Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I  really meant to do this a lot sooner than Sunday night, but the weekend got away from me a little bit.  Friday night my friend from high school,  Sarah, came over for a little girl's night (even though Luke was  there).   We ordered pizza, had the most amazing coconut pie, and talked talked talked.  I think my  poor baby was feeling a little left out, because when I stuck him in the bath and went back to the couch  and my conversation he started hollering at me "Mom!  Mom!  Hey-wo!  It's Wuke!  Come on!"  As if I wasn't sure which two year old was hollering at me from the bathroom, I'm glad he identified himself. 

Saturday was nice and lazy.  Since I didn't give him much of my attention the night before, I tried to make sure Luke had all of it that day.  We danced in his room, we read stories, we colored, we ate, we played cars.  That afternoon I got a text from Mom saying they were firing up the grill for dinner, if I wanted to come put something on I was more than welcome.  Umm, have someone cook my dinner for me AND not mess up my kitchen?  Yes please!  So after nap time I took my boy and the coconut pie (what else was I going to do with most of a pie?!) over to Mom and Dad's before running to the store for our dinner.  I picked up some chicken, potatoes to bake, a watermelon, and the best peach tea ever.  We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening out on their porch eating the sweetest watermelon, blowing bubbles, and running around the backyard.  Well, Luke did.  I plopped myself in a chair and didn't move for two hours.  My feet even started swelling from my lack of movement.  Then we had a great dinner, and stayed inside to watch the Maverick game.  Mom had bought Luke a Maverick's tee shirt this week, and I jokingly said if they won then I would CONSIDER letting him wear it to church this morning. 

Well, this morning not only did I find out they did win, but Mom totally called me out on it on Facebook in her status.  So what choice did I have?

Yep.  I let him wear it.  Now, the sad face doesn't have anything to do with the tee shirt.  We had a horrible morning that involved a bunch of not listening to me and fits which lead to a nice spanking and time in his room.  So by the time we got to a quick photo with my phone not only was he a moody Judy but he didn't want his picture to be taken and attempted a few more fits.  *sigh*  Like I said, not a good morning.  But at least when I got to bible class Sheri had made us a feast of breakfast items and I got to cool down with treats.  And by cool down, I mean emotionally because physically I'm always on the verge of a sweat.  Tonight was life group at my dear friend Sara's house (not the Sarah from Friday night) and it was lovely.  We had a bring-your-own-dinner and just visit kind of night, and the weather out side was lovely.  It started storming about 8:30, but that only meant when we were out it was breezy and cool.  Not hot and sticky like the last few days.  When everyone started shifting from eating dinner to being outside, I didn't realize what was going on, until Luke came and took my hand and said "Come on Mom, I hode your hand.  Come ou-side wif me."  Then at the end of the night he realized that there were browines to be had.  He came in and asked me "Mom, I have a choco-wate bite?  Choco-wate?  Me?" I sure do love that boy, even when he pushes my buttons. 

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Sarah said...

I absolutely adore that you write Luke-talk phonetically! I love sounding it out and picturing it in my head.