Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New items

Today I spent the whole day cleaning.  When I say whole day, I mean whole day.  I started with the kitchen at about 8 this morning and I finished with Luke's room a little after 5.  This is not to say I did any special cleaning, or anything more thorough than normal, but it's more of a testament as to how bad I'd let it get over the last few days.  Dishes from Sunday morning were still out.  Piles of clothes all over the bedroom.  4 loads of clean laundry just hanging out in the laundry room.  Floors so grimy I've been washing my feet in the tub before getting in bed each night.  Yikes. 

I did take quick pictures of the two things I made for Evan yesterday.  I liked one of the onesies I made for one of the orders so much that I made my girl one too.  I guess that's the plus side of trying new things out on other people!  Front:


I also finally got around to making another bib for her. 

So now we're up to two.  But I'm not really in a hurry for those, I know it will be awhile before she really needs them, so I'll just make one or so each time I get the sewing machine out.

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Haley said...

Thank you for making me NOT feel like a complete slob. Our laundry also has the habit of not making it out of the laundry room when clean. And our floors . . . don;t get me started.