and my children.  I haven't been able to respond  to any of  the messages yet, but please know that I am so grateful.

Okay, now for what's been going on the last couple of days.  Yesterday during the day all we did was run to the grocery store.  On our way there Luke said "Look Mom!  I dwi-fin like you!"  I look back and he's got his arms up, fists out, "driving" some imaginary steering wheel like a maniac.  I laughed out loud at him.  Hopefully I don't look like that!  And that elusive smile I mention the other night?

That's what I could get with my phone after a diaper change.  And then when I was just about to turn out the lights I noticed  something funny.

Girlfriend is trying to sneak that thumb. 

Last night was the first night of VBS this week.  It's Luke first time to attend, and my first time not to work.  I dropped him off, visited for a minute, and then......left.  I came home.  It was weird.  I was able to get the vacuuming done, sheets changed, laundry load on, dinner cleaned up, and most of yesterday's post written.  Whew!  And Luke?  He had a great time!  I went back  up there a few minutes before it was over so I could watch him.  He didn't really participate in the song movements, but he had a big ole grin when I picked him up and told me all about it.  He was already ready for the next night!

This morning started way earlier than I would have liked.  Evan had an  appointment with at cardiologist for a heart murmur that the doctor heard last week when I took her in for the nursing trouble.  It was at 8:15 in Plano, which meant I had to leave the house this morning no later than 7:30.  I figured I better get used to it now, that's what my life will be like all too soon.  We made it to the appointment, and since we were the first one of the day it didn't take long.  The doctor did an EKG and an echo cardiogram, and thankfully both were okay.  She does have an innocent murmur and a small hole in her heart that didn't close properly from being in the womb.  He said that neither one were cause for concern or should cause her any problems.  We don't have to go back, and she doesn't have any restrictions on activities when she's older. 

We were done by 9, and I wanted to go shopping, but stores don't open until 10.  So I sat in in the lobby and nursed Evan.  Luke played.  Then we took a potty break.  By then it was close enough to time, so we loaded back up in the car and met Mom at Stonebrier.  I had a Vera Bradley gift card that I just HAD to spend. :)  After an early lunch, someone got a little treat since sister had so much attention this morning.

It was his first carousal ride, and he LOVED it.  He had the biggest grin on his face and laughed the whole time.  He was disappointed when it stopped and wanted to go again.  We did a little more shopping, then I  went to the bathroom before we headed home leaving Mom with both kids.  When I came out, this is what I saw.

Oh Nana. 

Tonight he was all about the VBS again.  This time while he was gone I didn't go home, I went to dinner with Brandy.  It was so nice to visit without two 3 year old  boys causing mischief!   When I picked Luke up he was all grins again, telling me about the songs they sang, the lesson they had, and the ding dings we saw this afternoon (on the way home from the mall we got stopped at a railroad crossing and he got to watch the bars go down and the red lights flash.  He was thrilled.)  Then I stood around and visited for awhile while he RAN his little heart out with Zane and Dakota.  I'm pretty sure after such a thrilling day (carousal, railroad crossing, and VBS), he had no trouble drifting off to sleep.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming Clean

Well, this is another post I've been putting off having to write.  I've been dreading this since March.  It was a Wednesday afternoon, I think I was about 30 weeks pregnant, and I was on the phone with Cody, frustrated that he had made plans to go out again every night that weekend.  All of the sudden he was out with it.

"I don't want to do this anymore.  As soon as the baby comes and you get settled and get a job, I'm moving out."

My world shattered.  I shut down for the next few days.  I went in between denial and hysteria.

I quickly got myself into counseling through a counseling center here in town, and that helped.  This has, and will continue, to leave a lot of scars and baggage.  Being so totally rejected by the person who is supposed to love you no matter what is devastating, but having it happen when you are almost 40 lbs heavier than normal is....I don't know what.  Awful.

Over the last few months I have begged, pleaded, prayed, fasted, and wept the soul crushing sobs that lead to hyperventilation.  I've tried to hide it from Luke, but he's caught me enough times that to this day he asks me every few minutes "Momma happy?"  As if I didn't have enough heart break as it is, lets add the innocent question of my three year old.

