Monday, May 30, 2011

39 Weeks and Memorial Day

This is all your getting on the weekly update.  Basically I'm pouting because I'm still pregnant.  I was SO SURE that I would not make it this far, and believe me, with every move I make my body is telling me there is a baby still in there.  You know what the fruit/veggie is for 39 weeks?  A small melon.  Um, why can't they just put that she's the size of a full term baby?  Because that's what she is.  The size of a full term baby.  And just getting bigger.  The maternity shirt I was wearing today didn't even meet the top of my shorts.  There was a good 3 inches of skin showing.  Heaven help us all of I am forced to do a 40 week update.  Heaven help us. 

On the normal life front, today was a nice Memorial Day.  Last night before I went to bed I cleaned all the floors and both bathrooms so today could be an easy day.  I did two loads of laundry in the span of 4 hours.  Yep, easy day.  The only down side to having an "easy" day when you don't want to move and nothing is on tv is that you tend to just sit.  Which I did.  I sat at the kitchen table and read my bible.  Then stared outside.  Then sat on my bed.  Then tried to watch some tv. Oh, at one point I did go in the back yard with Luke, for him to play and me to clean the kitchen trash can.  I went in to make breakfast and found it covered in ants.  Awesome.  So I got out the hose and dish soap and after taking out the trash scrubbed that thing down.  Always fun at 39 weeks pregnant.  But it needed to be done anyway.  We bought that thing when we moved in almost 4 years ago, and I'm 100% sure it's never been cleaned before.  Wiped down?  Once or twice.  Cleaned?  Never. 

After nap time I took the boy and headed over to Mom and Dad's house.  (at this point I really want to brag on what he did potty-training wise today, but I'm terribly afraid of jinxing it.  All you momma's out there know what I mean.)  They set up the blow-up pool, and both Nana and Papa got in with him while I rocked in a near by patio chair.  They swam, splashed, blew bubbles, and then got out for some watermelon.  I nursed my cranberry iced tea with two lemon wedges and two Splenda packets while my boy got tired out.  I must say, that is my new favorite drink, and since I don't have Kayden any more for the summer, I'll be free to attend a lot more Sonic happy hours over the next few weeks.  I even moved my box of Splenda packets into the car so they will always be ready.  :)  Anyway, Dad cooked out hamburgers for dinner and then there was peach ice cream for dessert.  Happy Memorial Day to all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Change

Today's title could have a double meaning:

1.) There has been no change in my impending labor status.  It seems that she's in there for the long haul.  And the weather in this long haul is getting hotter by the day.

2.) My boy has not changed his party habits in the last year.  Or three. 

Oh yeah.  That kid of mine still knows how to party it up big  time.  This is the same party from last year, and while his speech has grown by leaps and bounds, as has most of his social habits, some things just never seem to change.  I tried so hard to at least get him to take his shirt off, and every time I asked he would run in the opposite direction yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"  It's like he's modest or something.  I have no idea where he gets that from.  Also, the heat index today was 100 degrees, so when I say it's hot, I mean it's HOT.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Date Night

With Luke of course!  Who else would I be going on a date with?!  And we didn't actually go anywhere, tonight we stayed in, ordered a pizza, and watched a movie.  If you know my boy, the movie part might surprise you.  I actually had to tell him that I was going to watch a movie and he could sit at the kitchen table with his pizza if he didn't want  to watch it.  Which is what he did for the first 5 minutes of Toy Story 2.  But then I caught him out of the corner of my eye leaning waaaaaaaaay out over the table to see the tv.  Then he snuck out and was standing behind the dining room table watching.  And finally, 20 minutes in, he brought his pizza back to the coffee table and snuggled up next to me on the couch.  What a kid.  And, I know, I know, we've now had pizza two Friday nights in a row. But Luke has been begging for pizza for days, and just today for lunch he informed me he wanted pizza and cake.  Seriously.  That's what he said.  Where he gets these grand ideas, I've not a clue. 

As for the rest of the day, I spent a lot of it pacing the house quickly.  I went to the speech ARD to sign off that Luke would not be getting services in the fall.  I picked up a picture from Luke's newborn session photographer that I had ordered back in December.  The original one some how got milk up under the glass of the frame, and it is my very favorite picture.  Since I'm about to put all of Luke's every-three-months pictures up on the wall in the place that my bridal portrait used to be, I decided it was safe to get another copy (lest the same thing mysteriously happen to this one!).  Where were my minions in all of this?  Mom was convinced that I would be needing her help with a new baby by now, and subs are hard to find at this time of year for Friday's, so she went ahead last week and took it off.  Dad didn't want to be left out of the fun when he heard, so he took off too.  Maybe they jinxed me and are the reason I'm still pregnant......either way they came over for about an hour and let me go to the two places without little feet trailing behind. 

And without further ado.....the plaid on plaid I promised yesterday.  If the shirt, shorts, and flip flops all have various shades of green on them, is it considered a matching outfit?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just wanted to say I'm still pregnant. But unless you want to hear about all the housework I did to try and remedy the situation, that's really all I have to say. I did get some hill-arious pictures of Luke's plaid on plaid ensemble he chose for himself this afternoon, but my feet are finally propped up and I don't want to go dig out the laptop to download the pictures. Maybe tomorrow. So You Think You Can Dance came back on tonight and I'm just thrilled! I looove this show!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad weather

Well, before I get started on the last couple of days, I'm just gonna put it out there.  I'm still pregnant.  And at my doctor's appointment today I was disappointed to find out that nothing has really changed in the last week.  I don't wanna talk about it.

Yesterday started out like a normal day.  Weather was non-threatening, a little cloudy, but not bad.  We spent a majority of the morning in Luke's room, where he insisted on me sitting on his bed, reclined against the wall while he dragged out every single toy he had.  At one point he was looking at a book, flipping through the pages, and he hands me a book of my own.  I assumed that I was just supposed to flip through it like he was doing, but about three pages in he told me "Open your mouth Mom!  Open your mouth!"  So he wanted me to read him the book, even though he was reading his own book. 

I didn't have Kayden, and Dakota was in preschool, so Shae took her little boy and I took my big boy to lunch and then to walk around the mall.  Apparently I needed to start walking a long time ago.  We walked, we talked, we got home for a late nap.  After nap time we watched Papa mow our lawn and the clouds roll in.  About 6 is when the bad weather hit.  I had Luke in his nightly bath when the tornado sirens started going off.  I washed him faster than I've ever washed him before, and then went to stick him in my tub before retrieving his jammies.  I also brought with me some books, Puppy, green blanket, and Daisy Dog.  We were hunkered down for about 5 minutes when I was informed that I needed to go get "boo ban-ket".  Blue blanket.  Heaven forbid our house get smashed by hail and tornadoes and we don't have both security blankets in hand. 

