Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Speech Eval

The big news from today is that I finally heard back from the lady who did Luke's speech evaluation for the school district......and he didn't qualify for anything!  I know most parents would be thrilled with that news, that their child was well with in the "normal" range of development, but I was really hoping he would qualify for something.  Not be horribly deficient in his language or anything, just barely under the necessary range for him to still receive some type of service.  I still have to go and have an ARD for him, basically to say that he doesn't qualify and the district will not be continuing his therapy, next Friday.  I told them I'd be able to be there as long as I'm not in the hospital with my new baby.  ;)  Who wants to take bets on whether I will or won't be?!

Tonight was a nice family night.  Ashley's boyfriend, Ridge, has been in town, and they came over to hang out this afternoon.  Dad came over to mow when he got off work, and when he wrapped up my yard work we headed out for dinner.  Mom, Dad, Ashley, Ridge, Luke and I sat on the patio at Blue Goose and had a grand 'ole time.  Now, if you know me, you know I don't like Mexican food (*gasp* yes, I'm a true Texan.  Get over it.) so I always look for the least Mexican-y item on the menu.  Tonight I found it in the form of shrimp and crab enchiladas, and holy guacamole it was the most amazing thing ever.  I STUFFED myself.  Which isn't too hard to do these days, but it came with three enchiladas and I ate them all.  ALL.  Then we walked over to the Nestle Toll House store and got a bunch of cookies.  I ate my fair share of the stash.  Mom even made a comment correlating my cookie intake with my weight.  She was kidding of course.  At this point I've pretty much given up.  I'll weigh what I weigh and soon enough it will be time to be good to take it off.  Now is not that time.  Then we went back to Mom and Dad's to watch the big Maverick game.  I dozed on the couch, Ashley played with Mom's new iPad, and Luke got a bath.  Exciting stuff, right?

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