Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is upon us

I know that just a few weeks ago we had snow and such.  But in Texas time, that was a long time ago.  It's spring now.  Today I managed to capture the beginnings of our Bradford pear blossoms.

It seems that they just appeared over night.  You know what else has appeared over night?  An eruption of purple weeds all over our yard.

Seriously.  That cropped up out of no where.  That is also why it's crucial to use a pre emergent every season on your yard around here, and why I was so irritated with Cody when he didn't at the start of winter.  I need to get to Lowe's and purchase some spring/summer pre emergent and get that out on the yard, or we are screwed for the rest of the year. 

While I was out taking those quick photos, I though Luke was contently eating his snack.  Nope.  He saw me outside and knew what he had to do to get to come outside too.  Since he just had on a diaper, he had to get a shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes.  Which is exactly what I walked back into when I entered the house.

My sweet boy had pulled all that out of his room himself, and was trying to put it on.  The shorts are 3T, so the tag was still on them, the shirt is what my parents brought back for him from Hawaii when they went last year, the shoes are his black leather dress loafers, and the socks are sized tiny.  But I was very proud that he managed to get every item of clothing that he needed.  And clearly by his face you can see he was not so happy when I told him I wasn't going back out.  I did however, use the fact that he was just in a diaper, already unhappy, and that Kayden was still napping to give him a hair cut.  He HATES to get his hair cut.  We got through it, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I think with every cut I get better and better.  Lucky for him, afterwards I got him dressed and finally let him go outside while I cleaned up.  I heard banging, and when I went to investigate, he had taken his tools and was "fixing" things.  More accurately, he was hammering on his car.  By the time I got back out there with my camera he had moved on to "sawing" the fence. 

Oh my boy.  I sure do love him.  I love sneaking around and watching him play when he's not paying attention.  I love having a boy.

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