Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No predictions

This morning was my now weekly doctor's appointment.  I'm 2 centimeters dilated, a little thinned out, and still have a rather high baby.  So basically I could have a baby in two days or two weeks.  People keep asking me when I think she might come, when the doctor thinks she might come, ect.  Here's the big news......NO ONE KNOWS.  :)  I'm saying that nicely, really.  Only God and time will tell.  And neither really like to give up their secrets before hand.  A few people have put in their requests and made their predictions.  We'll see who's right! 

We spent the rest of the morning and lunch at Shae's house.  The boys played, we visited, food was eaten.  We got home just in time for a nap.  I love these kinds of days!  We even met Shae and Joby and the boys for dinner at Fuzzy's Taco's, since Wednesday Night Bite is officially over until the fall.  We sat in a booth and had Dakota and Luke together on one side.  You know what's more chaotic than one little boy at a restaurant?  Two little boys at a restaurant.  There was jumping up and down in the booth.  Napkins were flying.  I think both of them only had tortilla chips for dinner.  But they had fun, and us adults managed to have a good time too, conversing over the live music playing.  I'm so ready for my girl to join this rag tag bunch of boys!  When we were leaving to get in the car to head over to church, Luke and Dakota were expending a bit of energy running up and down the side walk (because treating the bench we were sitting at like a trampoline wasn't enough) and then trying to get Luke in his seat was a bit of a logistical nightmare.  At one point I had a moment of "Dear God, what has my life become"  Sometimes having a preschooler will do that to you.  And all you can do is shake your head, pray for mercy, and keep truckin.


Lucy Marie said...

Regardless of when she gets here, it will be soon enough! Praying for you.

Melanie said...

I love it... "shake your head, pray for mercy and keep truckin'" I think that is my new life motto. Praying for sweet baby Evan's arrival.