Luckily he was a very good boy, staying occupied with the books, and 45 minutes later I felt like it was safe enough to venture out and put him to bed.  There was actually a tornado in our immediate area, so I'm glad I was cautious! 

Today we went to the previously mentioned doctor's appointment, where I emerged not only bummed from the news, but surprised that my whole family was there.  I always make the appointment on Mom's lunch break so she can sit with the boys in the waiting room for me, but today it just so happened that Dad had taken off for a dentist appointment and Ashely didn't have to work tonight.  Lunch became a big family affair, but it was fun.  We had hamburgers, ice cream, and laughs.  Needless to say, Luke took a very good nap while I paced my living room at a brisk walk.  Well, tried to pace.  I can only walk for 3-5 minutes at a time before I get worn out and have to take a break.  It's sad, really.  Tonight after I dropped off Luke at bible class I just walked the halls briskly instead of going to bible class myself.  I know that walking for a day won't do anything to progress labor, but I'm hoping that if I keep this up for a few days I won't make it to my next appointment on Wednesday.  I better not make it to my next appointment on Wednesday. 

And now I've got a little boy hollering at me.  Have I mentioned he's become quite the demanding little thing?  Right now all I hear is "Mom!  Come in da bafroom!  Come in de bafroom! Sit on da potty!"  He's supposed to be playing in the tub.  And he likes for me to sit there on the potty (with the lid down!) and just be as he plays.  When he plays in his room it's "Come in Wuke's room! Come!  Wuke's room!"  Obviously we are still working on the please aspect of these phrases.

Monday, May 23, 2011

38 Weeks

This morning I got a little house cleaning done (still trying to stay on top of it), took the boys to the library, and went to Target.  The morning started out looking like decent weather, but while we were in the library it started to sprinkle.  I made the decision to go ahead and risk the Target trip...we were out of lunch things and I knew I would not want to get out later.  I thought maybe we could beat the rain.  We shopped, we paid, we got drenched.  Of course right when it was time to get back in the car is when the skies opened up.  Some people were hanging out by the door, waiting to see if it would lighten up a little before making the mad dash to the car, but unfortunately Luke's speech therapist was due at our house about 15 minutes from that time, so I didn't have the luxury of waiting.  Out we went.  And wouldn't you know, after we were sopping wet in the car, as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot it lightened up.  Oh well.  We made it home, had our therapy session, ate some lunch, and the boys went down for a nap.  And man did they nap.  Kayden actually was up before Luke, who slept till almost 4:30.  I'm thinking he might be going through a growth spurt because he's took a nap like that yesterday AND he's been sleeping until 8 in the mornings.  If only I could lay  in bed without pain these days to enjoy it.....

And one more thing before I start my weekly update- my final  thing I've bought for Evan came in the mail today!  This Etsy seller is in Canada, so it's taken a little extra time to get here.  I had a  flower headband custom made (this would be the third thing I've bought from her!) and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

How sweet are those little red flowers?  I absolutely can not wait to put this outfit on her.

She also has a white eyelet blouse that I'll pair with jeans and the red shoes and headband too.  Come on  baby girl, you've got to many cute outfits sitting in your closet to just be hanging out naked in my tummy!

(excuse the naked boy with the deer-in-the-headlights look.  He jumped in at the last minute and I was too tired to take another one.)

How Far Along: 38 weeks- 12 days till my due date and I believe it.  I almost feel silly filling this thing out this week, all I've got to say is OH.  THE PAIN.

Size of baby: the length of a leek. Again, not sure what this is. Approximate length is 19  1/2 inches and weight is 6.8 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of last Wednesday I'm up 34 lbs.  And it's just going to get worse because I've totally let myself go when it comes to sweets.  Sunday night after my delicious dinner of a hot dog I had a brownie, a piece of cake, and the end of a can of icing.  Yep.  I figure what's done is done, I'm just gonna live it up while I'm still forced to be pregnant.

Maternity Clothes: I've counted 5 shirts that fit me now.  I told everyone Sunday that if I'm still pregnant next Sunday, I'm showing up in the same outfit because it's the only church-decent shirt I've got thats long enough.

Gender: I am getting very ready to meet my little girl. Just wanna see what that little face that's been brewing in there looks like!

Movement: I had a few more instances of the gymnastics this week than I thought would be physically possible at this point.  I hope she's still  head down. 

Sleep: The last few nights have been awful.  Not only do I have the same ole same ole pains, but it's like I forgot how to lay down.  No matter what I do I can't get comfortable, I don't remember how I used to lay to take the weight off my belly.  It's like this giant bowling ball  hanging off my middle and no matter how I turn it is just dead weight.

What I miss: Not being in pain all the time.

Cravings: Peach tea. Oooo, and chocolate.

Symptoms: Pain pain  pain.  Today  when I  was out in the rain dealing with the basket I used in shopping, I wanted to run to put it up and  get in the car, but I couldn't.  Just couldn't.  All I could do  was waddle as quick as my little legs would let me.  Lots of pressure.  Lots of Braxton Hicks.  Lots of weird dreams (it's the only way I know I've actually gotten sleep  these days!)

Best Moment this week: Best? I don't know. There were a lot of nice moments, but best is hard to say.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I  really meant to do this a lot sooner than Sunday night, but the weekend got away from me a little bit.  Friday night my friend from high school,  Sarah, came over for a little girl's night (even though Luke was  there).   We ordered pizza, had the most amazing coconut pie, and talked talked talked.  I think my  poor baby was feeling a little left out, because when I stuck him in the bath and went back to the couch  and my conversation he started hollering at me "Mom!  Mom!  Hey-wo!  It's Wuke!  Come on!"  As if I wasn't sure which two year old was hollering at me from the bathroom, I'm glad he identified himself. 

