Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I might be in trouble

Okay, I just realized something.  Everyone knows I hate cooking.  And everyone knows I'm having a girl.  But it just dawned on me that the two might not be a great combination.  Is this a bad  thing?  Am I going to perpetuate to the next generation a lifetime of blah cooking, brought on not because of an incapability, but because of just not having the desire?  More importantly, AM I GOING TO HAVE TO START ACTUALLY COOKING DINNER?

I've always jokingly thought to myself that Luke is gonna fall for his future wife one day because she will be a fabulous cook and he won't believe what he's been missing his whole life and in total awe of her mad kitchen skills.  But my girl?  I didn't even think about how my piss poor attempt at nightly dinners might not be the best.  Oh well, she'll have other awesome qualities that will make her the most fabulous girl all the guys are begging to go out with (when she's 30).  And maybe her lucky future husband will be a gourmet chef.

On a totally different note, Luke's new word for today was "book"  yesterday it was "plane"  and somewhere along the way he's picked up "cook", "shoes and socks", "turn on", "garage door", "pink", and "purple".


Haley said...

Love the new words! We're working on the diff between black and white with Liam. Somewhere last week he picked up "not sure." What?!

Maybe both your kids will go to culinary school and then you'll never have to worry about being a good cook.

Lucy Marie said...

Ha! Funny. When our girls are older, we can do summer swaps. I'll send mine to you to teach her how to craft and Ev can come up here and I"ll teach her how to cook, mkay?