Sunday, July 3, 2011

Precursor to the fourth

I debated on whether or not to let Evan wear her 4th of July outfit to church.  But eventually the idea of matching sibling again won out over practicality, so you'll be seeing her little outfit again tomorrow.  Somehow I think you'll get over it.  Ha!

In honor of Independence Day I dressed both the kids in red, white, and blue.  And I wore a grey dress with a white cami and red heels, but I couldn't be in the picture since I had to take the picture!  If I want a photo of the three of us in church gear, I'm gonna have to start taking my camera to church and having someone do it there.  Boo.  But how cute are they?! 

(I cap cap cap huh hands Mom!)

After church we had our lunch with Mom and Dad at Roadhouse, then home for a nap.  For dinner the kids and I met up with the Raymonds for dinner at Blue Goose so the boys could run around in the fountain.  We sat out on the patio and after eating Joby took the boys over and they ran around for a really long time.  Well, Mikah just got to watch from his Daddy's arms, but the big boys had fun. 

(Dakota is direct behind the fountain in the middle of the picture with Luke on the left, and Joby is to the left of the tree holding Mikah)

That left us girls  at the table to chat.  Okay, Evan slept while Shae and I talked. Some how the both Luke and Dakota decided they needed ice cream (I'm not totally convinced Joby didn't plant the seed.  Ha!).  So after the check was paid we all walked over to the other side of the fountain to the Ben and Jerry's store for some dessert.  Luke and I shared double chocolate chunk ice cream.  Yum!  It was such a fun evening, getting ready for the fourth!

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