Saturday was nice and lazy.  Since I didn't give him much of my attention the night before, I tried to make sure Luke had all of it that day.  We danced in his room, we read stories, we colored, we ate, we played cars.  That afternoon I got a text from Mom saying they were firing up the grill for dinner, if I wanted to come put something on I was more than welcome.  Umm, have someone cook my dinner for me AND not mess up my kitchen?  Yes please!  So after nap time I took my boy and the coconut pie (what else was I going to do with most of a pie?!) over to Mom and Dad's before running to the store for our dinner.  I picked up some chicken, potatoes to bake, a watermelon, and the best peach tea ever.  We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening out on their porch eating the sweetest watermelon, blowing bubbles, and running around the backyard.  Well, Luke did.  I plopped myself in a chair and didn't move for two hours.  My feet even started swelling from my lack of movement.  Then we had a great dinner, and stayed inside to watch the Maverick game.  Mom had bought Luke a Maverick's tee shirt this week, and I jokingly said if they won then I would CONSIDER letting him wear it to church this morning. 

Well, this morning not only did I find out they did win, but Mom totally called me out on it on Facebook in her status.  So what choice did I have?

Yep.  I let him wear it.  Now, the sad face doesn't have anything to do with the tee shirt.  We had a horrible morning that involved a bunch of not listening to me and fits which lead to a nice spanking and time in his room.  So by the time we got to a quick photo with my phone not only was he a moody Judy but he didn't want his picture to be taken and attempted a few more fits.  *sigh*  Like I said, not a good morning.  But at least when I got to bible class Sheri had made us a feast of breakfast items and I got to cool down with treats.  And by cool down, I mean emotionally because physically I'm always on the verge of a sweat.  Tonight was life group at my dear friend Sara's house (not the Sarah from Friday night) and it was lovely.  We had a bring-your-own-dinner and just visit kind of night, and the weather out side was lovely.  It started storming about 8:30, but that only meant when we were out it was breezy and cool.  Not hot and sticky like the last few days.  When everyone started shifting from eating dinner to being outside, I didn't realize what was going on, until Luke came and took my hand and said "Come on Mom, I hode your hand.  Come ou-side wif me."  Then at the end of the night he realized that there were browines to be had.  He came in and asked me "Mom, I have a choco-wate bite?  Choco-wate?  Me?" I sure do love that boy, even when he pushes my buttons. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Door banner

So I'm getting a little antsy over here.  Didn't have really anything to do today, and I finally remembered a project I've only really thought about at, oh, midnight or so when I can't sleep.  I never seem to remember to do it during the day light hours.  Except for today.  I finally made a little banner for our hospital door, along with a sign to put all her birth stats on.  I didn't have anything like this for Luke, mostly because I didn't know any better.  There are several things I'm doing this time, simply because I didn't know before.  It never occurred to me to take clothes for Luke to wear instead of the hospital issued shirt.  Who knew babies didn't have to use the generic blankets like every other baby in the nursery?

Anyway, if you are local and come to visit me when we are stuck in the hospital, here's what to look for:

And the close ups:

It took forever because I decided that after I had finished it, the little flags were too flimsy and needed some interfacing on their backs to keep them straight.  If you make something like this in the future, make a note to yourself to iron on the interfacing BEFORE  you cut them out and zigzag the edges.  It took FOREVER.  By the time I was done I had stood for way to long and spent the rest of the day in some serious pain.  My  original plan was to just whip it up with scrapbook paper (the banner) but I went ahead and used nursery fabric scraps so that I'll be able to hang it on her bedroom door when we come home and it will match!

Luke made up a red light/green light game while I was sewing.  It was so funny!  He would run around the couch and yell RED LIGHT! (okay, more like "wed wight") and just stop, then yell GREEN  LIGHT! and start running again.  And this afternoon he decided to play with all of his tools.  As he got them out of his room he said "Take a pic-tour of  da too's Mom."  Not sure why we needed a picture of them but......

I took a picture of his tools anyway.  He's too cute not to.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No predictions

This morning was my now weekly doctor's appointment.  I'm 2 centimeters dilated, a little thinned out, and still have a rather high baby.  So basically I could have a baby in two days or two weeks.  People keep asking me when I think she might come, when the doctor thinks she might come, ect.  Here's the big news......NO ONE KNOWS.  :)  I'm saying that nicely, really.  Only God and time will tell.  And neither really like to give up their secrets before hand.  A few people have put in their requests and made their predictions.  We'll see who's right! 

We spent the rest of the morning and lunch at Shae's house.  The boys played, we visited, food was eaten.  We got home just in time for a nap.  I love these kinds of days!  We even met Shae and Joby and the boys for dinner at Fuzzy's Taco's, since Wednesday Night Bite is officially over until the fall.  We sat in a booth and had Dakota and Luke together on one side.  You know what's more chaotic than one little boy at a restaurant?  Two little boys at a restaurant.  There was jumping up and down in the booth.  Napkins were flying.  I think both of them only had tortilla chips for dinner.  But they had fun, and us adults managed to have a good time too, conversing over the live music playing.  I'm so ready for my girl to join this rag tag bunch of boys!  When we were leaving to get in the car to head over to church, Luke and Dakota were expending a bit of energy running up and down the side walk (because treating the bench we were sitting at like a trampoline wasn't enough) and then trying to get Luke in his seat was a bit of a logistical nightmare.  At one point I had a moment of "Dear God, what has my life become"  Sometimes having a preschooler will do that to you.  And all you can do is shake your head, pray for mercy, and keep truckin.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Speech Eval

The big news from today is that I finally heard back from the lady who did Luke's speech evaluation for the school district......and he didn't qualify for anything!  I know most parents would be thrilled with that news, that their child was well with in the "normal" range of development, but I was really hoping he would qualify for something.  Not be horribly deficient in his language or anything, just barely under the necessary range for him to still receive some type of service.  I still have to go and have an ARD for him, basically to say that he doesn't qualify and the district will not be continuing his therapy, next Friday.  I told them I'd be able to be there as long as I'm not in the hospital with my new baby.  ;)  Who wants to take bets on whether I will or won't be?!

Tonight was a nice family night.  Ashley's boyfriend, Ridge, has been in town, and they came over to hang out this afternoon.  Dad came over to mow when he got off work, and when he wrapped up my yard work we headed out for dinner.  Mom, Dad, Ashley, Ridge, Luke and I sat on the patio at Blue Goose and had a grand 'ole time.  Now, if you know me, you know I don't like Mexican food (*gasp* yes, I'm a true Texan.  Get over it.) so I always look for the least Mexican-y item on the menu.  Tonight I found it in the form of shrimp and crab enchiladas, and holy guacamole it was the most amazing thing ever.  I STUFFED myself.  Which isn't too hard to do these days, but it came with three enchiladas and I ate them all.  ALL.  Then we walked over to the Nestle Toll House store and got a bunch of cookies.  I ate my fair share of the stash.  Mom even made a comment correlating my cookie intake with my weight.  She was kidding of course.  At this point I've pretty much given up.  I'll weigh what I weigh and soon enough it will be time to be good to take it off.  Now is not that time.  Then we went back to Mom and Dad's to watch the big Maverick game.  I dozed on the couch, Ashley played with Mom's new iPad, and Luke got a bath.  Exciting stuff, right?

