Friday, May 13, 2011

Sewing, projects, and fits

Last night when I sat down to the computer I was very disappointed that blogger wasn't working and I couldn't post anything.  I actually had something!  And you would think that not being able to spend an hour writing about the day would have allowed me to get to bed a bit earlier than normal, but alas.  Not the case.  Yesterday morning I actually packed my hospital bag.  Whoo hoo!  I know I'm only at the end of 36 weeks, so some might think it's a bit early, and to tell you the truth I feel like it kind of is too.  But I was tired of it being in the back of my head, and I wanted to know what I needed to add to my shopping list for the next week or so.  Turns out not much!  Just a couple of travel size items that needed to be replaced, some allergy medicine, and a new toothbrush (need one anyway.  Figure I'd pack the new one and keep using the old until I go, then it's one less thing to grab on my way out the door) and I am good to go.  I made a little list of things that I can't pack yet but don't want to forget- my sunshine necklace, bible, camera, etc.- and stuck it to the bathroom mirror so it will be handy when the time is right.  Do I need to add my Boppy to that list?  Not sure.

Ta da!  Then Luke asked me to take a picture of his chocolate milk.  Or "choc-ate bunk" as he calls it.

Yes sir. 

Then I got to work on a little matchy matchy project for my kids.  A few months ago I had picked up a yellow onesie on clearance for Evan, but I hadn't embellished it yet.  Then this week I found some solid tee's in Luke's size, and low and behold they had a yellow one.  Of course this calls for something matching.  It took me a while to figure out what would look appropriate on a newborn girl AND a three year old boy.  Here's what I came up with:

Love it?  Cause I sure do.  I know it's too small to read, but on the solid turquoise parts it says "is for Luke" and "is for Evan".  Oh, I'm totally squeezing in as much stuff like this as I can while they're little and will let me.  The fronts were a really quick and easy project, but of course I thought E's needed a little something extra, so I turned a 45 minute project into a half day project to add this:

Ruffles.  Yay ruffles!  I can't wait to see her in it.  And the turquoise flower was one of the three headbands that Sara got me for my shower, and how perfect does it match?  I hadn't really showed Luke any of Sister's headbands before, and since there was no one around.....

Shhhh.  I won't show him that picture until he's graduating high school.  And then I'll pull it out.

Today was slow.  Kayden went home early.  Luke went down for a nap early, due to a terrible mood.  It didn't really get better after his nap, and he's spent most of this afternoon/evening using a very loud voice to say things like "NO MOM NO" and "I GO NIGHT NIGHT.  I GO TO BED." and "DAISY DATS MINE" every five minutes over the slightest little nothing.  My patience with him has dwindled fast, and it's absolutely one of the reasons God's plan was for parents to parent in pairs, not solo.  I hoped feeding him dinner would calm him down, or if anything just get him quiet for the shear fact that food was in his mouth.  No such luck.  So instead of a fun movie with pop corn like I'd planned for tonight, he got an early bath and an early bed time.  Hey, it's better than the alternative that could get me in major trouble.  :)  But really, it wasn't just horrible the whole evening.  He did see a cat out of the window that he seemed to enjoy.  And I had a couple of thank you notes on the desk waiting to be mailed tomorrow that he brought to me saying "Dis one fow Mom (and handed it to me) and dis one fow Wuke (and started to open it)."  Glad I was paying attention and caught him before the envelope started to tear.  And when he came into my room after his nap to wake me up (I may or may not have dozed off while trying to get some quiet time in.  Don't judge.  You try being nine months pregnant with this moody 'tude running around.).  He saw my bible laying open next to me, patted it, then said "Cheese-us say go bing goo noose."  Which translated is his bible verse "And Jesus said go and bring the good news."  How great is that?!  I need to get a little video of him saying all 4 of his memory verses, which he can do.  It's the cutest thing ever, and it just warms my heart!

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Sarah Smith said...

Love the matching yellow. I have been wanting to do the ruffles on the butt of a onesie for my neice but they are a little intimidating. LOL.