Monday, April 4, 2011

31 Weeks

Holy shamoly was it windy today.  I mean, it's been windy the last few days, but today was just ridiculous.  I checked the weather and the gusts were 40 mph.  No wonder I thought the back doors were going to blow in.  I would have liked to stay in out of the wind, but I had my dr. appointment today plus I needed to make my weekly grocery run.  That's why my hair is pinned back with a clip, bobby pins, and a head band in the picture!  Nothing like trying to keep up with two boys in the wind with hair all in your face.

(Doesn't look quiet so big covered as Saturday's bare belly picture, does it?!)

How Far Along: 31 weeks- 63 days left

Size of baby: the weight of 4 navel oranges.....3.3 lbs and 16 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, per the doctor today, I'm only up 3 lbs this last month!  Whoo hoo!  That puts me at 24 lbs total.  When I stepped on the scale and saw 134 I panicked for a minute, but after asking what my weight was last time I was in (I'd blocked it out.  Ha!) I calmed down.  Dr said I was right on target!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here at the beginning of the summer!

Movement: Still constant.  Somersaults, kicks, tap dancing, and a little shimmy here and there.  Girl is still moving all over the place.  I'll feel her WAAAAY down low, and then moments later get a foot in the rib.  I think she's a snake.

Sleep: Meh.  I've had some crazy and bad dreams lately, that's woken me up.  The wind has stirred up a lot of junk in the air, so allergies have been up some what keeping me awake.  And girlfriend doin a little dance at night night time doesn't help either.  I'll sleep again some day.

What I miss: Wearing whatever I want.  Solid, uninterrupted sleep. 

Cravings: Not too much this week.  Milk shakes?

Symptoms: I've noticed the popping has come back, but I really only hear it in the quiet of my room at night.  When I was pregnant with Luke towards the end I would hear this random pop coming from my belly every now and then, at first (right now) it's like the sound when you flick your finger nails, and later it will shift into almost a cracking like knuckles popping.  I've also been feeling a lot of pressure, and my exhaustion has really been up this week.  At the appointment this morning I found out that baby girl is measuring about 2 weeks ahead!  She's been right on track this whole time, so my guess is she hit a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks, and it will even out over the next visit or two.  No, my due date did not move up!

Best Moment this week: Finding out that Evan is growing like a weed and hearing her strong little heartbeat.  Also, tonight I laid in bed with Luke before turning out his lights for the evening, and we had a little chat.  I mean, I actually had a pretty lengthy conversation with him.  That is a huge first!  I mean, we talked about cars and family members, but he was able to tell me the car color of everyone he knows.  And we talked about friends, naming all the people who is his friend.  I just love that sweet sweet boy.


Lucy Marie said...

You are so stinkin' skinny and just ALL belly. You look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Awww....Luke must get his love of cars from his Papa! So cute!!! We are so thankful Luke is having those conversations now with his momma! :)
~Luke and Evan's Nana~