Monday, May 9, 2011

I forgot

Okay, so I totally forgot today was Monday and I needed to get a picture for my weekly update.  That's kind of amazing since I've been doing this for what, 28 or 29 weeks now?  Oh well.  I'll try to remember tomorrow.  If not, I guess I can just skip the picture this week.

The main reason I forgot was because of how stinkin busy we were today.  I didn't even get to do my weekly house cleaning- all I was able to get done was sweep (not even dry swiffer and mop, just plain old sweep) and run/empty the dishwasher.  This morning I hauled the boys out to Target for my weekly groceries.  When we got home it was just in time for some lunch and Luke's weekly speech therapist appointment.  After she left I immediately put the boys down for a nap, then tried to have a little sit and relax time.  The pads of my feet and my ankles (not to mention my knees and hips) are definitely feeling the pressure of all this extra weight, and I just can't be on my feet like I used too.  Even standing in the shower for too long makes my legs feel jello-y, like I've gone for a run.  I had to cut nap time a bit short today because Luke had a doctor's appointment at 3:30, and getting myself and two boys dressed and out the door takes time.  I went ahead and made him the appointment this morning because his cough sounded a little worse.  Over the weekend he developed a hacking cough and ran a low grade fever for a majority of the time.  He acted fine, but his little face after a coughing spell said other wise.  Now, I normally don't take him in BEFORE he gets sick, but I knew he had been exposed to something and I'm to pregnant to deal with a sick kid right now.  The doctor said he did sound wheezy and congested in all four lobes of his lungs, so she put him on an antibiotic and breathing treatments.  It's been a long time since we've had to do those! 

This evening Mom and Dad popped over with a jungle gym thing that a teacher at Mom's school was giving away for free.  It's not the prettiest thing around, and you can tell it's had lots of love, but hey- it was free.  I've always been skeptical on whether or not he would actually play on something like that, so I hated to spend boo-coo's of money on something that might be a total flop.  This is the best of both worlds- I can see if he likes it AND no money was wasted!  If he hates it, it's free to the first person to claim it!  I'm thinking he might actually like it though.  There is a little fort area under the slide with a door and a window, and during his bath tonight Luke said "Papa brought Wuke a new house.  That's so nice."  I laughed and told him it was nice.  You know what else was nice?  They helped me get the antibiotic down him before they left.  Mom held him in her lap, Dad waved a Reese's peanut butter cup in his face, and I administered the dose.  While he didn't want to take it, and had to be coaxed into swallowing it, I have to say it was one of the least dramatic medicine episodes to date.  Praise Jesus. 

So anyway, that was our busy day.  My poor legs can't take much more, and tomorrow's not looking any better.  It starts with Luke's monthly developmental case worker coming for a visit at 9 (and she's just texted me- at 11 at night- to ask if she could push it back to 10.  This is the first time I've stood up to her and said no, that wouldn't work for me.  I've got too many things to do, and we could reschedule for next week.  She said she would just come at 9!  It just irritates me because she only comes once a month and she ALWAYS cancels or reschedules.  Generally I just go with the flow and let her make it for whenever, but lady, I've got things to do.), and ends with pedicures in the evening.  Something to look forward to!

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Lucy Marie said...

Perhaps your dad could bring me a new house, too. That would be nice.