Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend in bullet points

-Saturday afternoon was spent running around town with Mom trying to find something to make wedding shower invitations on/with.  After 4 stores and a hungry baby we said good enough and bought one at the last store.  It's harder than you think to find!

-Luke played with my glasses.

-So Evan got to join in too.

-Saturday night we went to an engagement reception for my friends Sara and Clint.  By the time it was half way over Luke was so sweaty from running around outside that I was embarrassed and took him home.  Kid. Was. Drenched.  

-At one point I just barely caught a 30 lbs "monkey" from swinging on the curtains.  Literally.  Better me stop him than the floor, but he didn't believe me. 

-He also discovered how much fun it is to shoot the dog with a water gun.  After 45 minutes of gleefully (seriously, the best laughter ever) chasing Daisy down and soaking her in the back yard, Luke came back in and announced "I'm home Momma!  I'm home!"  Whew.  I was afraid he'd gone for good or something. 

-Since we didn't have anything planned for small groups tonight, I sent out an email for everyone to meet at the water park and then come over afterwards to eat dinner.  There was a 4 year old, four 3 year olds, two 18 month olds, and an 11 month old that found EVERY toy we ever owned.  The good thing was some of those toys actually got played with, as opposed to sitting in the closet for the last six months.  And I got to visit with my friends in the comfort of my own home. 

-Miss Julie (the children's minister) used Luke as an example of a three year old for her announcement about VBS next week.  We were afraid that he would be too bashful, but then she took him up on stage.  He walked around.  He looked in the air vent on the floor.  He came to the very edge of the stage and started SHOUTING "Hey Mom!  Hi Momma!  Mom! Hi!"  while waving.  Nope.  Not so bashful.  (did I mention we sit at the very back of an 1800 capacity auditorium?)

-This girl was pretty cute too.

I meant to get a real picture with my camera when we got home, but I forgot.

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