Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home but still busy

Yesterday was busy busy busy.  Between breakfast and bed time, we were only home for a nap!  We started at the library- I had to get rid of those books we checked out last week.  We met Shae, Dakota, and Mikah there, as well as Tamara with Jadyn and Jordyn.  After Luke had picked out a new stack of books for me to hate in another week, we all headed to the park.  Kid's Kastle that is.  We let everyone play for a good hour and then headed  to Shlotzski's for lunch.  He's on to me with the kid's meals there.  He used to be oblivious to the fact that there was a cookie in that little bag they hand me when I pay, and I would eat it out of site when he wasn't around.  Somehow he's figured it out, and asked for it after he ate his whole pizza.  Yes, whole thing. 

I think he liked it.

By the time we got home it was past 1 and the boys crashed for nap time.  Kayden got picked up early, so when Luke woke up we hit the town again in the form of errands.  Took back a couple of duplicates from the shower, picked up a couple of necessities from my registry, and made it just in time to eat dinner at church.  We had our dinner,  went to bible class, and finally came home for bath and bed.  Can you tell we had a busy day?!  Funny story....Luke has started being a back seat driver.  Literally.  "Mom, go dis way!"  pointing in various directions when he sees a cross street.  I'm not sure where he got the idea to do that, or the idea that  I would actually follow his "advice".   Silly boy.

Today was......better?  While we didn't go anywhere, it was still full of activity.  Lucky for you I had my phone close by and was able to capture the day in photos.  Off and on I would  sit here for and work on my thank you notes. 

Right now I've got about half of them done.  Whoo hoo!  This afternoon Luke decided it would be good for us to color in his color book on my bed.  So we did.  But he quickly lost interest and found some stickers that were in my purse.  First the stickers started on his hand.  Then he moved them to my hand.  Then he moved them here.

He was pretty pleased with himself. 

I tried to take them off later, but he caught me and said  "No Mom!  Put back on!"   Yes sir!   Then he headed out back to play.  Except we couldn't settle on shoes for him to wear.  First I tried to tell him he could just go out with no shoes and socks.  "No Mom.  I get choo's and tocks."  Fine.  So he brings me his black high tops and sea foam green/sherbet orange argyle socks.  I told him I didn't want to bend over to put those shoes on him (I've been ridiculously uncomfortable today.  Girlfriend has officially gotten too big for the space she's in) and to go get his flip flops.  He brings me a pair of brand new flip flops (by passing the 8 other non-new pairs he has)  with the tags still on.   I said yes, those are flip flops, but why don't you go get your GREEN flip flops.  He comes back with his GREEN rain  boots.  I gave up.  At least the rain boots were easier to slip on than the high tops would have been, and you can't see his argyle socks.  But he still had on no pants, just a shirt. 

Yep.  That's my boy.

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Lucy Marie said...

Love the decorated belly. So cute.