Monday, March 7, 2011

27 Weeks and a busy weekend

Whew lordy this weekend was busy.  Saturday Mom, Ashley, and I took off at 8 in the morning and went to Canton.  We shopped and shopped until our feet hurt.  Which was by 2:30.  But we managed to get some good damage done.  I bought Evan a couple of frames to match the nursery at the same shop that I bought stuff for Luke's nursery.  I was so excited to be able to get them both something from this place, and then as I was paying out I found the lady is going out of business.  Boo!  I also found some plain headbands that I'll be able to attach the flowers and things that I'm making on.  Ashley bought a piece of furniture and a shelf for her home, and Mom picked up a couple of things too, but I'm not sure if I can mention those.  After Canton we went over the the outlet shops in Allen, and got our shop on there.  Mom did some good shopping at the Carter's outlet, where her purchases included a big brother shirt for Luke and a matching little sister onesie for Evan.  Ha!  The picture will be so cute!  We went to a couple of other stores too, but the only thing I bought was from Gap Kids- leather flip flops for Luke (he's already worn them and they gave him a blister on both feet.  So sad!) and cherry blossom jammies for my girl.  I think this is the first pair of jammies I've bought for her!  We got home at 6ish, I picked up my boys, and we all had dinner at Mom and Dad's- gourmet hamburgers.  Mmmmmm mmmmmmm.  So good. 

Sunday was just as bad.  There was church, lunch with the family, then home for a quick nap, then maternity pictures with the fabulous Taylor!  I'm super super super excited to see how they all turned out.  It was so fun getting to take pictures with my good friend, it was so relaxed and comfortable and chit chatty.  More like we were just hanging out with a camera up sometimes.  We laughed so much, but mostly at the fact that I'm a terrible model.  Those pictures with the "half smile" are so hard, my muscles just didn't want to do it.  And the laughing ones?  I'd do this fake laugh for the picture, but felt so ridiculous we'd end up giggling for real anyway.  Anyway, it was a really good time, and I can't wait to post the link when she has them up!  After that there was small groups (where Luke said his first name other than a family members- Zane.  He didn't want to go up the stairs to play with Zane, so he was hollering his name up to try and lure him down), and by the time I got home the weekend was over. 

Whew.  That wasn't too painful to recount. 

(okay, I forgot that I hadn't taken a picture until just now, so sorry I'm a little harried.  I just cleaned our bathroom.)
(this is my 27 week picture with Luke.  My belly wasn't nearly as big.  I thought by now they might have evened out to be about the same, but I'm shocked at how much bigger I am this time around!)

*edit*  Yikes!   Same pants in both pictures!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: The weight of a head of cauliflower- about 2 pounds.  And she's about 14 1/2 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I weighed myself Saturday night at Mom's after dinner.  I was so shocked and mortified by the number that I can't even say it.  I have to wait until my dr's appointment on Friday to see what it says. 

Maternity Clothes: I think my last post confirmed that.  I actually can't believe I left that up as the last post for so long.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: Still moving allllll the time.  When I'm sitting (like I am now) she rolls up against my hip bone and pelvic bone.  Very odd.  Plus I'm sure she's started getting the hiccups.  I thought maybe last week, but it was hard to tell sometimes. 

Sleep: Well, Friday I came down with a massive allergy attack, and it's reeked havoc on my sinuses ever since.  Friday I couldn't dry out, and now I'm so dry I can't get enough water.  Like, a 100 oz of water a day and I still feel dehydrated.  Needless to say it's messed with my sleep in a major way.

What I miss: Being able to self medicate.

Cravings: Still the sugar.  But according to the scale, it's TOTALLY caught up with me, so I'm trying to exercise a little more self control.  Which I fail at.  Daily.

Symptoms: More of the same- still lots of stretching across my belly, and I can really tell that I've got more weight out front which seems to put a strain on the skin and muscles underneath my tummy. It burns sometimes.

Best Moment this week: The funniest thing happened at Canton.  Mom and I were talking to a vendor, and I unbuttoned my jacket.  She stopped what she was saying, looked at my belly, looked at me, and with wide eyes said "Is it real?"  WHAT?!  Is it real?  What did that mean?  Who says that?  I just answered with "Well, it's a real baby in there."  We giggled about it the rest of the day.  Did she think I was walking around with a fake pregnancy belly or something?

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