Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

I wasn't quite sure how this day was going to turn out.  By 8:15 Luke and I were sitting on the couch having already eaten breakfast, no cartoons on to watch, and no where to go.  I can't sit on the floor and play with him any more, much less run around the house.  How were we going to spend the next 12 hours together?  For the first couple we read books, got stickers, moved slowly.  Then I got a great idea.  I know how much he's hated sprinklers in the past, but what if I got out in the water with him?  If it worked for the trampoline, maybe it would work for this. 

It did.  At first I had the sprinkler going full blast, shooting all over the whole yard, and he wasn't too thrilled.  But when I turned it down to toddler size, he warmed right up.  Which is saying something because the water was freezing. 

We played and played.  He asked for bubbles, so I would stand with my feet in the water and blow bubbles for him.  This got Daisy all hyped up.  Girl loves herself some bubbles.  She even got soaking wet just to catch them.

Nothing says summer like a sprinkler, bubbles, and a wet dog, right?  Watching him squat down and try to get a drink from the spray just made me laugh.  He looked so innocent and child like, it just melted my heart.  And he kept running around yelling "I keen!  I keen!  (clean) I take a baf!"  So funny.

After about an hour we came in for lunch and he crashed for his nap.  I even took a nap.  When I woke up, I realized I'd made a boo boo.  My shoulders and the top of my belly were pink again (I'd put my suit back on).  If I was pink, that meant my boy was probably pink.  Sure enough, he was.  I feel horrible.  Why didn't I think of sun screen?  By the end of dinner (which we watched Peter Pan through.  Once he got past the fact that it was a movie I think he really liked it!) he was running a very low grade fever (99.4, just in one ear.  The other ear registered normal) and I could tell the sun burn was draining his energy.  Been there my friend.  I put him in a cooler bath, and I could tell that when I got him out of it and he was shivering and crying hysterically about having to get out that he wasn't quite right.  I put aloe on him, and we went to rock in sister's room (which he also threw a fit over, but I needed him to calm down!).  A few minutes into rocking he was chatting like normal, so we went into his room to take his temp again.  Same.  I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will do the trick and he will be all better in the morning.  I'm gonna be bummed if we miss the Mother's Day service all because of one bad momma moment!

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