Monday, May 16, 2011

37 Weeks

Thankfully Luke slept normally last night.  And while he still has a runny nose, I haven't been seen anything that might mean an ear infection, so I didn't call the pediatrician today.  I did however, get the house all clean and the shopping all done, with time left over to sit and enjoy my new Scentsy warmer that came in.   Shae started selling it, so I broke down and bought a warmer.  Somehow a house that smells good feels twice as clean.  And I have to confess- when I was sitting on the couch for a rest after all my hard work, I did lean my head back and close my eyes.  The house was quiet from sleeping boys, smelling sweet from my warmer, and clean from my hard work.  Before I knew it, I heard a noise that startled me awake, and it took me a few seconds to figure out what it was.  It was me.  Breathing.  Loudly.

Oh, and as you can  see I'm still large and in charge.  Now, I'm out with Mom a lot, but I guess Saturday was the first time we'd been out since I've gotten extra huge.  She had NO. IDEA. how much attention a belly like that attracts.  She finally even made a comment about how many people talked to me about it.  Every time I'm in public I get stopped AT LEAST four times, if not more.  And the bigger I get, the crazier the people.  Sunday when we were having lunch she tried to tell Dad and Ashley about all the people that stopped me on Saturday.  Low and behold, she had barely even started the story when the lady at the table next to us struck up a conversation with me about my pregnancy.  Come on sweet girl.  I'm getting tired of talking about you and just ready for you to be here already!

How Far Along: 37 weeks- Baby girl, we are full term!  Only 21 days until your due date!

Size of baby: the length of a stalk of Swiss Chard.  While I've seen it in the store, I've never tried the stuff.  Approximate length is 19 inches and weight is 6 1/3 lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Too much.  We'll see on Wednesday at my appointment.

Maternity Clothes: Yes.  And yes.

Gender: I am getting very ready to meet my little girl. Just wanna see what that little face that's been brewing in there looks like!

Movement: About the same as last week.  Although, if you recall, she's always stuck to my right side to poke out her little body parts, and this past week she's been a lot more active on the left side.  I'm wondering what that means, and am anxious to see what her position is on Wednesday.

Sleep: Painful.

What I miss: Not being in pain all the time.

Cravings: Peach tea.  Oooo, and chocolate.

Symptoms: Still hurt from my belly button (or what used to be my belly button) down.  Braxton Hicks have reeeeeeeeally picked  up this week- they are almost constant now.  And this might have more to do with the two year old I live with who seems hell bent on pushing me to the limits lately than with pregnancy, but my patience is thin lived these days.

Best Moment this week: Best?  I don't know.  There were a lot of nice moments, but best is hard to say.
Right before I took my weekly picture, I realized what Luke had done to my living room.  See, I keep the majority of his toys in his room.  I'm working with him on bringing one thing out at a time to play with, and then returning it before getting something new.  I think he thinks he found a way around the rule.  He  had dumped all his dirty clothes into his closet, filled the laundry basket with all these toys, then pushed it into the living room.   Clever, my son.  Clever. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Beast

Yesterday my darling son gave me a present.  He slept yesterday morning until 9!  Unfortunately my hips would only allow me to stay in bed until 8:30, but was luxurious just know it was my choice to get up, not the little voice beside me going "feed me! feed me!"  I got up, jumped in the shower, and was actually almost ready for the day before he got up.  Very nice.  After we were both dressed we went over to Mom and Dad's.  Mom had some errands to do, and I decided to tag along since my day was completely empty.  Plus I secretly hoped I might walk a baby out of me.  When we got there I asked Luke if he wanted to stay with Papa or go shopping with Nana and Mom.  Do I even have to tell you what he said?  After he said "stay wif Papa" faster than I was comfortable with, I asked him again "don't you wanna go with Mom?"  I got the look and a no.  Fine.  Whatever.  Mom and I went shopping and Dad googled a train store for them to hit up (which just happen to be close to an electronic store Dad wanted to go to....hmmmmmmmm)  I guess Luke picked the better choice.  We didn't get back to the house for a nap until 2:30, and the boy slept until 4:00.  Not bad!  We played, we had some dinner, watched a movie, we got ready for bed.

That's when the trouble started.  He couldn't fall asleep.  I put him down at 8:30 and at 10:30 he was still awake.  I was about to get in bed, so I went in and laid down with him for a few minutes then got into bed myself.  About 11:30 I heard him crying and when I went in there he said "*sniff sniff* I go bed wif Momma."  Okay!  I scooped him up and we headed to bed.   He was so restless that I wondered if he would fall asleep.  Finally he did, but only for about 15 minutes.  Then he started fussing again and said he wanted to go back to Wuke's bed.  Sure babe.  Whatever.  I  took him back in his bed, and turned into mine.  I wasn't in bed for 5 minutes when he started fussing again.  I went in to his room, and I ended up reading him a story, then went back to bed.  5 minutes later he was fussing.  AGAIN.  I got him a drink of water.  He wanted it, but it didn't do the trick.  Finally at 12:45 I decided we needed a reset button.  I took him into the living room and gave him a breathing treatment, got him a snack of a piece of bread (nothing too fancy in case his tummy was what was all the trouble), and we watched the Handy Manny I had on the DVR.  By the time that was all said and done, it was 1:30 and I thought we should try bed again.  I put him down, but lest I jinx it by getting in bed myself, I went and ate some cereal while I waited to see if he would sleep or fuss.  Thankfully he went to sleep.  I climbed in bed a little after 2, exhausted.  Once again, this would have been a nice time to have a partner to switch off with.  But at least Ashley was working so we were able to text while I was up.  I had also decided to let Luke dictate whether we would be at church this morning.  If he was up, we'd go.  If he slept, we slept.  He was up at 7:30.

Enter The Beast.  While yes, he was awake, and yes, it could have been worse, Luke was definitely not himself.  He didn't want to do anything.  In church he was as restless as....hmmmm, about to say something inappropriate.  I was hoping for a nice long nap this afternoon, but it was just his typical 2 hours. The plus is that he should sleep really well tonight.  We did go to small groups this evening.   I put some clothes on him, and after I got him dressed he saw his ties hanging on the wall.and decided he wanted to wear one.  "Like Daddy" he  said. And he insisted on the green one.  With purple stripes.