The idea of being a single mom isn't new to me, I've pretty much carried the role for the last three years, but to have it made official is so painful.  I never in a million years thought that this would happen to me.  Divorce happens  to other people.  Friends of friends.  Not here.  Not to me.  I never imagined that I would grow old alone.  Sure, we've had a rough marriage, but I just assumed that it would get better.  That's one reason I didn't tell anyone for a very long time.  It would just get better.  We were meant to be together, so surely this wouldn't follow through.  I've been in a relationship with this man for 12 years- dated for 4 and married for 8 (in two weeks).  It's always been Cody and Lindsey.

But now I've got a job.  Next Monday I'll be training for the secretary job and Joby's brother's office (where he works too).  I've enrolled my children care.  The thought of that makes me want to throw up.  I cried and cried when I signed them up. Thankfully they won't have to actually go until August 15th, since Mom wants to keep them till she goes back to school.  I've been mourning this week the loss of my SAHM status.  Staying home these last two years has shown me that my real calling is to be a mom, so to have to give that roll up for a divorce I don't even want is crushing.  I'm trying this week to just lay low, hold my babies, and cherish these last few days with them.  This is it.  This is all I get.

Thankfully God has granted me personal strength and a great support system.  Once I finally told my parents they swooped in and have helped in any way I would let them.  Shae has been a huge blessing, letting me vent constantly and babysitting when I had counseling appointments.  My sister stepped up during Evan's birth.  I've gotten hugs, phone calls, messages, and visits with sweet words of encouragement from friends.

I don't know what is going to happen from here.  Cody is still living in the house (talk about salt on the wound.  Having to be around him and not hug him or anything makes me ache) but now that I have a job I'm assuming that he's moving out soon.  I don't know how God is going to work in this situation, but I'm confident that He is.  I'm sure that whatever the outcome is, it is in the best interest of my children, because EVERYTHING that He does is for His glory.  I just have to figure out which ways to give it.  I want to stay in the house if possible so that Luke has one stable factor in this whole situation, so his entire world isn't turned upside down.

So, that's what's been going on.  I know that Jesus has his arms around us and will hold  us through the process.  I'm just so sad that he didn't want to try any more, that it all had to end.  I hope and pray that my children come out okay.  I pray that I come out okay.  With Jesus, we will.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip out west

This weekend the kids and I hit the road with Mom and Dad.  I threw caution to the wind and climb in the back seat with a potty training three year old and a 6 week old infant.  It. Was. Awesome.  The trip over there Luke did great.  We left about 1:00 and he didn't get super antsy or agitated till we were just about there.  We only stopped twice- half way there to take a potty break and get a snack at Dairy Queen.  After we got back in the car we drove for another hour to Abilene, and stopped to pick up a coconut pie at McKays.  Of course.  Then we only had one more hour to get to Grandy's.  At that point Mom handed Luke her newspaper.

How cute is he?!  While he "did" the crossword puzzle, Sister just slept the ride away.

She did fantastic.  Once we got to Grandy's, we all went out to the little Mexican food place there in town for dinner with Aunt Patty and Uncle Allen.  Then it was back to Grandy's house to relax and eat our pie.

Saturday we slept in until 9 and then hung around the house.  Eventually we got dressed and headed to the museum where Aunt Patty works so we could see it and- best of all- let Luke play in the red caboose that is right behind the museum.

  Girlfriend and I stayed inside where it was air conditioned.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing around the house, figuring out Google+ and Pinterest.  We'll see how long I stay interested in them!

Today we all got up, went to church, and then had lunch over at Aunt Patty's house.  Finally it was time for the trip home.  It started out okay, mostly because after about 30 minutes we all (except for Dad, who was driving) fell asleep for a couple of hours.  When we woke up, things didn't go to well.  We'd slept through Eastland (the half way mark) and stops after that are slim pickens until Weatherford (an hour away).  Luke got tired of his seat FAST and Evan suddenly became starved.  He kept saying "I"m not happy.  I'm sad." and "I WANNA GET DOWN."  Lovely.  We made it to right outside of Weatherford to a Wendy's in a truck stop, where I huddled in a corner table nursing Evan and Mom and Dad got a snack for everyone.  All too soon it was time to get back in the car.

