Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm alive

I know I've been MIA this week- I've just been kinda blah.  Plus we really haven't done anything.  Tuesday night I had some pretty good contractions- 4 to 5 minutes between and lasting for a minute each- and the doctor wanted to see me on Wednesday to confirm that they didn't do anything.  She said I'd thinned out a little but Evan is still very high, so she wasn't concerned. (This was crazy news to me, I feel like she is sooooooo loooooow.  I actually asked her twice if she was sure.  I'm sure she appreciated me doubting her expertise.)  The rest of the week I just took it easy and we laid low on the couch!  Last night (Friday) we went out to dinner with some friends, and today was a baby shower for an old friend from high school who is pregnant with twins!  Her due date is 5 weeks after mine, but if she doesn't beat me to the hospital, I'm guessing our babies will come about the same time.

I've got a pimple coming up on my chin that itches.  That's some big news.

Also there is a chance the dog has mange.  She's been itching like crazy, leaving big tufts of hair all over the house and in the bald spots are scabby dots.  When I showed Luke's speech therapist on Friday when she came for our appointment, she said that's what it looked like.  They had gotten a puppy that turned out to have mange and her parent's had a dog who had gotten it.  Hmmm.  I'm afraid to google it cause I don't really want to see what comes up.  Yuck.  We should really take her to the vet.  Cody wants me to do it during the day, but yeah right I'm gonna drag a one year old and a two year old to the vet with a dog who goes ca-razy when we pull into the parking lot.  Esh.  I get frazzled and exhausted just thinking about it.  I told him to do it when he gets home from work.  Actually I told him to do it today, but like that was going to happen.

Oh, I do want to have permanent record of something funny Luke said the other day.  He likes for us to play pretend sleep, and then wake each other up.  We were sitting on the couch alternating who was "sleeping", and it was his turn so I said "Night night baby!".  He sat up and looked at me, then said "No Mom.  No baby.  (patting himself on the chest).  Dis Wuka."  ("This Luke.")  I just had to laugh and hug him, and told him yes, yes he was a big boy Luke.  It made me wonder if he was registering "baby" as in the baby in my tummy that we keep talking about, and he wanted to make sure I wasn't confused as to who I was talking to.  And earlier I had caught him chewing on his toes.  YES.  Toes.  I haven't seen him do that, um, ever?  I quickly told him to get those out of his mouth, that was yucky.  Isn't regression supposed to start AFTER the baby comes, not two months before?!

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