Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weather change

The weather the past three or four days has been cold and dreary.  Misty clouds, drizzly rain, and temps no higher 50.  Today that turned around.  The sun was shining and it got up to 79.  Whoo hoo!  I tried to take advantage of that this afternoon and pull the dead flowers from the front flower bed, but then I remembered I didn't take my allergy medicine last night and decided it was probably not a good idea to do yard work.  Plus I'm 7 months pregnant and bending over is a pain.

What have we been doing these last few days?  A whole lotta nuthin.  Monday I did my house cleaning, Tuesday I wrapped it up, and by Tuesday evening my poor tired body was revolting against me so I decided to lay low the rest of the week.  We've watched quite a bit of tv.  I've napped.  Luke has surprised me with even more new words.  We can now officially add "blanket" "tunnel" and "Thomas" to his repitoire.  Outside/inside and juice are becoming more and more clear, as well as words in phrases.  They are becoming easier to understand as opposed to just a slur of sounds with him looking at you like "please respond to what I just told you." 

And now I need to get a stinky boy in the bath and into bed early.  I'm 95% sure he didn't sleep at nap time today, and boy can you tell from his demeanor.  Child is getting his feelings hurt/whining/fussing at every turn.

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