I didn't fight it because I knew that he wouldn't wear it for very long.  And sure enough, we walked through the door of the family that hosted, I asked him if he still wanted to wear it, and he said "No, take it off."   Whew.   It was killing me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sewing, projects, and fits

Last night when I sat down to the computer I was very disappointed that blogger wasn't working and I couldn't post anything.  I actually had something!  And you would think that not being able to spend an hour writing about the day would have allowed me to get to bed a bit earlier than normal, but alas.  Not the case.  Yesterday morning I actually packed my hospital bag.  Whoo hoo!  I know I'm only at the end of 36 weeks, so some might think it's a bit early, and to tell you the truth I feel like it kind of is too.  But I was tired of it being in the back of my head, and I wanted to know what I needed to add to my shopping list for the next week or so.  Turns out not much!  Just a couple of travel size items that needed to be replaced, some allergy medicine, and a new toothbrush (need one anyway.  Figure I'd pack the new one and keep using the old until I go, then it's one less thing to grab on my way out the door) and I am good to go.  I made a little list of things that I can't pack yet but don't want to forget- my sunshine necklace, bible, camera, etc.- and stuck it to the bathroom mirror so it will be handy when the time is right.  Do I need to add my Boppy to that list?  Not sure.

Ta da!  Then Luke asked me to take a picture of his chocolate milk.  Or "choc-ate bunk" as he calls it.

Yes sir. 

Then I got to work on a little matchy matchy project for my kids.  A few months ago I had picked up a yellow onesie on clearance for Evan, but I hadn't embellished it yet.  Then this week I found some solid tee's in Luke's size, and low and behold they had a yellow one.  Of course this calls for something matching.  It took me a while to figure out what would look appropriate on a newborn girl AND a three year old boy.  Here's what I came up with:

Love it?  Cause I sure do.  I know it's too small to read, but on the solid turquoise parts it says "is for Luke" and "is for Evan".  Oh, I'm totally squeezing in as much stuff like this as I can while they're little and will let me.  The fronts were a really quick and easy project, but of course I thought E's needed a little something extra, so I turned a 45 minute project into a half day project to add this:

Ruffles.  Yay ruffles!  I can't wait to see her in it.  And the turquoise flower was one of the three headbands that Sara got me for my shower, and how perfect does it match?  I hadn't really showed Luke any of Sister's headbands before, and since there was no one around.....

Shhhh.  I won't show him that picture until he's graduating high school.  And then I'll pull it out.

Today was slow.  Kayden went home early.  Luke went down for a nap early, due to a terrible mood.  It didn't really get better after his nap, and he's spent most of this afternoon/evening using a very loud voice to say things like "NO MOM NO" and "I GO NIGHT NIGHT.  I GO TO BED." and "DAISY DATS MINE" every five minutes over the slightest little nothing.  My patience with him has dwindled fast, and it's absolutely one of the reasons God's plan was for parents to parent in pairs, not solo.  I hoped feeding him dinner would calm him down, or if anything just get him quiet for the shear fact that food was in his mouth.  No such luck.  So instead of a fun movie with pop corn like I'd planned for tonight, he got an early bath and an early bed time.  Hey, it's better than the alternative that could get me in major trouble.  :)  But really, it wasn't just horrible the whole evening.  He did see a cat out of the window that he seemed to enjoy.  And I had a couple of thank you notes on the desk waiting to be mailed tomorrow that he brought to me saying "Dis one fow Mom (and handed it to me) and dis one fow Wuke (and started to open it)."  Glad I was paying attention and caught him before the envelope started to tear.  And when he came into my room after his nap to wake me up (I may or may not have dozed off while trying to get some quiet time in.  Don't judge.  You try being nine months pregnant with this moody 'tude running around.).  He saw my bible laying open next to me, patted it, then said "Cheese-us say go bing goo noose."  Which translated is his bible verse "And Jesus said go and bring the good news."  How great is that?!  I need to get a little video of him saying all 4 of his memory verses, which he can do.  It's the cutest thing ever, and it just warms my heart!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain rain rain

Today it rained for pretty much the entire second half of the day.  It was so gloriously dark and soothing that I didn't get anything really accomplished.  Luke and I met Mom at my (now weekly) doctor's appointment (which she only listened to the heartbeat- 140's and 150's and did the strep B swab) and then we had lunch at IHOP.  Mmmmmmm, IHOP.  I know I shouldn't really love that place, but I do in all it's trashy glory.  After lunch Luke and I came home, I put him down for a nap, and then I parked it on the couch.  I meant to do some stuff sewing wise, but maybe it will happen tomorrow.  Watched a little DVR, piddled on the internet some, and soon nap time was over.  I did hot glue a couple of flower head band stuff for Evan that I'd been meaning to make.  But that's about it.  I kept him home from church tonight because his cough is still very prevalent, and it turned out to be the right choice because I noticed around 6 he started running a fever again.  This time it was up to 101.5, but after a cool bath (and a horrible fit about getting washed, putting on jammies, and brushing teeth) it was down to 100.7.  I'll take it again before I go to bed to make sure it's not spiked to something that would require Tylenol.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my ear thermometer and how you can take temps in their sleep with it?  Cause I do.  I really really do. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

36 Weeks

Well, the developmental specialist did end up canceling, and my errands didn't take as long as I thought they would.  I managed to go buy stamps, mail all my thank you cards, drop off the water bill, and preregister at the hospital all in a little over an hour.  Whew!  Good thing too, because it tried to rain this morning.  So we came home, and I got to work on the house.  I really am glad I got all of the house cleaning done, because now not only do I not have to do it tomorrow or the next day, but when I got home tonight the house was clean!  After getting pampered at the pedicure and having dinner at Mom and Dad's, it was so nice to come home to a house that was still clean.  I mean, is there any better feeling than when all that work you put in lasts for more than 10 minutes?!  Hmm.  I guess only if you weren't actually the one to have to clean it yourself.  Ha!  And cleaning is no small feat these days.  I mean, when was the last time you scrubbed the tub with a 20 lb bowling ball straped to your middle?

Don't laugh at my picture.  It was 10 at night, I'd just come in from the rain, struggled against a boy who didn't want to take medicine, then rocked him while we did breathing treatments, and put him to bed. 

How Far Along: 36 weeks- 28 days left. Ah!  That's why I went ahead and registered today!  And I'm wondering when I should pack my bag.  I want to have it done, but I also don't want it sitting there mocking me from the corner if she decides to hang out a little extra and I go over. 

