Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brag on my boy

Have I ever told you how polite my boy is?  He is developing such a sweet little spirit, and I sure do hope that he is always the gentleman that he is right now.  When we are getting in the car from errands, I usually unlock the car on the passenger side so I can open his door right away.  He, on the other hand, likes to run around to the driver's door and open it for me before he comes around and climbs in his seat.  I know that there is a good chance he's just stalling on having to get in his car seat or looking for one last chance to run and be free, but I choose to see my little man opening the door for his momma.

He almost always says thank you.  Even when he's the one that's done something.

If my beverage is out of arm's reach, he loves to carefully put it in my hands.  He likes to make sure my coffee or water or DP is always close by without me ever asking.

He's almost got "Yes ma'am" down.  (It comes out like "Yes mai-yem".  Southern accent already.)

When we are in a store he is very good about behaving, not running too far off, and coming back when I say.  I get compliments on him all the time.

When he's gotten in trouble he always wants to rock with me, just for a minute.  Okay, that's not a polite thing, but it sure does make me melt the same way as when he is being polite.

If we are out and someone gives him a piece of food (whether he asked for it or not), he generally always confirms with me that it's okay to take/have it.

I know that all of this may be just a phase, that one day he'll get ornery and rebel, but I sure do love this little man child I've got.  I'm sopping up every ounce of sweetness that I can, especially enjoying our one on one times before Evan gets here.

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