Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make a better choice

This morning was a nice lazy morning.  So glad to have it.  Luke got up earlier than he has been lately (which was strange because it was at least 11 before he fell asleep last night.  Unlike I predicted, he was so wound up that he had a very hard time calming down to drop off.), but it was okay.  I got him breakfast and tried to lay down again, but it wasn't going to happen.  We watched cartoons in bed for a few minutes before he ran off to play and I got hungry.  After a breakfast of Cheerios and coffee, I got to sewing.  I only have 4 burp cloths for Evan, I haven't really used them while I'm nursing her (she doesn't spit up either).  But I'm thinking that once she is getting the milk in a bottle at day care she's going to need more.  I got 4 of the 6 done today.  It took me the whooooooole day.  Between a baby that likes to be held, giving Luke some attention, keeping everyone fed with various meals, potty breaks (for Luke), and more, it was a slow process.

Why so many potty breaks?  As I've said before, Luke pretty much as the pee part down, it's the poo we are working on.  Every few minutes I would ask him if he had to go.  It was always no.  Three times he spontaneously said "I have to poop!" and we would run to the bathroom, but as soon as his cheeks hit the seat he would tell me "Noooooo, I no poop."  Not frustrating at all.

Finally, FINALLY, after all those false alarms, he got it right.  We were so excited!  As in, he didn't talk about much else the rest of the day.  I did  get a picture of the quick onesie I whipped up for Evan to wear tonight.  It had a little elephant printed on it, but I just sewed the applique right over it.  Tomorrow I'll give the bird legs and add something to the back.

How cute is that skirt?  If you can believe, it's a size 3-6 months (she's 7 weeks old today) and it has the cutest little ruffles on the back of it!  Maybe I'll put it back on her when I photograph the back of the onesie tomorrow so I'll be able to remember that sweet little gem.

After a rather lengthy nap it was finally time for dinner.  Schlotzsky's was having their small original sandwiches on for $1.99 today, so we were totally there.  I took the kids up to meet Mom and Dad before VBS and we had a nice meal.  At long last, it was time to go to "Cation Bible Skoow".  Luke was ready.

We got there and I took him down to the pew where his group was designated to sit, and he didn't want to sit there.  He wanted to go up on the stage and play.  Then he got very upset with me when I wouldn't let him and he said he wanted to go home.  Nothing new, he usually pouts and wants to go home when he gets his way and then always changes his tune once we are half way to the door.  Always.

Except for tonight.  As he was pouting I told him he had two choices- go home and go to bed (said in a slow sad voice) or stay here and see his friends, sing songs, and have a good snack (said in a high, upbeat voice).  He chose to go home.  I asked him again.

He chose to go home.

We got half way to the door and I asked again.  Home.

We got to the door.  Still home.

We go to the car, and I was SURE this time he would choose to go back inside.  Nope.  Still home.

So home we went.  And you better believe he went to bed at 6:30.  I was serious when I said he was going to bed if we went home.  He knows what that means.  And he needs to know I will stick to my word.  If I'm going to be doing this parenting gig alone, then the sooner he learns I mean what I say, the sooner it will be better for the both of us.  Sorry if it sounds harsh.  When learning to become a teacher, one thing they tell you is it's easier to be strict at first and ease up later than it is to be lax with the rules and then tighten up.  The same thing applies to parenting (in my opinion).  He is a smart boy!

So that was my  day.  Tomorrow is shaping up to look much of the same.  Finish  the other two burp rags, fix  a blanket I rushed on and screwed up, and finished the onesie from today (pictures of the rags and blankets tomorrow).  Hopefully we'll make it to the family night for VBS!  ;)

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