Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Weekend

What a fantastic weekend we had!  Friday the kids and I spent most of the day with Shae and the boys.  We were planning to go over and play at some point that morning, and then she texted me about coming early to help them eat the cinnamon rolls for breakfast.   Ummm....yes please!  So we went over and had breakfast and played.  Right as I was about to gather my troops, her water turned off.  Silly city.  So they came over to our house for lunch and to play a little more, and finally we parted ways at 2 when everyone was dying for a nap. 

After nap (which I had to wake Luke up from at 5), we hung around the house, and I cooked dinner.  Then I got another text to meet up with the Raymond's and the Wyatt's for playing at the park, then ice cream.  By the time I got us dressed and out the door it was 7:45.  We played for awhile, then went to Braum's for a treat.  We didn't get home until almost 10!  It was a quick bath for everyone then to bed.

Needless to say we slept pretty late Saturday morning.  Around 10 Cody took Luke over to his parents and I tried to be productive around the house.  That didn't happen.  Somehow I got sucked into The Princess Diaries 2, and it was 12:30 before I got anything done.  I paid the bills, did some laundry, and about that time Luke came home for a nap.  Again he slept until 5, and when he got up we played around the house.  I made spaghetti for dinner and we watched Elf.  Nothing like a Christmas movie in July!  Between nap and dinner, I did let Luke have the ring pop he got from VBS. 

There was red alllll over his face!  Evan was laying on my bed while I picked up in there, and of course Luke wanted to join her.

I love my kids.  :)

Sunday came all to early.  We got ready for church, went to bible class and "big" church, then had lunch with Mom and Dad at a little family Italian place. 

(after the picture he went over to play for a minute...I caught him playing with Thomas up on top of the bridge saying "Oh no! Oh no!  Watch out, be careful!!  Ahhhhhhh! [as Thomas "fell" off])

After nap time Luke and I cleaned his room.  Boy did it need it!  I turned up the radio and we danced around while items got put away.  I finished up the laundry and really put myself out on a limb with sticks, tomato slices, and cheese.  At least two out of the three items were healthy, right?

 (this is where he chose to eat.  I don't know why.  And he had asked to put his jammie pants back on.  Again, I don't know why.)

After dinner (which included a little Harry Potter.  I love summer!) I watered the yard and Luke came out in his underwear to play in the water.  At first I felt a little silly letting my kid run around in the front yard like that, but he was so cute I didn't even care.  That little bottom is precious in his Cars undies!

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