Friday, July 8, 2011

Potty business and a birthday

Yesterday was a very lazy morning. 

Wednesday I worked hard to get all of my chores done so that I'd be able to just sit with my baby girl in my arms and watch the boy play.  Luke seems to be picking up on this potty training business pretty well- at least the pee pee side of it.  While he's awake he's been in undies all week, and he hasn't had one accident.  Nor has he in his sleep, but I still make him wear a pull up. 

The tricky part seems to be the poo.  It's always the poo.  In fact, it was all about the poo yesterday.  Evan had her first blow out diaper.  It was everywhere.  I had to not only soak her night gown, but I had to wash the changing mat and then Evan herself.  About the time I got done with her, Luke "woke" up from his nap (he never went to sleep), and I made him take a potty break first thing.  The stream had so much pressure behind it (I'm guessing) that it actually came out in three streams.  This is what I get for having him stand to pee.  One stream went to the right, all over the shower curtain and tub, one went forwards all over the wall behind the potty, and one went to the left- all over my leg, the lavatory, the floor, and out into the hall.  It was unreal.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on and off the potty trying to get the poo thing down.

I even gave him reading material. 

Eventually he got the timing down and right before it was time to leave for Ashley's birthday dinner, he went.  Whoo hoo!  Should I write his first poo in the potty down in his baby book?  After that the kids and I met Mom, Dad, and Ashley at Olive Garden for her birthday dinner.  Then it was back to Mom's house for ice cream cake and presents. 

This morning we hung out in bed for awhile....

before getting up and heading to the pool at Ashley's apartment.  We stayed until lunch time, came home, and Luke finally took a nap where he actually slept.  Then Dad came over and mowed my lawn, I fixed dinner and watched The DaVinci Code while I ate, bathed Luke, rocked Evan, and finally typed this.

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