Friday, May 6, 2011

Speech Evaluation

Well, the big news of today is that Luke had his speech evaluation with the school district this morning.  The day  he turns three is the day that ECI will no longer be able to service him, and this is the next step in getting my boy the help he needs.   I've been looking forward to this, just very interested to see what they would say.  Have I made it all up in my head?   Did I push too hard and not give him the time he needed to develop at his own rate?  Was I right all along and there really has been something lacking?  Unfortunately she didn't have any answers for me today.  The test took an hour and a half, and I wasn't sure what was okay  for him not to know (developmentally on the continuum) and what he should have known and just missed.  I can tell you now that part of the questions he missed  was because he wasn't paying attention.  He's still two, so ten minutes into the test he was attention span was shot.  Anyway, she said she'd call me with the results (but in typical teacher fashion gave no time line for that call) and then we'd set of up the ARD to get him started on services in August when school starts back up.  So, more waiting!

After that we went to Khol's  and  Walmart to do a little return/exchanging, and we didn't get home until after noon.  We were a bit starved.  But I got the boys fed and down for a nap, and it was glorious quiet time.  I love being a stay at home mom.  Love it.  Can't imagine anything else in the whole world I would rather be doing.  But being on the job from 7 in the morning until 9 or so at night makes for a long and tiring day, so I relish the 2 hours of quiet I get at nap time.  I try to just relax at that point, but there is always something to do.  Laundry, dishes, trash, toys, something. 

This afternoon we just read books and colored until 5:30, when Luke and I went over to Shae's house for dinner.  They had invited a couple of other families, and we took advantage of the perfect weather- sitting outside for three hours talking, playing, eating pizza and brownies, kissing boo boos, and fussing at boys to share.  There were four boys all the same age, two boys under 12 months, and one little 16 month old girl.  Yep.  Fun times at the Raymond's house!  The boys jumped on the trampoline, played in the sand box, tossed/kicked/batted balls around, and much more.  My boy (of course) didn't do all this the same time the other boys did, but he played none the less.  At one point when no one was in the trampoline, I convinced (okay, forced) Luke to get in with me.  He does NOT like that sort of thing, normally, but I wondered if I was with him and no one else was around, if he would do it.  And he did!  Don't worry, I didn't bounce too much, lest I bounce my girl right on out, but I couldn't help it a few times- I would do a jolting jump and get Lukie off balance.  What's the fun in having a kid if you can't pick on them every now and then?  ;)  Pretty much all the "jumping" he would do would be to bob up and down without his feet really leaving the black part, but the smile on his face said he was having a great time.  We got home at 9, just in time for a quick bath and into bed.  But my boy is still awake (it's 10:45) in there, so I'm hoping between all the pizza he ate, running around for hours, and it being so late, that he sleeps in for me.  We'll see!

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