Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working girl

Well, I think from the number of messages, texts, and emails I got yesterday, most of you knew it was my first day of work.  I can't tell you how comforting it was to know so many of you were thinking of me and praying for me.  And the day went pretty well!  About 20 minutes before I left, I sat Luke down on the floor and explained to him how Momma was  about to go to work like Daddy does, and that Nana was coming to stay with him like Mom used to. 

"Mom go in de back twuck wike Daddy?"  (Mom go in the black truck like Daddy?)

"No Baby, Mom's gonna take Mom's car."

"Oh.  I get in de car and go wif me Mom?"

That's when I lost it.  my eyes filled up and when he saw me upset then he got more upset.  And Sister Friend? She woke up in the best mood.  Every time I looked in her face she would get the biggest smile.  Let me tell you, it's a lot harder to leave a baby that is happy to see you rather than one who is screaming non stop. 

I did get out the door, and once I arrived at the office I was better.  I  filled out my paper work, got the lay of the land, met a bunch of people, and was able to go home.  Thankfully I had time yesterday afternoon to take the kids swimming.  Mom came with me over to the Kilgore's pool and she and Mr. Ed swam with Luke while I held Evan on the steps.  She tolerated the water for about 30 minutes!  It was funny- I could brace her head and to keep it above the water, and not touch the rest of her body, and she would totally float. 

For dinner we went over to Grandmother's for some Taco Cabana fajitas and then home to bed.  This morning Luke slept up until it was just about time for me to leave.  Mom got here while I was nursing Evan one last time, and when I was ready to leave Luke refused to hug me.  Then I would stand up to leave and he would say "I need a hug!" but then still wouldn't hug me.  This happened twice.  Both times I just hugged and kissed him anyway, and he asked again as I walked out the door but I had to just go.  It could have gone on all morning. 

Today was more of actual training.  I learned how to do the phones, transfer stuff, the fax machine, scanner, email system, travel documents, internal drive, ect.  Then I had lunch with a few of the guys.  After lunch I got a few more things done and was able to go home. 

After I got home is when things started to fall apart.  I'm only running on a few hours sleep, so I'm already tired and not at my most patient-filled.  Luke was Mom! Mom! Mom! for two hours straight, as well as pooping in his underwear three times in 45 minutes.  Not. Even. Kidding.  I was almost in tears.  I was taking him over to Mom and Dad's anyway so I could go to Shae's for a girl's night/Scentsey party so we just left a few minutes early.  I dropped him off and headed out for some much needed girl time.  I felt really guilty for leaving him again after being gone all day, but I knew I needed it. 

Now I'm home, one is in bed, one is about to shower with me and then get in bed too.  Hopefully getting in bed a tad earlier tonight will help in feeling better tomorrow!

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Lucy Marie said...

I've been thinking of you lots this week. xoxo