Saturday, April 30, 2011


This morning was a easy breezy kinda morning.  We ate breakfast.  I let the boys play in the back yard for awhile.  We came in a little before 11 so their skin wouldn't start getting pink from a stronger mid day sun, so I turned on a cartoon to keep little feet still while I swept the mountains of grass up that had been tracked in.  We had lunch.  It was nap time. 

Here's where the day took a turn for the unusual.  Right after nap time started, I decided I wasn't ready for lunch and still wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather outside.  So I put on my little black bikini and went back to the work-out bench on the back patio.  I had my phone with me to play music and a little sudoku to pass the time.  About 10 minutes into my sunning session, I heard a voice.  See, there is this one little section of fence right next to the house that was supposed to be a gate, but never got bolted to the hinges and is just propped up against the rest of the fence to close off the hole.  Normally it's not a problem, but with the extremely high winds we've been having this spring, it gets blown down almost daily and has to be propped back up. 

I'm 95% sure that it was up when I was out with the boys this morning, but when I heard a voice, it was coming from my old man neighbor who was standing in the open hole.  Startled me greatly.  He asked me if I wanted him to fix my gate.  What?  I didn't know what to say.   On the one hand I'm sure he was tired of seeing part of our gate on the ground, but on the other hand  I felt guilty for having him do any repair work on our fence.  I sputtered on about how it was okay, I did need to get my dad or father in law over to fix it, we would take care of it, excetra.  But he insisted that it would give him something to do, being retired and home by himself all day.  (His wife still works)  Who was I to argue with that?  So he started working on my fence and I awkwardly sat there, 35 weeks pregnant, glowing white, in a bathing suit.  *sigh* 

It didn't take long before I realized I really needed to be headed inside before I started to burn, and I was starting to get hungry.  He wasn't anywhere close to being finished, but I felt bad just leaving him there.  So I sat some more.  And sat some more.  Finally I bucked up the courage to tell him I hadn't had lunch yet, and would just be on the other side of the wall having a sandwich, so if he needed anything I would be right there.  I went in, made some  lunch, ate it, and then went back out to check  on him but he was done and had put everything away.  The fence looked good too.  So I just got in the shower and went about my day.

Turns out I was right about the sun burn.  The top of my back and the top of my belly are pretty pink.  That's going to be a nice effect in a few weeks, after Evan is here and my belly isn't quite so robust.  The top half will be a bit darker than the bottom half.  I didn't think it was that bad, until Luke and I went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner and she made over how burned I was.  At least dinner was good.  My aunt, grandpa, and cousin all came into town last night and we had a big family fajita dinner.  After dinner I took Luke upstairs to give him a MUCH needed hair cut, and that's when disaster struck again.  Normally I give him a hair cut with scissors in our living room so he can watch tv while I work, but it takes at least 30 minutes to do and I just knew my back couldn't handle that at this point.  So I used Mom's clipper set on him.  I am fully aware of how terrified Luke is of the clippers, but I didn't think it would be that bad.  We were up in their bathroom, with Mom holding Luke, Ashley reading him his favorite story, and Dad trying to soothe with fruit snacks, but the kid was so panicked he was sweating bullets.  I'm talking soaked hair and clammy skin.  And clammy skin equals all the hair coming off his head sticking to his body.  He was like a little ape man.  After I was done with the clippers we had to wash him down, so he got a bath, another thing he is hating right now.  Poor guy.  But the hair cut and the bath together only took us about 20 minutes.  Much better.  Even though it turned out to be a giant family affair. 

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Lucy Marie said...

I must confess... I told Evan the sunburn story, including the small detail you left out here on your blog. We had a good laugh about it :)