Size of baby: the weight of a crenshaw melon  (I have never heard of this one.  Apparently once the baby gets so big, there is nothing else to compare it to but melons.  Which should be ironic considering what my picture looks like)..... almost 6 lbs and over 18 1/2 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 32 lbs total.  :(

Maternity Clothes: Oh, I'm so past maternity clothes.  I put on that turquoise maternity dress, which I've worn several times, and when I looked in the mirror I saw something slightly horrific.  My belly goes out so far off the front that it didn't leave enough material to be flow-y in the back, causing the dress to get hung up under my butt cheeks.  Thank you Jesus for giving me the prompting to look back there.  I think I may have to ride out the rest of this pregnancy in a robe. 

Gender: I am getting very ready to meet my little girl. Just wanna see what that little face that's been brewing in there looks like!

Movement: She's slowed down a bit this week.  I can tell she's run out of room.  She doesn't do the gymnastics like she used to, it's back to just little body parts sliding around, which looks like your feet do when they are under the sheets in bed.  Just a lump that glides around.

Sleep: Painful.

What I miss: Walking normally.  Standing up normally.  

Cravings: Peach tea

Symptoms: Oh, I hurt everywhere, all the time.  I talked about it yesterday, how the bottoms of my feet to my hips hurt all the time.  And the skin around my belly button feels like it's going to tear away from my body.  And I'm hot.  The temps around here are already holding at 90+ with some wicked humidity, so I feel sticky most of the time.

Best Moment this week: I'm also having trouble remembering things.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I forgot

Okay, so I totally forgot today was Monday and I needed to get a picture for my weekly update.  That's kind of amazing since I've been doing this for what, 28 or 29 weeks now?  Oh well.  I'll try to remember tomorrow.  If not, I guess I can just skip the picture this week.

The main reason I forgot was because of how stinkin busy we were today.  I didn't even get to do my weekly house cleaning- all I was able to get done was sweep (not even dry swiffer and mop, just plain old sweep) and run/empty the dishwasher.  This morning I hauled the boys out to Target for my weekly groceries.  When we got home it was just in time for some lunch and Luke's weekly speech therapist appointment.  After she left I immediately put the boys down for a nap, then tried to have a little sit and relax time.  The pads of my feet and my ankles (not to mention my knees and hips) are definitely feeling the pressure of all this extra weight, and I just can't be on my feet like I used too.  Even standing in the shower for too long makes my legs feel jello-y, like I've gone for a run.  I had to cut nap time a bit short today because Luke had a doctor's appointment at 3:30, and getting myself and two boys dressed and out the door takes time.  I went ahead and made him the appointment this morning because his cough sounded a little worse.  Over the weekend he developed a hacking cough and ran a low grade fever for a majority of the time.  He acted fine, but his little face after a coughing spell said other wise.  Now, I normally don't take him in BEFORE he gets sick, but I knew he had been exposed to something and I'm to pregnant to deal with a sick kid right now.  The doctor said he did sound wheezy and congested in all four lobes of his lungs, so she put him on an antibiotic and breathing treatments.  It's been a long time since we've had to do those! 

This evening Mom and Dad popped over with a jungle gym thing that a teacher at Mom's school was giving away for free.  It's not the prettiest thing around, and you can tell it's had lots of love, but hey- it was free.  I've always been skeptical on whether or not he would actually play on something like that, so I hated to spend boo-coo's of money on something that might be a total flop.  This is the best of both worlds- I can see if he likes it AND no money was wasted!  If he hates it, it's free to the first person to claim it!  I'm thinking he might actually like it though.  There is a little fort area under the slide with a door and a window, and during his bath tonight Luke said "Papa brought Wuke a new house.  That's so nice."  I laughed and told him it was nice.  You know what else was nice?  They helped me get the antibiotic down him before they left.  Mom held him in her lap, Dad waved a Reese's peanut butter cup in his face, and I administered the dose.  While he didn't want to take it, and had to be coaxed into swallowing it, I have to say it was one of the least dramatic medicine episodes to date.  Praise Jesus. 

So anyway, that was our busy day.  My poor legs can't take much more, and tomorrow's not looking any better.  It starts with Luke's monthly developmental case worker coming for a visit at 9 (and she's just texted me- at 11 at night- to ask if she could push it back to 10.  This is the first time I've stood up to her and said no, that wouldn't work for me.  I've got too many things to do, and we could reschedule for next week.  She said she would just come at 9!  It just irritates me because she only comes once a month and she ALWAYS cancels or reschedules.  Generally I just go with the flow and let her make it for whenever, but lady, I've got things to do.), and ends with pedicures in the evening.  Something to look forward to!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was completely different than the other two MD's I've had since becoming a mom myself.  I knew there wouldn't be flowers or breakfast in bed or a day really just for me, but what I did get was being reminded once again of how blessed I am by the child that calls me Mommy.  He crawled into my bed at 6:30-yes, 6:30- just to chat.  Honestly, if I'd realized how early it was when he came in I would have sent him back to bed, but the first thing he said to me was "Wuke get in bed wif Momma?"  Yes, please!  It wasn't until 10 minutes later when I looked at the clock and realized the time, but by then it was too late to send him on.  So for 45 minutes until my alarm went off, he laid there and cuddled up, rubbed my arm, gave me kisses, and chatted away.  He may not have realized it was Mother's Day, but he sure was a sweet boy.  Needless to say, by the time nap time rolled around he was ready.  I even got a little bit of a nap.  Mom and Dad had gone out of town with Ashley to Lubbock this weekend, but they were back in time for dinner tonight.  Ashley and I gave Mom her card with a printed off picture of the iPad cover we bought for her in it (she decided she wanted an iPad.  We laughed when she told us and asked her why she needed one, and she said just because.  She had some birthday and Christmas money saved up and that's what she was picking to spend it on.  If she's going to have a fancy toy, we wanted her to have a fancy cover to keep it safe!) and Mom had bought a card for Luke to give me.  It was so sweet how proud he was to show me L-U-K-E inside where he had helped write his name.  I also gave him a big kiss thank you for the necklace he had "bought" me earlier.  Even though I've worn it every day since I got it.  ;)

So tonight I'm going to bed thankful.  Thankful for my amazing little boy who, though frustrating at times, blesses my life in ways I couldn't even imagine.  Thankful for a little girl who is going to come soon (very soon, please) and just double all those blessings and add more just for being her.  Thankful for my own mom who has shown me what unconditional love is so that I may pass it on.  Thankful that tomorrow is the beginning of a fairly busy week, which will make the time pass quickly and be one more week down until d-day!  Ha!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

I wasn't quite sure how this day was going to turn out.  By 8:15 Luke and I were sitting on the couch having already eaten breakfast, no cartoons on to watch, and no where to go.  I can't sit on the floor and play with him any more, much less run around the house.  How were we going to spend the next 12 hours together?  For the first couple we read books, got stickers, moved slowly.  Then I got a great idea.  I know how much he's hated sprinklers in the past, but what if I got out in the water with him?  If it worked for the trampoline, maybe it would work for this. 

