Thursday, May 19, 2011

Door banner

So I'm getting a little antsy over here.  Didn't have really anything to do today, and I finally remembered a project I've only really thought about at, oh, midnight or so when I can't sleep.  I never seem to remember to do it during the day light hours.  Except for today.  I finally made a little banner for our hospital door, along with a sign to put all her birth stats on.  I didn't have anything like this for Luke, mostly because I didn't know any better.  There are several things I'm doing this time, simply because I didn't know before.  It never occurred to me to take clothes for Luke to wear instead of the hospital issued shirt.  Who knew babies didn't have to use the generic blankets like every other baby in the nursery?

Anyway, if you are local and come to visit me when we are stuck in the hospital, here's what to look for:

And the close ups:

It took forever because I decided that after I had finished it, the little flags were too flimsy and needed some interfacing on their backs to keep them straight.  If you make something like this in the future, make a note to yourself to iron on the interfacing BEFORE  you cut them out and zigzag the edges.  It took FOREVER.  By the time I was done I had stood for way to long and spent the rest of the day in some serious pain.  My  original plan was to just whip it up with scrapbook paper (the banner) but I went ahead and used nursery fabric scraps so that I'll be able to hang it on her bedroom door when we come home and it will match!

Luke made up a red light/green light game while I was sewing.  It was so funny!  He would run around the couch and yell RED LIGHT! (okay, more like "wed wight") and just stop, then yell GREEN  LIGHT! and start running again.  And this afternoon he decided to play with all of his tools.  As he got them out of his room he said "Take a pic-tour of  da too's Mom."  Not sure why we needed a picture of them but......

I took a picture of his tools anyway.  He's too cute not to.

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