Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad weather

Well, before I get started on the last couple of days, I'm just gonna put it out there.  I'm still pregnant.  And at my doctor's appointment today I was disappointed to find out that nothing has really changed in the last week.  I don't wanna talk about it.

Yesterday started out like a normal day.  Weather was non-threatening, a little cloudy, but not bad.  We spent a majority of the morning in Luke's room, where he insisted on me sitting on his bed, reclined against the wall while he dragged out every single toy he had.  At one point he was looking at a book, flipping through the pages, and he hands me a book of my own.  I assumed that I was just supposed to flip through it like he was doing, but about three pages in he told me "Open your mouth Mom!  Open your mouth!"  So he wanted me to read him the book, even though he was reading his own book. 

I didn't have Kayden, and Dakota was in preschool, so Shae took her little boy and I took my big boy to lunch and then to walk around the mall.  Apparently I needed to start walking a long time ago.  We walked, we talked, we got home for a late nap.  After nap time we watched Papa mow our lawn and the clouds roll in.  About 6 is when the bad weather hit.  I had Luke in his nightly bath when the tornado sirens started going off.  I washed him faster than I've ever washed him before, and then went to stick him in my tub before retrieving his jammies.  I also brought with me some books, Puppy, green blanket, and Daisy Dog.  We were hunkered down for about 5 minutes when I was informed that I needed to go get "boo ban-ket".  Blue blanket.  Heaven forbid our house get smashed by hail and tornadoes and we don't have both security blankets in hand. 

Luckily he was a very good boy, staying occupied with the books, and 45 minutes later I felt like it was safe enough to venture out and put him to bed.  There was actually a tornado in our immediate area, so I'm glad I was cautious! 

Today we went to the previously mentioned doctor's appointment, where I emerged not only bummed from the news, but surprised that my whole family was there.  I always make the appointment on Mom's lunch break so she can sit with the boys in the waiting room for me, but today it just so happened that Dad had taken off for a dentist appointment and Ashely didn't have to work tonight.  Lunch became a big family affair, but it was fun.  We had hamburgers, ice cream, and laughs.  Needless to say, Luke took a very good nap while I paced my living room at a brisk walk.  Well, tried to pace.  I can only walk for 3-5 minutes at a time before I get worn out and have to take a break.  It's sad, really.  Tonight after I dropped off Luke at bible class I just walked the halls briskly instead of going to bible class myself.  I know that walking for a day won't do anything to progress labor, but I'm hoping that if I keep this up for a few days I won't make it to my next appointment on Wednesday.  I better not make it to my next appointment on Wednesday. 

And now I've got a little boy hollering at me.  Have I mentioned he's become quite the demanding little thing?  Right now all I hear is "Mom!  Come in da bafroom!  Come in de bafroom! Sit on da potty!"  He's supposed to be playing in the tub.  And he likes for me to sit there on the potty (with the lid down!) and just be as he plays.  When he plays in his room it's "Come in Wuke's room! Come!  Wuke's room!"  Obviously we are still working on the please aspect of these phrases.

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Lucy Marie said...

Walk that baby girl right outta there. I hope she comes soon and doesn't leave you waiting too long.