It did.  At first I had the sprinkler going full blast, shooting all over the whole yard, and he wasn't too thrilled.  But when I turned it down to toddler size, he warmed right up.  Which is saying something because the water was freezing. 

We played and played.  He asked for bubbles, so I would stand with my feet in the water and blow bubbles for him.  This got Daisy all hyped up.  Girl loves herself some bubbles.  She even got soaking wet just to catch them.

Nothing says summer like a sprinkler, bubbles, and a wet dog, right?  Watching him squat down and try to get a drink from the spray just made me laugh.  He looked so innocent and child like, it just melted my heart.  And he kept running around yelling "I keen!  I keen!  (clean) I take a baf!"  So funny.

After about an hour we came in for lunch and he crashed for his nap.  I even took a nap.  When I woke up, I realized I'd made a boo boo.  My shoulders and the top of my belly were pink again (I'd put my suit back on).  If I was pink, that meant my boy was probably pink.  Sure enough, he was.  I feel horrible.  Why didn't I think of sun screen?  By the end of dinner (which we watched Peter Pan through.  Once he got past the fact that it was a movie I think he really liked it!) he was running a very low grade fever (99.4, just in one ear.  The other ear registered normal) and I could tell the sun burn was draining his energy.  Been there my friend.  I put him in a cooler bath, and I could tell that when I got him out of it and he was shivering and crying hysterically about having to get out that he wasn't quite right.  I put aloe on him, and we went to rock in sister's room (which he also threw a fit over, but I needed him to calm down!).  A few minutes into rocking he was chatting like normal, so we went into his room to take his temp again.  Same.  I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will do the trick and he will be all better in the morning.  I'm gonna be bummed if we miss the Mother's Day service all because of one bad momma moment!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Speech Evaluation

Well, the big news of today is that Luke had his speech evaluation with the school district this morning.  The day  he turns three is the day that ECI will no longer be able to service him, and this is the next step in getting my boy the help he needs.   I've been looking forward to this, just very interested to see what they would say.  Have I made it all up in my head?   Did I push too hard and not give him the time he needed to develop at his own rate?  Was I right all along and there really has been something lacking?  Unfortunately she didn't have any answers for me today.  The test took an hour and a half, and I wasn't sure what was okay  for him not to know (developmentally on the continuum) and what he should have known and just missed.  I can tell you now that part of the questions he missed  was because he wasn't paying attention.  He's still two, so ten minutes into the test he was attention span was shot.  Anyway, she said she'd call me with the results (but in typical teacher fashion gave no time line for that call) and then we'd set of up the ARD to get him started on services in August when school starts back up.  So, more waiting!

After that we went to Khol's  and  Walmart to do a little return/exchanging, and we didn't get home until after noon.  We were a bit starved.  But I got the boys fed and down for a nap, and it was glorious quiet time.  I love being a stay at home mom.  Love it.  Can't imagine anything else in the whole world I would rather be doing.  But being on the job from 7 in the morning until 9 or so at night makes for a long and tiring day, so I relish the 2 hours of quiet I get at nap time.  I try to just relax at that point, but there is always something to do.  Laundry, dishes, trash, toys, something. 

This afternoon we just read books and colored until 5:30, when Luke and I went over to Shae's house for dinner.  They had invited a couple of other families, and we took advantage of the perfect weather- sitting outside for three hours talking, playing, eating pizza and brownies, kissing boo boos, and fussing at boys to share.  There were four boys all the same age, two boys under 12 months, and one little 16 month old girl.  Yep.  Fun times at the Raymond's house!  The boys jumped on the trampoline, played in the sand box, tossed/kicked/batted balls around, and much more.  My boy (of course) didn't do all this the same time the other boys did, but he played none the less.  At one point when no one was in the trampoline, I convinced (okay, forced) Luke to get in with me.  He does NOT like that sort of thing, normally, but I wondered if I was with him and no one else was around, if he would do it.  And he did!  Don't worry, I didn't bounce too much, lest I bounce my girl right on out, but I couldn't help it a few times- I would do a jolting jump and get Lukie off balance.  What's the fun in having a kid if you can't pick on them every now and then?  ;)  Pretty much all the "jumping" he would do would be to bob up and down without his feet really leaving the black part, but the smile on his face said he was having a great time.  We got home at 9, just in time for a quick bath and into bed.  But my boy is still awake (it's 10:45) in there, so I'm hoping between all the pizza he ate, running around for hours, and it being so late, that he sleeps in for me.  We'll see!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home but still busy

Yesterday was busy busy busy.  Between breakfast and bed time, we were only home for a nap!  We started at the library- I had to get rid of those books we checked out last week.  We met Shae, Dakota, and Mikah there, as well as Tamara with Jadyn and Jordyn.  After Luke had picked out a new stack of books for me to hate in another week, we all headed to the park.  Kid's Kastle that is.  We let everyone play for a good hour and then headed  to Shlotzski's for lunch.  He's on to me with the kid's meals there.  He used to be oblivious to the fact that there was a cookie in that little bag they hand me when I pay, and I would eat it out of site when he wasn't around.  Somehow he's figured it out, and asked for it after he ate his whole pizza.  Yes, whole thing. 

I think he liked it.

By the time we got home it was past 1 and the boys crashed for nap time.  Kayden got picked up early, so when Luke woke up we hit the town again in the form of errands.  Took back a couple of duplicates from the shower, picked up a couple of necessities from my registry, and made it just in time to eat dinner at church.  We had our dinner,  went to bible class, and finally came home for bath and bed.  Can you tell we had a busy day?!  Funny story....Luke has started being a back seat driver.  Literally.  "Mom, go dis way!"  pointing in various directions when he sees a cross street.  I'm not sure where he got the idea to do that, or the idea that  I would actually follow his "advice".   Silly boy.

Today was......better?  While we didn't go anywhere, it was still full of activity.  Lucky for you I had my phone close by and was able to capture the day in photos.  Off and on I would  sit here for and work on my thank you notes. 

