Friday, April 15, 2011

Another one!

Well, thankfully today was another pretty good day.  Started out normal enough.  Made breakfast.  Ate breakfast.  Had a bit more coffee than normal because it was that good.  Watched Luke's must see morning cartoons- Chuggington and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then turned off the tv and read a magazine while the boys played.  Sounds luxurious, huh?  And it was, but it was also out of necessity.  Cody had taken my car to work, and it was way to windy to get out and take the boys on a walk.  I didn't want them to veg in front of the tv all morning, so instead I set a good example of turning off the tv and reading.  Good Housekeeping.  And the funny thing was, Luke brought a couple of books over to the couch and started "reading" them out loud to himself.

Then I got a phone call- Taylor was climbing the walls at her house and needed to get out.  What's better when you can't go visit a friend than have a friend come and visit you?  We sat and talked for a couple of hours, and I got to hold baby Vera.  Once again I tried to show Luke what sister would be like when she comes to meet us, and once again he couldn't be bothered (although in his defense, I had turned the tv back on while he ate lunch so we could visit in peace, and they are shows he never really gets to see).  She is three weeks old today, but still so very very tiny!  Like, barely 7 lbs!  Seeing her, and the baby Adelaide last night has really given me the itch to meet my girl.  Not that I want to speed up these last few weeks, I'm really trying to enjoy them since it's for real the last time I'll be pregnant, but it's made me really wonder what will she look like?  What will her temperament be?  How will this nursing thing work for us?  What's her labor and delivery going to be like?  Will she be as easy (in every way) as Brother was, or is Sister gonna give me a run for my money?  These are things that for one reason or another I just haven't gotten around to thinking about.  Having done the newborn thing before has really taken a lot of that anticipation and anxiety out of my mind.  Not in a bad way at all, just been different this time around.

Tonight we went and picked up Cody's truck, then came home and rested.  Okay, Mom and Dad rested, Luke played.  Then he ate chicken nuggets with ketchup and mac and cheese for dinner (or as he calls it shi-shin nooguts and chetchup and ma cheese) while Nemo played and Mom rested some more.  This week of child rearing, house keeping, and baby growing really wore me out!

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