Holding hands with someone made it a little more bearable.  Sometimes it was with me, sometimes it was with Evan.  Eventually we made it home and all was right with the world.  I have to say, that kid talked the ENTIRE car ride there and back, except for when he was asleep.  It was incredible.  Mostly it was about his beloved trains, but there was a little bit of everything in there. Let me tell you, I am currently enjoying the peace and quiet of bed time at this moment.

Some exciting news about Luke....he didn't have an accident all weekend!!  I was very nervous about the car ride, but he did fine.  He did say on the way home (after Wendy's) that he needed to poop, but of course when we stopped he didn't.  Once back in the car, Mom handed me some fruit snacks in front of him and said when he went poop in the potty he could have the fruit snacks.  When we got home he sat on the potty for 20 minutes working for those snacks.  I kept telling him he could get down and try again later, but dude was determined.  Finally he did, and he received the spoils of his labor.

The exciting news about Evan is she gave us her first real smiles this weekend!  I tried so hard to get one on camera, but of course those suckers are more elusive than Big Foot.  Hopefully I'll have one soon!

(closest I got)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The ZOO!

Yesterday morning the kids and I hung out at home, and then got busy in the afternoon.  I had wanted to go to the store for some groceries, but when I went to get Luke dressed I discovered a little snag.  His closet door was jammed shut.  I mean JAMMED.  I even had one foot on the wall to give me leverage as I yanked on the knob and did didn't budge.  I managed to figure out how to get the hinges off and it still wouldn't open.  Since every single pair of Luke's shoes were in there, we were stuck at home.  I was not about to be that trashy girl at Target with a three year old wearing no shoes.  Dad came over on his lunch break and was able to pull it open but by then it was too late to get out.  Luke "napped"  (no sleep again) and I got ready. 

I had a 4:30 dr appointment for my postpartum check up, and I dropped Luke off at Mom and Dad's before hand to spend the night.  After the appointment I dropped Evan off too (I wanted my fabulous doctor to see her) and then went to pick up my sweet Sarah.  She took me on a lady date!  We went to Sneaky Pete's and spent 2 hours eating and talking.  It was wonderful.  Afterwards I picked Evan back up and she and I had a girls night at home.

This morning I set the alarm to be at Mom's by 9, because we were headed to the ZOO!  It was hot hot hot, well over 100 degrees today, so we wanted to get there by the time it opened at 10.  We had such a great time!  On our way there Evan started to fuss, and so Ashley tried to hand Luke her paci to put in her mouth (I was driving).  Apparently he couldn't reach her, because all of the sudden he started shouting "Here Evan!  Here!  Take de paci!  Take it!"  Ashley and I started cracking up. 

We saw all the animals and he really seemed to enjoy them this time.  The fish, the reptile house, and the birds really caught his attention.  In the parakeet house a little girl gave him her feed sticks, and he had the BEST time feeding the birds.  He was just enthralled with them and I had to drag him out when it was time to go.  (We were there so long I even had time to sit and nurse Evan)  But the highlight of the day for Luke  was riding the train.  Dad had made the mistake of telling him this morning that we were going to get to ride the train at the zoo, so the entire ride, morning, and afternoon was filled with talk of the "train zoo".  When we got to the "depot" we were shocked that it was possibly closed for the day.  How in the world were we going to break that to Luke.  Praise Jesus, about 30 minutes later it was open.  We rode it up to the front of the zoo and we were done.  It was 2:00 and we were zooed out and tired of the heat, plus we wanted real food for lunch, not zoo food.  We left the park and went to Chili's, then it was home to shower.  I love how good it feels to get cleaned up after you've sweated buckets all day.  The only person who didn't sweat was Evan, because she had a little fan clipped to her stroller, keeping her cool as a cucumber.  Thoughtful Mom spent most of yesterday tracking down a fan, as there were none to be had in Lewisville or Flower Mound.  We finally found one in Plano.  But even though she didn't get sticky like the rest of us, she still got a bath too. 

Love her!

