Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Weeks

Of the several that we take at one time, this one is probably the worst of me, being fuzzy and all, but I thought Luke peeking out was so funny.

How Far Along: 30 weeks- I almost feel like I'm in the home stretch!  I think 32 weeks will be the true home stretch for me, but I'm so close!  70 days left!

Size of baby: a cabbage.  Haven't we been here before?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still didn't weigh myself this week, but next Monday I have a doctor's appointment, so I'll have it then.  Yikes.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: All the time.  I think she's shifted too.  Hopefully what I'm feeling running up under my right rib is a little foot, which would mean that she's head down.  While she hasn't actually kicked my rib, she defininatly likes to tap dance against it.  And all day today she's had (what I'm guessing) and elbow out to the left of my belly button.  I tell you, there are body parts everywhere.

Sleep: Better.  Sleeping through the night and only getting up once, usually about 5 AM, to potty.

What I miss: Wearing whatever I want.

Cravings: ooh, still chocolate.  And cake.  And icing.

Symptoms: Oh, the aches and pains this week have gotten bad.  Part of that is due to not enough water, part of that is due to me trying to do to much.  I really need to slow down.  This is why I wanted to get the nursery done so early!  My patience hasn't been the best either.  When you are slow, awkward, and uncomfortable, everything makes you grumpy.  Fast.

Best Moment this week: Oh, I don't know.  Maybe Luke asking me if I had a penis today?  Seriously.  That happened.

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