Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday party

Yesterday I could have gone to the pool with the girls, but after a crazy week I just really needed to stay home with my babies and hold my littlest.  So I did.  For most of the day.  The only productive thing I did during the day light was finally clean the floors.  And that was only done half way since I had a baby strapped to my chest.

She didn't want to be put down, okay? 

I knew that Luke's party was this morning, and I knew that I had to make all the food, but for some reason it didn't click that I needed to get that done then.  I took the kids after dinner to pick up the remaining items from Target and the grocery store, got them home, bathed, and into bed.  THEN I realized I couldn't make all the food in the morning and needed to at least make the muffins then.  At 9:30.  So I dutifully pulled out the mixing bowl, muffin tin, and oil.  That's when I realized I was completely out of eggs. 

I needed 5 for two packages of muffin mix

So, I texted Mom and when their movie got out she and Dad brought me the eggs (and extra muffin liners, since I realized I was almost out of those too).  I passed off the pigs in a blanket for her to bake this morning, and I got started.  By midnight I had two dozen muffins, a shower, and the lights finally were out.

This morning it was party time!  I baked up the cinnamon rolls, got everything together, everyone dressed, and out the door by 8:30.  We headed to the park and I set everything up.

By 9:15 everyone that was coming was there, and we were able to eat breakfast.  The kids ate quickly and then hit the playground.  If red faces and sweaty hair indicate a good time, then those kids had the best!  I knew it was hot and humid, but lord have mercy.  Luke looked like he jumped in a pool.

 (Joby took the boys on a stick hike)

And this girl?  She had a good time too.  She hung out with me in the sling for awhile, until I just couldn't take the extra heat anymore, and then she tried to nap in her stroller, but it was just too dang sticky.

By 11 we were all ready to go home and take a bath.  I gave Luke a quick one before Cody's dad and grandparents came to fetch him for the day.  What did I do with my afternoon?  Watched some tv, got clean, watched some more tv, went for a sushi lunch (at my very favorite place), and then went to Khols' with Mom.  She bought me a new dress and 3 new shirts, and then we went "shopping" in her closet.  She's gone up a size in her pants, and I'm still up a size from my old pants.  What does that mean?  A lot of her pants don't fit her but they fit me!  Wahoo for pants with buttons!  I love the ease of maternity pants, but without the big belly to hold them it, it gets a little annoying.  Then I brought Evan home where we watched more tv, ate some leftover dinner, and waited for Brother to come home.  I missed that kid!  I gave him another quick bath, let him open his presents from this morning, and then it was off to bed. When we were saying prayers, I didn't realize he had started and I was looking at him.  All of the sudden he pointed at me and said CLOSE YO EYES!  Oops. 

Happy birthday party Luke, I'm so glad that you (and me and Evan!) had such a fun filled day!

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