Friday, March 4, 2011

Now come the allergies

Remember how just a couple of days ago I was lauding how spring had sprung?  Well, in Texas, it also means the release of the wild beast- allergies.  The past few nights I have NOT slept, due to a constant run (and one very mean leg charlie horse and one terrible nightmare).  Last night the attack didn't start until 5:30, which is much more appreciated than 2 AM, and has lasted all day.  Finally around 9 this morning I realized I better start pumping myself full of water to replenish the gallons and gallons that have run out of my nose, and only then does it start to get better.  I know I'm a snotty girl, but this has just been ridiculous.  (I just love a good word play.  Ha!) Isn't that weird that the more water I drink, the less severe my allergy attack is?  I've also turned on the a/c to help circulate and maybe filter the air a little bit.  With the door open for Luke to play outside the last few days has really done a number on air quality in here, me thinks.  Speaking of the little booger, he's not gotten away scott free either.  He's got a little drippy drip and developed quite the cough.  Hope none of this progresses any farther.

So today we've spent the day holed up, afraid of the great outdoors.  Okay, I've been afraid of them, Luke's been begging to go out.  But I'm a mean mom in fear of a sinus infection, so I've held to my no.  Which is why after my shower today I didn't bother trying to put on anything presentable.  I grabbed a pair of yoga pants and one of Cody's under shirts and called it a day.  Then when I was in the bathroom slapping on a little mascara (a girl's gotta do something to feel good about herself) I realized something.  Aren't husband's shirts supposed to be big and comfortable and COVERING?

(that's a face that says YIKES!)

Not my man's.  In fact, I think I've got some old college shirts in my closet that would do a better job.  Yikes.  I don't care who you are or what you weighed before pregnancy, putting on weight and having your body change this much is a bit depressing, no matter what the joyous outcome is.  Everyone knows that you are supposed to put on weight, everyone knows that your clothes have to get bigger, everyone knows that it's for the health of the baby.  And of course I'd do whatever it takes to make sure she has the best.  But looking in the mirror and seeing a boy's shirt not cover the hugeness that now protrudes out the front of my body is a bit of a downer.  Then you realized you still have three months left to grow.  And THEN you're left wondering, will it ever go back?  Will I be able to loose it?  More importantly, am I gonna have to WORK AT IT to lose it?  It's enough to wanna bury my sorrows in pretzel M&M's.  Which, coincidentally, are almost all gone.

And what was a certain little boy doing while I applied my mascara and took my picture? 

Why, taking advantage of an empty space in the cabinet where Momma's makeup basket goes.  He also started saying "It's mine" today.  Fantastic.  Normally I'm THRILLED when he comes out with a new word or phrase, but that's one I could do without for just a little bit longer. 

By the end of the day I was an emotional wreck.  Between the face that wouldn't quit, the toddler energy that wouldn't quit, the 96 oz of water I down today (and I still feel dehydrated from all this blowing and drainage), the bathroom trips that came with all the water, being pregnant and sneezing a whole bunch (*ahem* got me?), the hormones, the itchy eyes and nose, the hunger of needing dinner, the EVERYTHING, I was just in tears by 7.  Poor Cody had an actual bad day at work, but yet I was still the blubbering mess on the couch being consoled and petted.  After a good cry and a good dinner of waffles (thank you IHOP for once again indulging a craving AND for having take-out!) I felt much better.  Clarification- emotionally I felt much better.  Physically my face is in real danger of being clawed off.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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