Right now I've got about half of them done.  Whoo hoo!  This afternoon Luke decided it would be good for us to color in his color book on my bed.  So we did.  But he quickly lost interest and found some stickers that were in my purse.  First the stickers started on his hand.  Then he moved them to my hand.  Then he moved them here.

He was pretty pleased with himself. 

I tried to take them off later, but he caught me and said  "No Mom!  Put back on!"   Yes sir!   Then he headed out back to play.  Except we couldn't settle on shoes for him to wear.  First I tried to tell him he could just go out with no shoes and socks.  "No Mom.  I get choo's and tocks."  Fine.  So he brings me his black high tops and sea foam green/sherbet orange argyle socks.  I told him I didn't want to bend over to put those shoes on him (I've been ridiculously uncomfortable today.  Girlfriend has officially gotten too big for the space she's in) and to go get his flip flops.  He brings me a pair of brand new flip flops (by passing the 8 other non-new pairs he has)  with the tags still on.   I said yes, those are flip flops, but why don't you go get your GREEN flip flops.  He comes back with his GREEN rain  boots.  I gave up.  At least the rain boots were easier to slip on than the high tops would have been, and you can't see his argyle socks.  But he still had on no pants, just a shirt. 

Yep.  That's my boy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

35 Weeks and a catch up

Yesterday was dreary.  High didn't break 50, it rained for something like 12 hours straight, resulting in 3 inches of rain.  I felt like I needed to have the Christmas tree up. I did get to have dinner with some girlfriends though, which was a nice bright spot in the day.  It's also the reason my update is a day late.  We kinda shut the restaurant down.  Another bright spot in the day was something I got in the mail!

How sweet is that?!  It's the headband I won from Lindsay's give-away, made at the super cute Eme Kay Creations shop!  It turned out perfect for Evan's variety of Sunday dress collection!

Today was just the opposite.  Sunny skies, temps in the 70's, gorgeous all the way around.  As I surveyed the back yard, I noticed something odd.

Can you see that?  My fence was steaming.  I even put on some flip flops and ran out there in my shortie robe just to make sure it was steam and not smoke from my fence being on fire.  I guess the wood and the air was still cold enough from yesterday that the sudden heat from the direct sunlight was evaporating the sodden wood?  That's what I told myself anyway.  I had put off the weekly grocery shopping just for this reason (even though it result in dire straights for lunch yesterday.  No bread, no milk, no nothing except for frozen fish sticks and mac n cheese.  Darn.)  I got the boys out and the sun felt good on my face.  This afternoon Dad came over and mowed my lawn again, then I took Luke over to Grandmother's house for dinner with Mom, Dad, and Ashley. 

How Far Along: 35 weeks- 35 days left.

Size of baby: the weight of a honeydew melon.....5 1/4lbs and over 18 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed at Mom's on Friday and yes, I've hit the 30 lb mark.  Whoopie.  Although, I did have a lady pat my belly at church on Sunday morning and comment about how tight/firm it was, that you could bounce a quarter off of it.  So, can we just pretend the 30 lbs is all packed into one place and ignore how my face sure looks rounder in those shower pictures from the other day?

Maternity Clothes: It's getting to the point that not even maternity clothes are fitting.  Heaven help me these last 5 weeks.

Gender: I am getting very ready to meet my little girl.  Just wanna see what that little face that's been brewing in there looks like!

Movement: Stiiiiiiiiiillll wiggly.  And pokey.  And hiccup-y.

Sleep: Every night is different.  Some are better than others. 

What I miss: Being able to sit Luke on my lap in a normal sort of manner.

Cravings: Nah. Not really.

Symptoms: Walking is getting more painful by the day.

Best Moment this week: Duh, feeling the love at my baby shower!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This morning didn't start out all that well.  Luke didn't want to go to church.  Didn't want to eat his breakfast.  Didn't want to wear his rain boots (it's rained all day).  Didn't want to put together his toy bag to play with during service.  Didn't want to go to bible class.  By the time we pulled into the parking lot I was a tad irritated. Sometimes doing all this alone is a giant test of patience.  It didn't help that it was freezing (didn't get above 52 today!) and stormy. 

But the good news is it got better.  Church was good, lunch was good, then home to put the boy down for a nap.  I laid down for, what I had planned to be just an minute, an hour.  I didn't mean to sleep for long because today was the day for my shower!  I have been so looking forward to this- in light of all that's been going on lately, feeling the love of so many people was exactly what I needed.  And boy did they bring the love. 

When we got there, I was blown away at how pretty everything looked.  Sara hosted it at her house, and she let (made?) Jenn take over the decorations.  Jenn is the one that made these pictures (among other things for me) for Evan's room.  Sara came over yesterday to borrow things from the nursery for today, and it all looked fantastic.  Here are most of the hostesses from today, I'm thinking there are only 3 missing.

And then I got a picture with the ladies of my family:

(cousin Courtney, aunt Patty, Mom, Ashley, Grandmother)

Do you see that banner on the window?  Yeah, Jenn made that.  The "e" and the "a" are printed fabric swatches from the room.  It looks awesome.  Also, I promise it was coincidence that both pictures happen to have the guest of honor hiding behind flowers.  I promise I'm not ashamed of her and I'm pretty sure she's not going to be shy.  Just so you know she's still there, here's a good shot of her while we were still visiting. 

Two of my favorites:

Here are a couple more shots of the decorations:

After a little chit chat, a little cake and punch, it was time to get down to business.  There were so many gifts, my girl was so blessed today!  Among all the presents were a pair of pink Converse (to go with brother's navy ones he just got!):

and my very favorite thing, a pearl and swavorski crystal bracelet.  If you know me personally, you know I'm a jewelry fanatic, and I was just telling Mom a couple of weeks ago that I had wanted to get her a little bracelet.  This was just what I had in mind!

Best of all is that it was hand made by one of the ladies at church.  Such a sweet thought!

When we got home and unloaded everything, I was shocked by the mess.

But after a few hours of organizing (only my favorite thing to do.  Seriously) I now have a fully functioning nursery  that's  pretty much completely done.  There's a diaper bag, a nursing cover, a sling, a diaper pail, a side table by the rocking chair, books, a high chair (after Luke and Kayden have just about done the one I have in. My girl gets something fresh and clean to dirty up as she learns to eat!), clothes upon clothes, and much much more.  Just need a couple of baskets and a little pack of newborn diapers, and my girl is good to go!  I am so blessed by the friends in my life, so thankful that I have people who voluntarily go up and out of their way to show me and my kids love.  Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!