Tonight an old friend from high school and his wife brought me a dinner to pull out of the freezer when I need it.  Luke had just been playing in his underwear (which he kept clean and dry the entire zoo trip!) before they came over, so I just slapped a pair of boxers on over them since he hadn't had a bath yet.  Low and behold, as soon as they walked through the door he took them off.  Yep.  I tried and tried to tell him "we don't take off our clothes when we have guests" but he wouldn't put them back on.  He showed them all about his new train table in his little blue polar bear undies.  Awesome.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend in bullet points

-Saturday afternoon was spent running around town with Mom trying to find something to make wedding shower invitations on/with.  After 4 stores and a hungry baby we said good enough and bought one at the last store.  It's harder than you think to find!

-Luke played with my glasses.

-So Evan got to join in too.

-Saturday night we went to an engagement reception for my friends Sara and Clint.  By the time it was half way over Luke was so sweaty from running around outside that I was embarrassed and took him home.  Kid. Was. Drenched.  

-At one point I just barely caught a 30 lbs "monkey" from swinging on the curtains.  Literally.  Better me stop him than the floor, but he didn't believe me. 

-He also discovered how much fun it is to shoot the dog with a water gun.  After 45 minutes of gleefully (seriously, the best laughter ever) chasing Daisy down and soaking her in the back yard, Luke came back in and announced "I'm home Momma!  I'm home!"  Whew.  I was afraid he'd gone for good or something. 

-Since we didn't have anything planned for small groups tonight, I sent out an email for everyone to meet at the water park and then come over afterwards to eat dinner.  There was a 4 year old, four 3 year olds, two 18 month olds, and an 11 month old that found EVERY toy we ever owned.  The good thing was some of those toys actually got played with, as opposed to sitting in the closet for the last six months.  And I got to visit with my friends in the comfort of my own home. 

-Miss Julie (the children's minister) used Luke as an example of a three year old for her announcement about VBS next week.  We were afraid that he would be too bashful, but then she took him up on stage.  He walked around.  He looked in the air vent on the floor.  He came to the very edge of the stage and started SHOUTING "Hey Mom!  Hi Momma!  Mom! Hi!"  while waving.  Nope.  Not so bashful.  (did I mention we sit at the very back of an 1800 capacity auditorium?)

-This girl was pretty cute too.

I meant to get a real picture with my camera when we got home, but I forgot.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Potty business and a birthday

Yesterday was a very lazy morning. 

Wednesday I worked hard to get all of my chores done so that I'd be able to just sit with my baby girl in my arms and watch the boy play.  Luke seems to be picking up on this potty training business pretty well- at least the pee pee side of it.  While he's awake he's been in undies all week, and he hasn't had one accident.  Nor has he in his sleep, but I still make him wear a pull up. 

The tricky part seems to be the poo.  It's always the poo.  In fact, it was all about the poo yesterday.  Evan had her first blow out diaper.  It was everywhere.  I had to not only soak her night gown, but I had to wash the changing mat and then Evan herself.  About the time I got done with her, Luke "woke" up from his nap (he never went to sleep), and I made him take a potty break first thing.  The stream had so much pressure behind it (I'm guessing) that it actually came out in three streams.  This is what I get for having him stand to pee.  One stream went to the right, all over the shower curtain and tub, one went forwards all over the wall behind the potty, and one went to the left- all over my leg, the lavatory, the floor, and out into the hall.  It was unreal.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on and off the potty trying to get the poo thing down.

I even gave him reading material. 

Eventually he got the timing down and right before it was time to leave for Ashley's birthday dinner, he went.  Whoo hoo!  Should I write his first poo in the potty down in his baby book?  After that the kids and I met Mom, Dad, and Ashley at Olive Garden for her birthday dinner.  Then it was back to Mom's house for ice cream cake and presents. 

This morning we hung out in bed for awhile....

before getting up and heading to the pool at Ashley's apartment.  We stayed until lunch time, came home, and Luke finally took a nap where he actually slept.  Then Dad came over and mowed my lawn, I fixed dinner and watched The DaVinci Code while I ate, bathed Luke, rocked Evan, and finally typed this.