Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cardiologist and Shopping

First of all, I want to say thank you for the great out pouring of support from yesterday's post.  I can honestly say that every single message, email, and post brought tears to my eyes.   Thank you for caring about me and my children.  I haven't been able to respond  to any of  the messages yet, but please know that I am so grateful.

Okay, now for what's been going on the last couple of days.  Yesterday during the day all we did was run to the grocery store.  On our way there Luke said "Look Mom!  I dwi-fin like you!"  I look back and he's got his arms up, fists out, "driving" some imaginary steering wheel like a maniac.  I laughed out loud at him.  Hopefully I don't look like that!  And that elusive smile I mention the other night?

That's what I could get with my phone after a diaper change.  And then when I was just about to turn out the lights I noticed  something funny.

Girlfriend is trying to sneak that thumb. 

Last night was the first night of VBS this week.  It's Luke first time to attend, and my first time not to work.  I dropped him off, visited for a minute, and then......left.  I came home.  It was weird.  I was able to get the vacuuming done, sheets changed, laundry load on, dinner cleaned up, and most of yesterday's post written.  Whew!  And Luke?  He had a great time!  I went back  up there a few minutes before it was over so I could watch him.  He didn't really participate in the song movements, but he had a big ole grin when I picked him up and told me all about it.  He was already ready for the next night!

This morning started way earlier than I would have liked.  Evan had an  appointment with at cardiologist for a heart murmur that the doctor heard last week when I took her in for the nursing trouble.  It was at 8:15 in Plano, which meant I had to leave the house this morning no later than 7:30.  I figured I better get used to it now, that's what my life will be like all too soon.  We made it to the appointment, and since we were the first one of the day it didn't take long.  The doctor did an EKG and an echo cardiogram, and thankfully both were okay.  She does have an innocent murmur and a small hole in her heart that didn't close properly from being in the womb.  He said that neither one were cause for concern or should cause her any problems.  We don't have to go back, and she doesn't have any restrictions on activities when she's older. 

We were done by 9, and I wanted to go shopping, but stores don't open until 10.  So I sat in in the lobby and nursed Evan.  Luke played.  Then we took a potty break.  By then it was close enough to time, so we loaded back up in the car and met Mom at Stonebrier.  I had a Vera Bradley gift card that I just HAD to spend. :)  After an early lunch, someone got a little treat since sister had so much attention this morning.

It was his first carousal ride, and he LOVED it.  He had the biggest grin on his face and laughed the whole time.  He was disappointed when it stopped and wanted to go again.  We did a little more shopping, then I  went to the bathroom before we headed home leaving Mom with both kids.  When I came out, this is what I saw.

Oh Nana. 

Tonight he was all about the VBS again.  This time while he was gone I didn't go home, I went to dinner with Brandy.  It was so nice to visit without two 3 year old  boys causing mischief!   When I picked Luke up he was all grins again, telling me about the songs they sang, the lesson they had, and the ding dings we saw this afternoon (on the way home from the mall we got stopped at a railroad crossing and he got to watch the bars go down and the red lights flash.  He was thrilled.)  Then I stood around and visited for awhile while he RAN his little heart out with Zane and Dakota.  I'm pretty sure after such a thrilling day (carousal, railroad crossing, and VBS), he had no trouble drifting off to sleep.


Haley said...

So glad that Evan's heart is okay. I got a Vera Bradley lunch bag for my birthday a couple years ago and I ALWAYS get compliments on it at work. Hugs to you and the kids. You know where to find me for venting purposes. :)

Tara Edwards said...

You are such a great mommy! Don't ever doubt yourself or the things you do for your kids. Remember, God will never put you in a situation you cannot handle! keep the faith and know that HE has a great plan for you and your babies!

TX Mommy said...

Isnt Vera simply the best? I totally love all of her stuff and am addicted. I'm so glad that Evan is doing well and the Dr gave her a clean bill of health. Luke is such an amazing little man, boys sure know how to melt a mommas heart. Hang in there girl, god never gives you more than you can handle.

Jaclyn_Rose said...

The nurses heard a heart murmur in my one week old while we were still in hospital - we had to have the EKG and chest xray and stuff when she was just two days old. We have a follow up today, so hopefully we have good results like you!!