Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night Luke and I went with Mom, Dad, Ashley, and Grandmother to Macaroni Grill for dinner for Dad's birthday.  His actual birthday is tomorrow, but Ashley wasn't going to be able to go to dinner tomorrow night, so last night it was!  She came over about 2:30 and we made a cake, watched some t.v., and decorated the cake.  Luke even finally started saying her name!  Granted, it comes out like "Warsh-wee", but that's a heck of a lot closer than "Dis" was.  I had my camera to take pictures, but I ended up using Dad's camera instead, so I came home with none. 

Today was another gloomy, cloudy, rainy day.  I did a lot of DVR catching up.  Started filling out Little Lady's baby book.  Luke got busy with his stickers.  Before we even had breakfast he had gone through an entire sheet. 

But not to long after that he got a diaper change and didn't want to wear his jammies anymore.  So where did the stickers land?

I know you want some of those stickers.  The rest of the day passed slowly and surely.  He spent the bulk of the afternoon/evening playing out back.  There's one little section of fence that is not screwed into anything, because it was supposed to be a gate, but it's been blown down in the high winds lately.  Problem was that I didn't realize that until I let Daisy out for awhile and then heard her barking at a cat in the front bushes.  Awesome.  That led to a long afternoon of trying to keep Daisy inside while Luke was outside, because when she got out, she ran straight through the hole.  Then Luke took to escaping.  But he was easier to spot through the window (which I was facing), and every time that little body appeared I just called out "Luuuuuuuuuuuke" and he would high tail it back into the yard.  At one point he even got his tools out and tried to "fix" it himself.  It was so hot and humid that by the time he and I ate dinner, he was s.o.a.k.e.d.  That boy sweats more than anyone I have ever seen!

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Lucy Marie said...

That first picture of Luke doesn't even look like him. I had to look twice to even see if it was him or someone else! So weird.