Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a day!

My good day started off early.  No biggie.  We watched some tv, played with magnetic letters (grouping, sorting, identifying), and we ate some breakfast.  Then we went out back.  The weather was perfect!  Not sure of exact temps, but only a slight breeze, warm air that wasn't hot enough to make you sweat, and not a cloud in the sky.  I sat on the work out bench and tried to get some sun on my legs.  Hey, if I can have a decent little tan going by the time Evan gets here, I think I'll be in good shape for the summer.  :) 

Then it was time for lunch, where Luke and I had some delicious chicken salad.  Last night when Cody was talking to his dad on the phone, I heard him say "No, Lindsey already cooked dinner for us, and I hate chicken salad."  Well, my ears perked up because I LOVE chicken salad!  I hissed that even if he didn't want any, I did, so my mother in law sent a tub over with my FIL last night when he came to fix the car.  I'm so very glad I piped up!  Not only was it a welcome change to my usual sandwich, it was super yummy with grapes and apples and pecans and almond slivers and some kind of shredded cheese.  And hallelujiah there is still more for tomorrow! 

Tonight after Mom and Dad were off of work, they took me and Luke down to the phone store to see about getting me added to their family plan.  By adding a line for me to their plan ($10), I was able to get a data plan ($25) and pitch in on their unlimited texting ($5) and the total is still slightly under what I was paying for my plan of just cell minutes!  This meant I could finally join the world of smart phones without paying extra!  I feel so in tune with the world.  The only down side was I was forced to get a new number, due to the fact that my old number was under the West Texas district and my parent's account was under the Dallas district.  For federal and tax reasons the two can't overlap on one account.  *sniff sniff*  I blamed the tears I shed in the store over my old number on pregnancy.  And I only got Luke to bed an hour late tonight due to messing around with my new phone.  My new iphone. 


Lucy Marie said...

Yay for iphones!

Sarah Smith said...

Im not looking forward to combining my husbands account with mine....there is a chance I will have to change numbers too. I have had this number since I got a cell phone senior year of high school.